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Last updated August 16, 1995

Brazil: The wildest computer market
Quick: Name the world's largest computer show. If you answered Comdex or Hannover Fair you'd be wrong. Travel along with SunWorld Online's Editor and Publisher to Fenasoft, where he and 800,000 Brazilians gawk and buy buy buy. (2,800 words)

CDE in Solaris 2.5
SunSoft isn't selecting CDE as the default user interface in the forthcoming Solaris 2.5. We found out why. (1,100 words)

Middleware called key to client/server
Middleware is the key to building successful client/server systems, but users need to take care when buying and setting it up. "Above all, be prepared for problems," say British researchers. (700 words)

Sun credits Internet for healthy earnings
Sun reported record earnings for the fiscal year, up 81 percent, and a 65 percent leap in profit for the fourth quarter. (270 words)

Sun rolls out new server marketing program
In an attempt to rev up server sales to commercial users, Sun announced a set of server products and integration services with data-warehousing, customer-management and industry-specific niches in mind. (730 words)

Workstation use grows in Europe
Europe is poised to experience healthy growth in the workstation market this year after seeing 30 percent growth in 1994. (240 words)

New products
All the SPARC and Solaris-related new products that are fit to print.


Revving-up your network by Frank Henderson and Dave Koehler
Poor Ethernet performance? A cheap and easy solution is to replace your old hubs or routers with Ethernet switches, which sidestep network bottlenecks by making virtual connections between transmitting and receiving nodes. Or, you may need a completely new network. (3,400 words)

Why did Data General do it? by Barry Bowen
In May, Data General announced it would port its well-regarded 64-bit Unix operating system to UltraSPARC. We discovered why. (1,800 words)


Security by Peter Galvin
Before you can begin battening down your systems and networks, it's a good idea to know how secure they are now. A security audit is the way to go. Here's how to proceed. (2,200 words)

SysAdmin by Hal Stern
You may think PostScript is for printers. However, it is a language that is beautiful in its simplicity and increasingly useful to know. (3,700 words)

Client/Server by Bill Rosenblatt
Vendors tried to deliver on the promise of digital document management for years. Today, technology and business needs are merging, making document management a viable solution. Here's why. (2,000 words)

Software Tools by Chuck Musciano
Like art, programming requires creativity and flexibility. Software methodologies must acknowledge this or wind up with code that looks more like a velvet Elvis than a Mona Lisa. (1,700 words)

Unix Enterprise by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson
Change: without it, an information technology (IT) department fails. Like any institution, IT resists change, making it necessary for calls for action to come from the very top. (1,000 words)

Career Advisor by Edgar Saadi
The Web has not only created new ways to find employment, but has spawned a promising new online field that will generate markets, companies, and jobs. (1,700 words)

Connectivity by Rawn Shah
Rawn explains today's e-mail jargon, and reveals why electronic messaging in the future will make life easier for users, but not necessarily administrators. (2,400 words)


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