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[SunWorld Online September 1996 table of contents]

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ICE Expo: Singing the praises of e-commerce by Kristi Essick
U.S. still leads in Internet use, alliances abound but few products debut at ICE. (1,800 words)

Oracle, IBM ready Network Computers by Sari Kalin
Oracle's Ellison sees Sun as fiercest rival in 100 million-unit market. (1,100 words)

Sun eyes Citrix Windows code by Cara Cunningham with Mark Cappel
`Internet toaster' OS or perhaps Java itself may get Windows display technology. (500 words)

Here at last! SunSoft set to ship Java WorkShop by Ellen Messmer
Solaris OpenStep beta also ready to go. (500 words)

Tool talk by Carolyn W.C. Wong
C still rules for application writers, but Java is
up and coming. (1,000 words)

SCO, HP ship API for Unix by Laura DiDio and Mark Leon
McNealy criticizes HP at SCO Forum. (500 words)

Netscape's Navio tackles consumer 'Net devices by Elinor Mills and Sari Kalin
Netscape also partners with Apple on Cyberdog. (500 words)

IBM to improve RS/6000 clustering software by Sari Kalin
Users will be able to cluster up to 32 RS/6000s. (200 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.


New top-level domains promise descriptive names by George Lawton
Start-up Alternic challenges InterNIC monopoly to register domain names. (2,400 words)

Benchmarking the Web by Ed Tittel
Are accurate and unbiased Web performance benchmarks possible? (5,000 words including two sidebars)

Java versus ActiveX by Robert E. Lee
The marketing war is on, but which offers the better technology? (2,300 words)

Is the Web sapping your firm's productivity? by Barry D. Bowen
Managers find new ways to crack down on browsing during business hours. (2,000 words)

Building the Internet backbone by George Lawton
Take a virtual tour of a busy Network Access Point. (2,700 words)

SunLabs: Games of skill by Cate T. Corcoran
Sun bets on best minds to lead it into the future. (2,000 words)


Career Advisor: How to negotiate your salary and benefits by Edgar Saadi
You don't want to be thought of as a money grubber, but you don't want to leave money on the table either. (2,000 words)

Webmaster: Earn big bucks with your Web site by Chuck Musciano
Cold hard cash is just a tag away when you start advertising on your Web site. (1,700 words)

Security: NIS+: What's in a Name (Service)? by Peter Galvin
It's not popular, but NIS+ offers noteworthy security features. (2,500 words)

Sysadmin: Sysadmin stew: My summer vacation by Hal Stern
We catch up on PGP, sysdmin tools, and rant about
Network Computers. (2,500 words)

Performance Q&A: Unveiling vmstat's charms by Adrian Cockcroft
vmstat offers too much information to the uninitiated. Here's how to find what you need. (2,600 words)

Connectivity: The Common Internet File System by Rawn Shah
What Microsoft has in store for the Internet with CIFS. (1,400 words)

Client/Server: Easing large Web site woes with a Wallop by Bill Rosenblatt
Start-up toolmaker applies the object model to Web software development environments. (2,300 words)

Unix Enterprise: What about my DBAs? by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson
Tempted to outsource database administration? Better think twice. (1,500 words)


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