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[SunWorld January 1998 table of contents]
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Protecting your network with Sun's SunScreen EFS firewall by Ken Masica
What should your firewall do and how should you design it? We'll show you by example. (3,300 words)

Choosing the best type of high-end tape backup by Ron Levine
We differentiate DLT, DAT, and 8 mm so you can pick the right backup solution. (2,300 words)

Linux lines up for the enterprise by Rick Cook
Is there a place in your shop for Linux? (3,500 words)

Digital wireless -- what are the possibilities? by Robert E. Lee
We take a close look at PCS technology and ponder how it might fit into your networking plans. (2,100 words)

Solaris on Merced: What's in it for Sun? by Robert McMillan
UltraSPARC's technologist explains why Sun will still be selling RISC in 2003. (2,000 words)


Top news stories

Sun launches storage push by Rebecca Sykes and Elinor Mills
A new family of Intelligent StorEdge servers. (1,000 words)

Compaq to buy DEC for $9.6 billion by Rebecca Sykes and Kristi Essick
Deal largest ever in computer industry. (400 words)

RSA Data Security: Firms cleverly selling strong crypto by Elinor Mills
But is Sun backing away from Elvis? (1,100 words)

METRE: 3Com's Benhamou sees intelligent networks in the future by Kristi Essick
What else is in store, and when can we expect it? (500 words)

Lucent to simplify DSL use with new chipset by James Niccolai
Samples to ship in Q3. (300 words)

Three new workstations fill out Sun's PCI line by Robert McMillan
$4,000 Ultra 5 workstation billed as Wintel killer. (750 words)


Career Advisor: Employment catch-22, systems administration nirvana, and money + happiness by Edgar Saadi
This month, answers to the questions: How can I get a job without experience, and how can I get experience without a job? Is there such a thing as systems administration nirvana? And is it possible to find a six-figure salary and happiness in the same job? (1,000 words)

Bill's Bookshelf Bill's Bookshelf: Esther Dyson's "just society" online by Bill Rosenblatt
Pundit's unique take on cyber issues well worth the read. (2,400 words)

Readers Speak Out
This month: xcalls, MUDs, and BSM auditing.

More news

Sysadmins in big demand according to CIO Institute survey by Stephanie Steenbergen
But average salaries vary widely, depending on where you work (500 words)

Sun outlines network security roadmap by Robert McMillan
Unveils new SunScreen Secure Net product at RSA conference. (650 words)

Updated!SunSpots SunSpots: The latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news IDG News Service staff
Sun and Motorola form a Java-based partnership; Sun strikes a deal with RealNetworks; Sun's Q2 results; News from CES: Sun and TCI announce a deal to install PersonalJava in set-tops; Sun, Spyglass unveil PersonalJava platform, browser; Sun, Visa to cooperate on Java Cards. (10 stories posted)

Eye on the competition Eye on the competition: Up-to the-minute news on Sun's rivals by IDG News Service staff
Hewlett-Packard lowers prices one day after Sun's Darwin announcement; DEC, Sequent working on Unix for Intel's Merced; Red Hat Linux users to get telephone support. (3 stories posted)

RSA Data Security: Cautious welcome for elliptic curve crypto by Elinor Mills
What are companies like Sun saying? (800 words)

RSA Data Security: Privacy advocates still fighting U.S. govt. by Elinor Mills
What's at stake? (950 words)

RSA Data Security: Digital certificates, encryption toolkits debut by Elinor Mills
An overview of new products announced at the conference. (1,800 words)

Microsoft loses latest round in Java dispute by Bob Trott
Hearing on Java logo to happen in February. (300 words)

Updated!The Internet Files The Internet Files: news on the latest Internet standards and struggles by IDG News Service staff
ISOC: Year of the Internet for the French? Apache king of Web servers. HTML 4.0 is here, but don't hold your breath for DHTML. Also, Internet users want privacy laws. (4 stories posted)

New IP registry open for business by Rebecca Sykes
Network Solutions Inc. hands over IP registration to ARIN, but now you'll have to pay. (500 words)

Updated!SunWorld's Net News Central compiled by Craig Knudsen
Your quick resource for Sun-related headlines on the World Wide Web -- including links to full-length articles.

Updated!New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun, SPARC, or Solaris, it's here in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new product listing.


Webmaster: A peek into the old crystal ball by Chuck Musciano
What's going to happen with key Web technologies in 1998? (1,800 words)

Inside Solaris: Swap space implementation, part two by Jim Mauro
Last month we set the stage with some background information. This month, we'll complete our coverage with a detailed look at the implementation of swap in Solaris. (2,900 words)

Security: Pete's Wicked World -- A conference a day keeps the diet at bay by Peter Galvin
Peter's report on the recent LISA, Network Security, and SNAC conferences. (1,800 words)

Performance Q&A: SE Toolkit FAQ by Adrian Cockcroft
Answers to the most frequently asked questions about SE. (1,000 words)

Connectivity: Emerging network technologies: Digital subscriber line by Rawn Shah
DSL technologies promise new life to old wires, but they have a downside too. (2,100 words)

Unix 101: Using history and command line editing by Mo Budlong
Save keystrokes with some simple commands. (2,100 words)


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