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[SunWorld Online October 1996 table of contents]

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Zander outlines future of network computer at Unix Expo. by Rebecca Sykes
And servers, software, storage debut. (1,100 words)

Gates serves up NT as Unix flavor by Rebecca Sykes
Unix Expo: The world of openness and choice according to Microsoft. (700 words)

Sun's Java telephony API spec gets major backing by Elinor Mills
Applications will target automated voice response and directory services. (250 words)

Sun debuts new clusters at Unix Expo by Mark Cappel
Faster bus, better software bolster Sun's cluster line. (700 words)

Sun releases JavaChip silicon specs by Kristi Essick
Java-chip machines should appear next year. (500 words)

Your best bet in faster LANs by Robert E. Lee
A walk through Networld+Interop reveals a faster network need not cost a bundle. (1,800 words)

Sun network tool "back on short list" by Patrick Dryden and Sari Kalin
Invigorated Solstice management tool to lord over Windows NT. (800 words)

Networld+Interop: Sun, Apple, IBM create OpenDoc by Sari Kalin and Sharon Gaudin
Companies integrate Internet with corporate desktop. (800 words)

The UltraSPARC and CDE popularity contest by Carolyn W.C. Wong
Why are UltraSPARC and CDE hits with readers? Darned if they know. (1,100 words)

Internet technology needs updating to prevent attacks by Elinor Mills
Hacker programs shut down servers, delete newsgroup postings. (500 words)

Programs delete 25,000 Usenet newsgroup messages by Elinor Mills
Cancelbot programs cause havoc. (500 words)

Oracle discloses plan for Java-based personal apps by Sari Kalin
Suite of applications designed for network computers. (300 words)

Sun and AT&T developing online transaction server by Niall McKay
Geoplex will be launched next year. (100 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.


When client/server goes critical, vendors cluster by Philip J. Gill
To rival and beat mainframe reliability, Unix vendors push clustering for high availability, scalability, and performance. (2,000 words)

Agents to roam the Internet by George Lawton
Developers working on agents that will surf the Internet for you while you sleep. (2,500 words)

LDAP: The next-generation directory? by Dave Kosiur
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol promises good method for accessing different directories. (2,700 words)

Mining nuggets from Usenet by Lee Ratzen
Scripts and methods for sifting through tons of newsgroups to find a speck of wisdom. (3,800 words)

Rising from the ashes by Erica Liederman
SunService makes a comeback. (1,700 words)


Career Advisor: Reader roundup by Edgar Saadi
Singing the praises of small town life, more on negotiating salary and benefits.
(1,800 words)

Webmaster: Site promotion: Blowing your own horn by Chuck Musciano
If you build it, will they come? Here's how to leave a trail of bread crumbs leading back to your Web site. (1,950 words)

Security: NIS+ part 2: Not your father's name service by Peter Galvin
Getting a grip on NIS+'s security features. (2,800 words)

Sysadmin: PC file fandango by Hal Stern
The remote laptop's files are trashed. The executive is panicking -- she needs them for a presentation. What do you do? (2,500 words)

Performance Q&A: Solving the iostat disk mystery by Adrian Cockcroft
Our detective uses the new Solaris 2.5 trace system to track a puzzling disk activity report. (3,000 words)

Connectivity: Life after DNS by Rawn Shah
Lightweight Directory Access Protocol promises serious, nimble directory service. (1,800 words)

Client/Server: A revolutionary platform by Bill Rosenblatt
Intranet applications require new kinds of development environments. (2,300 words)

Unix Enterprise: Client Server Production Acceptance 1996 by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson
An update on how to deploy mission-critical client/server applications.
(1,300 words)

Reader Survey.
Tell us what you think about PC connectivity.

Reader Letters.
System administration and performance are on your minds.


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