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[SunWorld Online May 1996 table of contents]

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Sun strikes a deal by Carolyn W.C. Wong
Sun will acquire the SPARC/Solaris-related assets of Cray Research Inc. (200 words)

Internet tops product intros at Object World by Elizabeth Heichler
Java's long shadow influences vendor product plans. (400 words)

Standard may boost Internet telephony by Elinor Mills
Resource Reservation Protocol seen as path to better Internet telephone service. (700 words)

Sun fires at the enterprise by Cate T. Corcoran
With high-bandwidth Ultra Enterprise servers, Sun sets its sights on mainframes, HP, and IBM. (2,100 words)

The ultra-competitive server world by Jean S. Bozman
Sun pushes a server strategy to gain enterprise market share. (1,300 words)

The interconnect's the thing by Mark Cappel
New Sun chief technical officer says bus bandwidth increases at 100 percent per year. (900 words)

Solaris (and every other OS) embraces Java by Sari Kalin
Vendors plan to add Java capability to their operating systems. (300 words)

The five keys to Novell's future by Niall McKay
Novell chief Robert Frankenberg plots the company's course of survival. (1,000 words)

Database delirium? Not quite by Carolyn W.C. Wong
Plain old databases don't excite our readers, but Web technologies and Java do. (1,300 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.


Bonus feature! Efficient intranets flourish by Torsten Busse
Users around the globe discover magic data access formula. (1,700 words)

What to look for in Web servers by Max Airborne
We compare Apache, NCSA httpd, and Netscape's Web server. (2,900 words including two sidebars)

The Law and the Net by Barry D. Bowen
The rapid pace of technology is forcing legal eagles to play catch up. (1,700 words including one sidebar)

SunSoft everywhere by Tom Abate
With interest in Sun and its vision of the "network is the computer" at an all-time high, SunSoft is set to proliferate its product line. (2,900 words)

Internet telephone controversy brews by Elinor Mills
US, overseas carriers disagree on the impact of Internet telephony on conventional telephone service. (2,300 words, including one sidebar)


Security: Web server wiles, Part 2 by Peter Galvin and Hal Pomeranz
Secure your Solaris Web server from the perils of the void, part 2. (2,700 words)

SysAdmin: Automounter secrets by Hal Stern.
Use the automounter to chart a course through rough NFS seas (3,900 words)

Performance Q&A: How much RAM is enough? by Adrian Cockcroft.
Determining the right amount of RAM for your Unix computer requires a little detective work. (1,900 words)

Connectivity: Death of the PC by Rawn Shah.
Why you may or may not switch to the Web PC. (1,900 words)

Client/Server: Objects approaching the Web by Bill Rosenblatt.
NeXT and Illustra introduce object-oriented Web development tools. (1,700 words)

Unix Enterprise: Simply discipline by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson.
Deploying client/server technology is too difficult to attempt without a proper infrastructure. (900 words)

Career Advisor: The Java-tized career by Edgar Saadi.
Java is no gimmick. Ignore it at your career's peril. (900 words)

Webmaster: Analyzing your referrer log by Chuck Musciano.
Who's linking to your pages? Your server's referrer log has all the clues. (2,100 words)

Java Developer: Has moved! by Rinaldo DiGiorgio.
Visit our sister publication JavaWorld to learn everything you wanted to know about Java but were afraid to ask.


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