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Last updated 8 December, 1995

Microsoft licenses Java.
In a stunning announcement, Microsoft said it had signed a source-code agreement for Java, and plans to Java-enable its browser. (900 words)

Java wheeling and dealing.
Sun's Java group has been making waves and making deals. Here's a roundup of the latest Java business partnerships. (2,000 words)

Payback time.
When will there be real returns on the Internet investment? Not for a while, says a European research firm which predicts `Net use will grow in three waves. (1,000 words)

SunScreen in the real world.
How users employ Sun's Internet security device. (1,600 words)

Unix jobs: What's hot and what's not?
A recruiter asks employers what job skills they seek. (600 words)

64 bits vs speed.
We report the results of our reader survey to determine plans and attitudes towards 64-bit SPARC computers. (1,300 words plus Comments file)

Poland Internet society protests rate hike plan.
Plans by Poland's main service provider to charge based on Internet traffic -- both from and to users -- provokes an Open Letter from the Internet Society of Poland. (1,000 words plus comments)

UltraSPARC special report
Missed our coverage of Sun's biggest product announcement in seven years? Take a look at the seven stories we offered detailing the speedy Ultra 1 and 2.

New products:
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.


They call me WEBMASTER! by Chuck Musciano.
Running a Web site is a demanding job requires a wide range of skills. We're not talking about entry-level HTML, we're talking CGI scripting, system management, server sweet-talking, and a dose of diplomacy. We launch our new monthly column for Webmasters with a feature-length overview of the talents needed to make your site a success -- and keep your job in the process. (3,200 words)

Seven steps to network reliability by Hal Stern.
Today's networks are complicated. Here's how to avoid LAN meltdowns that grind your users to a halt. (5,500 words)


Java Developer: Brain trust spills the beans. by Rinaldo DiGiorgio.
Sun's Arthur van Hoff and Kim Polese spill the Java beans, and four applets demonstrate Java tips and tricks. (3,600 words)

Security: Watching the back door. by Peter Galvin.
Guarding the front door can leave the back door of your computer network a wide open security risk. (3,300 words)

SysAdmin: Hardening Unix for Internet use. by Hal Stern.
How to ready TCP/IP to repel the unwanted and better serve the friendly. (3,400 words)

Performance Q&A: Dear Performance Guy. by Adrian Cockcroft.
He answers a dozen reader questions on performance issues. (4,200 words)

Connectivity: The Win95 odyssey continues. by Rawn Shah.
The upper layers of WinNet 95 explained. (2,200 words)

Client/Server: The disappearing line. by Bill Rosenblatt.
Documents and client-server programs come together on the Web. Today, documents are static and programs are active, but one day soon you won't be able to distinguish between them. (2,500 words)

Unix Enterprise: Six steps to network computing success. by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson.
Forget technology. The real challenge is people. (1,500 words)

Career Advisor: New career pursuits. by Edgar Saadi.
Tips for changing computer specialties in mid-stream. (1,400 words)

From the publisher: Sign up now! by Michael McCarthy.
Join our reader advisory panel and give us a piece of your mind. (900 words)


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