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[SunWorld April 1997 table of contents]
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No mirrors and magic here -- You can write common code for Unix and NT by Dave Herdman
Building a common code base will speed porting and reduce the learning curve. In part 1, we alert you to differences between the operating systems as we take you through the NT API-on-Unix development approach. (2,000 words)

Is ATM ready for prime time -- yet? by Jim Carr
Sun's 622-Mbps ATM adapter has a technology edge, but how does it play in the real world? (1,800 words)

Network backup: understanding your storage options by Ron Levine
Before you select a backup strategy, you need to know how the components work together. We explain when to use each backup approach -- with examples from users. (3,300 words)

Security made simple -- is single sign-on the answer? by Robert E. Lee
What are the barriers to single sign-on? How are products from Sun and other vendors beginning to address them? (2,300 words)

Reader Survey
Are you getting enough Java?


Sun to roll SunExpress into SMCC by Robert McMillan
Move likely to lessen conflicts between Sun, SunExpress, and VARs. (300 words)

Web Start: Phase one of "native Java environment" by Robert McMillan
SunSoft plans to Javatize complete set of Solaris administration tools. (600 words)

Sun goes public with new Security Products Group -- what key products will it manage? by Robert McMillan
SunSoft's president also pitches "WebTone" concept. (600 words)

Sun-Microsoft rift over Java widens by Robert McMillan
But ISVs say porting to different Java implementations is already a fact of life. (600 words)

Sun offers Java to ISO by Robert McMillan
But will Java make like Unix and split? (1,000 words)

Sun to include new single sign-on standard in Solaris 2.6 by Robert McMillan
Open Group to adopt PAM, plans fast track for Intel's public key management standard. (600 words)

Veritas says Sun will dump DiskSuite by Robert McMillan
But Sun says it ain't over till it's over. (450 words)

Sun Microelectronics pushes Java into new markets by Robert McMillan
Partnerships with Toshiba, Rockwell, and LG Semicon will mean Java chips in notebooks, pagers, and even cars. (300 words)

SunSpots: the latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news by SunWorld staff
Java's not-so-warm reception in the U.K. (600 words)

Eye on the competition: HP + VeriFone = strong e-commerce player? by Robert McMillan
SCO sets sights on merging operating systems. (800 words)

Is Hewlett-Packard abandoning its Unix commitment? Sun thinks so by Robert McMillan
Sun says it's the only leader in the Unix space; HP says Sun's just running scared. (800 words)

Network Solutions sued for domain-name antitrust by Marc Ferranti
Who's controlling the "config" files? (700 words)

ADSL Forum predicts ubiquitous U.S. access by year 2000 by Kristi Essick
But telecos are still figuring out how to profit from the technology. (1,100 words)

NSF creates special government newsgroup category by Marc Ferranti
Calls two-year-old project a step toward online democracy (500 words)

SunWorld's Net News Central Compiled by Craig Knudsen
Your quick resource for Sun-related headlines on the World Wide Web -- including links to full-length articles.

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun, SPARC, or Solaris, it's here in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.


Career Advisor: How to handle multiple job offers by Edgar Saadi
Juggling too many offers? Here's how to turn them down politely. We also help you ask for a raise and decide whether or not Java is for you. (1,100 words)

Webmaster: The dynamic, powerful abilities of JavaScript Style Sheets by Chuck Musciano
Netscape marries cascading style sheets with JavaScript. Learn how these documents can be easily updated and modified for every Netscape 4.0 browser display. (2,000 words)

Security: Pete's Wicked World: Trials and tribulations of building an e-commerce server by Peter Galvin
In part 2, we take an in-depth evaluation of the design and implementation of a secure Internet commerce facility. Plus Bug of the Month focuses on eject and password bugs. (2,600 words)

Performance Q&A: Craving more information on Solaris? Look no further by Adrian Cockcroft
Get insights on the configuration and performance of Sun systems and on Unix internals. We recommend books and white papers -- including one considered required reading for Sun's own systems engineers. (1,700 words)

Connectivity: Unraveling asynchronous transfer mode by Rawn Shah
Come with us to understand what makes ATM tick and how it can benefit you -- part 1. (2,000 words)

Real World Perspectives Cut workplace frustration -- take these steps to build an efficient help desk by Frank Henderson and Dave Koehler
We show you how to implement an effective support center through the lessons learned at one company. (1,700 words)

Bill's Bookshelf: Virtual communities: the benchmark for success online? by Bill Rosenblatt
The authors of Net Gain define the must-haves of a virtual community -- what are the implications for your business and Web site? (2,400 words)

Unix 101: Processing files with awk by Mo Budlong
The awk processing utility can practically be used as a programming language -- but first you need to learn its simpler features. In the first of two columns on awk, we show you how it breaks records into fields and how to execute more than one set of commands on a record. (2,700 words)

Unix Enterprise: Metrics -- How to really manage your enterprise by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson
Do you have metrics to test your network? Without them, you have no baseline and no way to determine if things are improving or not. The IT department in Martin County, FL now knows what it's metrics are and can determine whether changes are beneficial or not. Here's what Martin County's IS team found. (1,300 words)

Reader Letters
Answers to your questions about proxy servers, rnode source, disk load, and more.


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