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Picking the right network management platform by Rick Cook
Sure, you know what network management solutions are offered. The tough part is differentiation and integration of functions and features. We tell you what you should consider in making your way through the maze of products from Sun, HP, DEC, and IBM. (3,300 words)

TCP/IP limitations undone by Bob Melford
Addressing, routing, and security improve with IPv6. How will the new Internet Protocol features simplify your network activities and make them more efficient? (2,700 words)

Internet archives: Who's doing it? And can you protect your privacy? by George Lawton
While Internet libraries are certainly valuable, the potential for abuse is troubling. Find out what 3 archive companies are indexing and how they're accomplishing it. (3,000 words)

Sun Catalyst Program: co-marketing mechanism benefits ISVs, VARs, and systems integrators by Erica Rex
How Sun is signing up partners left and right to promote their Sun-centric wares and encourage development. (1,600 words)

Reader Survey
The burning NC question: Who needs it and why? Tell us what you think.


Gunning for the data center: Sun's Starfire targets mainframe co-existence by Stephen Lawton
Learn about the Ultra Enterprise 10000 offerings -- and how Sun is pursuing the $20 billion enterprise storage market and beefing up its services (1,850 words)

Next-generation Sun WorkShop aims to cut development time and boost software quality -- even more by Stephen Lawton
Among the new features, programmers and test engineers get 3D data visualization, GUI testing and reengineering tools. (800 words)

New SPARCstation 5 model is TurboSPARC powered, made 'Net ready by Stephen Lawton
Double your performance at 30 percent the cost of your old Model 110. (500 words)

SunSpots: the latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news by SunWorld staff
Find out about Sun's Q2 earnings, its 250-MHz CPU upgrade, and how the company will influence every OfficeMax and Gap store you visit. (1,100 words)

Who's hot, who's not? Unix SIG panelists tell us by Carolyn W.C. Wong
We report on the recent Software Forum/UniForum gathering -- Learn why one insider thinks Bill Gates had the biggest influence on the Unix industry in '96. (600 words)

Why are intranets primed for massive growth? by Ron Condon
Plus 10 things to consider before you implement one. (1,000 words)

Solid Internet business strategies crucial for continued IT market expansion by Marc Ferranti
Volume of Web transactions predicted to increase 400 percent by end of this year. Which companies will prosper? (1,200 words)

What made news in 1996: Top ten trends by Elizabeth Heichler and Rebecca Sykes
We look back at red-hot Java, censorship controversies, telco globalization -- and take a peek at the year ahead. (1,600 words)

Now that U.S. crypto export policy is declared unconstitutional, what's next for RSA and Netscape? by Kristi Essick
Will decision lead to export of high-power cryptography products? (1,000 words)

Web security still worries consumers as market for online security products moves forward by Marc Ferranti
Several new products protect intranets, e-mail, and transactions. (900 words)

Latest international property rights treaties recognize software authors and recording artists by Rebecca Sykes
Software makers, telcos, and content providers appeased -- despite some lingering concerns. (700 words)

Java, 'Net revenues don't match hype -- yet by Sari Kalin
Java not a significant factor in $27.7 billion development tools market revenue. (500 words)

What's causing the Unix market slowdown? by Kristi Essick
How much is Unix midrange server sales growing now? We discuss the fierce competition threatening continued growth. (400 words)

Netscape to add Sun's WebNFS to Communicator by James Niccolai
Integration of Joe and ONE also on deck. (200 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.


Career Advisor: How to quit your job gracefully by Edgar Saadi
Learn how to make a positive job transition, handle a counter-offer, and write a resignation letter -- all without burning any bridges. (1,450 words)

Webmaster: Increase your Web site's performance and reliability while saving money. We show you how. by Chuck Musciano
Creating several Web servers on one machine is a snap, and can save you lots of headaches later. (2,400 words)

Security: Extinguishing firewall hyperbole by Peter Galvin
Are new firewall technologies improvements or complications? Evaluate the pros and cons in the second of this two-part series. (2,500 words)

Performance Q&A: Get better results when you design your cache to match your applications and system by Adrian Cockcroft
Understanding how cache works will help you improve speed. (3,800 words)

Connectivity: Virtually NT on Unix by Rawn Shah
Accessing Windows apps from your Unix workstation or X-terminal is now easier than you think. (2,200 words)

Bill's Bookshelf: Intel's `paranoid' Andy Grove offers insights on helping your company survive the Web, Java, and more by Bill Rosenblatt
Only the Paranoid Survive gives sound advice on how can you can avoid dangerous, corporate pitfalls. (3,800 words)

Unix Enterprise: 6 steps to improving communication between IT support groups by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson
You can't have a truly coordinated support program without communication between legacy and client/server support staffs. We give you pointers to alleviate the obstacles. (1,200 words)

Reader Letters
One reader offers tips on anonymous FTP; another needs your help with PPP.


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