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Last updated 26 January, 1996


Will Sun buy Apple?
Apple chairman A.C. (Mike) Markkula said his company was not for sale. Latest reports suggest Sun has no firm offer on the table. Users we talked to think Sun would be a dandy buyer. (1,000 words)

The Internet Toaster
Alluring Java Internet terminal idea meets skepticism from PC, X-terminal makers. Is this a dumb idea -- or will it turn PCs into "legacy systems"? (1,500 words)

Internet Toaster: And the readers say: Yes!
Our survey of SunWorld Online readers yielded strong, even impassioned, response -- and surprisingly robust support for the whole idea of an Internet Terminal. We present the survey results at mid-month. Also, reader comments.

4GL's becoming Web savvy
Integrating Web with traditional database applications is becoming a hot topic for database tool makers. (1,400 words)

Workstations sales in 1995: Sun dominates again
Two of every five workstations sold in 1995 sport Sun labels. SMCC's 40 percent share of units shipped is nearly double HP's share; SGI continues rapid growth, but still has a less than 10 percent slice. (900 words)

Why Oracle licensed Solaris X86
Oracle will bundle Solaris 2.5 with its new InterOffice Suite -- a business server for branch office automation, application deployment, and remote management. (700 words)

Developers pledge support for UltraSPARC
We list products optimized for UltraSPARC and Solaris 2.5. (250 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.

Internet future article mentioned in EE Times
Larry Lange of the EE Times talks about this story in his "Sun Micro posts bright future for the Internet" dated January 2, 1996.


Firewall design by D. Brent Chapman and Elizabeth D. Zwicky.
Here's a practical guide on how to protect your networks. (8,000 words including two sidebars)

Easing administrative duties with CacheFS and AutoClient by Brian Wong.
Can you manage remote client workstations and still deliver good performance? Yes -- with the new CacheFS and AutoClient features of Solaris 2. (1,800 words)


Java Developer: Smashing buttons by Rinaldo DiGiorgio.
Laying out buttons and other GUI components can be easy if you use Java's built-in layout managers. The cocky may even try writing their own. (A few gratuitous applets have been thrown in for good measure.) (3,500 words)

Security: Firewalls in many flavors by Peter Galvin.
An informal guide to today's most popular firewalls, including their strengths and weaknessas, and where to find them. You can roll your own, but after reading this you may not want to. (2,300 words)

SysAdmin: Curing remote-access security ailments by Hal Stern.
ssh, the secure shell, can create a moderately secure network connection. (2,900 words)

Performance Q&A: Solaris 2's tunable kernel parameters. by Adrian Cockcroft.
Tuning the kernel ain't easy. This column identifies and explains the variables that are safe to tune. (3,000 words)

Connectivity: The world in a (single!) box by Rawn Shah.
Operating environment software emulation brings PC and Mac operability to your Unix-based desktop. (2,400 words)

Client/Server: Tools to meld the Web & relational databases by Bill Rosenblatt.
Web-aware database development tools promise to make client/server app deployment easier. (2,000 words)

Unix Enterprise: Organizing IT for success by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson.
Design an architecture, set some standards, then sell, sell, sell! (2,400 words)

Career Advisor: Security a booming career? You bet! by Edgar Saadi.
The rise of the Internet has made security expertise more marketable than ever. (1,400 words)

Webmaster: Tuning Unix for Web service by Chuck Musciano.
Focus attention on network performance, making sure your OS can handle the volume of connections you expect. (1,500 words)

From the publisher: Java and the Internet PC by Michael McCarthy.
Before you make up you mind on the viability of the Internet Toaster, Java terminal, Web PC, or whatever you call it, there are few things you need to understand. (1,500 words)


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