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[SunWorld Online November 1996 table of contents]

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Network computing's new era by Kieron Murphy
Sun unveils its Java-powered Network Computer. (1,400 words)
Sun and Novell team up on Java by Kristi Essick
Novell will license Java WorkShop for its IntranetWare. (900 words)
Free NDS licenses key to Novell's future by Elinor Mills
Company wants NDS universally adopted for directory-based applications. (500 words)
IBM to launch NC division by Rob Guth
Company's network computer strategy takes shape. (400 words)

Ellison shows off NCs, Java-powered software suite by Elinor Mills et al
Oracle announces Network Computers and Java-powered software at the OpenWorld user conference. (1,900 words)

Gates pushes NetPC by Elinor Mills and Bob Trott
Microsoft tries to steal Network Computer thunder with promise of a `lite' Windows, sealed PC. (1,100 words)

Pump up your SPARCstation 5 to 160 MHz by Carolyn W.C. Wong
Fujitsu offers TurboSPARC upgrade module for 400,000 SPARCstation 5s. (500 words)

Invincible servers find a niche by Ann Steffora
High-availability, application software integration key pieces to start-up's strategy. (800 words)

A bend, don't break strategy for SPARC servers by Rebecca Gold
New server company combines three SPARCstation 5-class motherboards in one computer it promises will never fail. (800 words)

Oh those problematic PCs by Carolyn W.C. Wong
Unix-to-PC connectivity still ain't easy (1,200 words)

U.S. Postal Service accepts Java, starts e-postmark program by Rebecca Sykes
Java-based "smart forms" will calculate mailing costs. USPS to start `electronic postmark' service. (600 words)

Tools needed to support DCE by Ron Condon
Competition with CORBA and Microsoft signals trouble ahead. (400 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.


The Net and extremists: Where does the responsibility fall? by Barry D. Bowen
Should Web publishers and Internet Access Providers be held liable for illegal or offensive online content? (3,200 words including a sidebar)

Cute as a button, but who wants 'em? by Michael Jay Tucker
SPARC notebooks seem like a good idea at first glance. Is there really a market for tiny workstations? (2,400 words)

When client/server goes critical, vendors cluster by Philip J. Gill
To rival and beat mainframe reliability, Unix vendors push clustering for high availability, scalability, and performance. (2,000 words)


Career Advisor: Know what you're getting into by Edgar Saadi
Conduct research (and lots of it) before a job interview. Here's what to look for. (1,800 words)

Webmaster: How to use server-side includes by Chuck Musciano
Dynamic document content is easy with server-side includes. (1,750 words)

Introducing our Security FAQ Our security columnist debuts a FAQ by Peter Galvin
Learn how to secure Solaris and much, much more! (8,000 words)

Performance Q&A: The right disk configurations for servers by Adrian Cockcroft
RAID? Journals? Stripes? Mirrors? SLEDs? There are many ways to configure disks for servers. Here's how to choose the right mix. (2,200 words)

Connectivity: WBEM and JMAPI on the rise by Rawn Shah
Emerging standards herald a new era of network management through the Web. (1,900 words)

Client/Server: Revolutionary applications by Bill Rosenblatt and Pat Greer
Intranet applications require new kinds of development environments. (2,100 words)

Unix Enterprise: Randy and Harris' ten commandments for today's IT by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson
We collect our teachings into an easy-to-remember form. Follow these commandments to achieve IT perfection.
(1,200 words)

Reader Survey.
Is there too much free speech on the Internet? Tell us what you think.

Reader Letters.
System administration and performance are on your minds.


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