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Last updated 17 October, 1995
HAL ships first 64-bit SPARC workstations.
Fujitsu's patience pays off as HAL ships two compute-heavy deskside products based on its own 64-bit SPARC design and a Solaris-compatible 64-bit Unix. (1,500 words)

DOE delivers
Sun renames its distributed objects initiative and announces the first fruits of its labor: Neo. (800 words)

Netscape adds Java and more.
Increased functionality enhances the present, support for Java makes for a robust future for Netscape's next-generation browser, shipping soon. (1,000 words)

Live on the Internet: audio and video.
StreamWorks media server broadcasts real-time audio and video over the Internet. (700 words)

SunWorld readers speak: Java is hot!
Results from our reader survey indicate a craving for Java, and offer some insight into the Java applets of the future. (1,300 words)

New products:
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most timely and comprehensive new-product listing.


OpenBoot secrets revealed by Steve Leung
If you've rebooted a SPARCstation you've used OpenBoot. But it does much more than kick-start your computer. OpenBoot's built-in Forth interpreter can be a powerful ally during system surgery. (4,500 words)

NFS revs up in Solaris 2.5 by Brian Wong
Much-enhanced network performance is only one of the benefits of the new version of NFS in Sun's latest OS upgrade. You'll find improved flexibility, usability, security, and robustness -- and you can now run NFS over TCP. (1,800 words)

TCP/IP for PCs compared by Rawn Shah
We test and profile 11 utilities that let Windows PCs talk to Unix machines and to the Internet. (5,500 words including 2 sidebars)

Object-oriented programming using C by Dave St. Clair
Yes, you can create object code using plain old C. And for C-only shops, there are real benefits. Here's how to take advantage of some basic object-oriented concepts. (1,800 words)


From the publisher by Michael McCarthy
Advertising, ignorance, and the Flashback mystery man. (1,600 words)

Security by Peter Galvin
Re-tooling? The tools you need to check and correct -- and the price is right. (2,400 words)

SysAdmin by Hal Stern
Errno Libretto. Error messages, system traps, user complaints -- ah, the opera of system failure! Here's how to be a sysadmin Pavarotti. (3,500 words)

Performance Q&A by Adrian Cockcroft
Help! I'm losing my memory! Q&A with Sun's performance guru. (2,700 words)

Client/Server by Bill Rosenblatt
The Open Document Management API. The ODMA draft standard defines document-management functionality. If your apps deal with documents, you need to know about this. (1,900 words)

Software Tools by Chuck Musciano
Emacs vs. vi. The single most important tool you'll ever choose is your text editor. Choose wisely. Choose Emacs. (2,200 words)

Unix Enterprise by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson
Charge-back? Yes, we must. The charge-back gospel, according to H&R, who claim to have found "the least-evil scheme." (1,700 words)

Career Advisor by Edgar Saadi
Resumes that sell -- you! Writing a good CV is no piece of cake, but it can make all the difference when pursuing that dream job. (1,400 words)

Java Developer
A quick overview of the column that aims to be the resource for Java programmers. Look for its debut in our November issue.


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