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SunWorld Online offers extensive coverage of Sun's UltraSPARC computer announcement. Here's our special report:

  • Ultra Computing unveiled By Mark Cappel Under the Big Top, Sun announces a high-powered "sweet-spot" workstation and a high-end MP desktop that sets a new floating-point record. (2,400 words)
  • A look at Ultra hardware By George Lawton A well-integrated system boosts Ultra series performance. (2,000 words including 1 sidebar)
  • Solaris 2.5 By Michael O'Connell The software behind the hardware. (1,100 words)
  • Zander interview By Cate Corcoran Ed Zander, president of SMCC, speaks out on the state of Sun's competition, Sun's market-share, Java, and UltraSPARC. (4,400 words)
  • UltraSPARC excites VARs and ISVs By Barry Bowen Sun's VAR and ISV community giddy over UltraSPARC. (800 words)
  • A rising tide lifts all ships By Barry Bowen SPARC compatible vendors eye UltraSPARC with interest. (700 words)
  • Ultra Computing debut: You are there By Erica Liederman Behind the scenes at the Ultra 1 and 2 introduction in Menlo Park, CA. Includes audio reactions from users who witnessed the event. (2,100 words)

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