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[SunWorld March 1998 table of contents]
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Is mainframe-class availability possible in a Unix environment? by Chuck Musciano
What you must do to maximize uptime in your Unix environment. (2,200 words)

GUI toolkits: What are your options? by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
Find out what's available in the world of GUI toolkits. From X to OpenStep to Qt, we rack 'em up and tell you what you need to know. (3,000 words)

Untangling network wiring by Robert E. Lee
We explain the different levels of cabling and highlight the pros and cons of going with either copper or fiber optic. (2,400 words)

Adding network hard disk storage -- painlessly by Ron Levine
How one company solved its network storage problems. (2,100 words)


Top news stories

Net ethnographer explains freeware to corporate natives by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
Free Netscape browser software is first step to Eric Raymond's vision of "Software in the Public Interest." (1,700 words)

Hewlett-Packard wakes up to Java by Robert McMillan
HP has cloned JVM for Windows CE; will release new native compiler later this year. Some call this a widening of the Sun-Microsoft Java rift. (1,700 words)

JavaOne: News from the Java Developer Conference by James Niccolai
Zealous developers confident of Java's future; Sun will use courts to protect Java's promise; Sun offered HP EmbeddedJava VM for free. (4 stories posted)

Elvis+ president clarifies company's future plans by Ken Masica
Strategy to move to Europe takes on new meaning. (350 words)

Elvis+ distances itself from Sun by Ken Masica
While its relationship with Sun remains part of a high-profile Commerce Department investigation, this Russian software company is planning a major internal shake-up.(1,500 words)

Department of Justice subpoenas Sun in Microsoft case by Nancy Weil
Java may be under examination. (1,500 words, including sidebar, "Microsoft under siege: An updated timeline")

UnixWare 7 arrives by Stephanie Steenbergen
Company offers new release in five different editions. (550 words)


Career Advisor: Regretting your job change, moving beyond your job title, and avoiding the ruins of wishful thinking by Edgar Saadi
This month we answer questions about making the switch from programmer to sysadmin, striking out into consulting, and beating the new job blues. (1,200 words)

IT Architect: The world of the technical architect by Kara Kapczynski
In this new SunWorld column we discuss the design of an architecture and the relationship between technology and business models. (3,100 words)

Bill's Bookshelf Bill's Bookshelf: The secrets of Intel by Bill Rosenblatt
Tim Jackson's Inside Intel is a must-read; but, we can't say the same about Jim Carlton's Apple: The Inside Story. (2,500 words)

Readers Speak Out: Letters to the Editor
An update on Sun's Tcl group, DSL resources, questions on Linux pricing, and all kinds of information on Solaris file structure.

More news

The state of the Sun clone market by Stephanie Steenbergen
Is Darwin+Windows NT a one-two punch? (1,100 words)

Sequent plans Unix-NT interoperability with NumaCenter by David Pendery and Ephraim Schwartz
Outlines product roadmap to IA-64. (500 words)

Sun, Netscape lawyers slam Microsoft's business practices by James Niccolai
Microsoft's rivals hope to set the tone for upcoming DoJ investigation. (750 words)

Eye on the competition Eye on the competition: Up-to-the-minute news on Sun's rivals by IDG News Service
HP introduces new servers and IT service products and finds a way to export 128-bit encryption. IBM talks business intelligence. UnixWare gets data center endorsement from Data General, ICL, Unisys, and Compaq. (5 stories posted)

SunSpots SunSpots: The latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news by IDG News Service
Sun and Microsoft continue duking out their Java dispute in court. Sun's hardware arm and chip unit both have new presidents. (3 stories posted)

The Internet Files The Internet Files: news on the latest Internet standards and struggles by IDG News Service staff
U.S. Senate committee airs encryption arguments. New business coalition challenges U.S. encryption policy. National Infrastructure Protection Center: Janet Reno vs. hackers. Clinton endorses tax-free Internet. (4 stories posted)

SunWorld's Net News Central compiled by Craig Knudsen
Your quick resource for Sun-related headlines on the World Wide Web -- including links to full-length articles.

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun, SPARC, or Solaris, it's here in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new product listing.


Webmaster: 5 fast tips for improving your Web site by Chuck Musciano
Do you know what it takes to make your Web site more friendly to external visitors? (2,200 words)

Inside Solaris: Fiddling around with files, part two by Jim Mauro
We cover the various file I/O interfaces, and we answer the question, "What is a file system?" (4,200 words)

Security: Pete's Wicked World -- More on mastering the secure shell by Peter Galvin and Steve Acheson
We walk you through the installation and configuration process. Also, a review of the best book about hackers Pete has ever read. (4,300 words)

Performance Q&A: Sizing up memory in Solaris by Adrian Cockcroft
How much memory do you need? We explain the types of memory and introduce a set of tools for figuring out your memory requirements. (2,200 words)

Connectivity: Cable network ins and outs by Rawn Shah
We show you how cable networks are being designed for IP traffic and how they stack up against DSL. (2,500 words)

Unix 101: Compressing files in Unix by Mo Budlong
How to make space on your disk drives using the nifty tar command. (2,100 words)


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