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[SunWorld October 1998 table of contents]
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Works great, costs less by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
Freeware for Solaris: Where do you start? What should you choose? (3,300 words)
Cost recovery in the Unix world by Chuck Musciano
Production isn't cheap. How can you determine -- and deal with -- your cost model? (2,600 words)
Sun and Microsoft try to reach phone companies by Rick Cook
Sun's JAIN, Microsoft's Active OSS Framework aim to offer new kinds of telephone services. (2,500 words)

Top news stories

Solaris 7 arrives by Jim Mauro
Full 64-bit operating system kernel is complete. (1,000 words)
IBM teams with SCO, Intel on Unix by Nancy Weil
Big Blue and company will be developing new version of Unix to compete with Sun and HP (1,000 words)
SANS releases preliminary results on sysadmin salaries by Steven Brody
Solaris administrators are still among top paid. (600 words)
Evidence emerges in Sun-Microsoft dispute by James Niccolai
New documents shed light on both companies' early position on Java. (600 words)
Sun completes acquisition of NetDynamics by Steven Brody
Sun jockeys for leading position in the application server market (680 words)
Apachecon: The conference wraps up with plans still hazy by Steven Brody
The future of Apache with IBM is loose, just the way coders like it (1,000 words)
IBM beefs up Apache package by Steven Brody
Big Blue hopes to break into new markets by enhancing the popular freeware. (600 words)


Career Advisor: Relocation -- What should I expect? by Edgar Saadi
Will they pay for my moving expenses? Plus: Help! I have too many interests; and, I want to quit my job after just two months. (1,900 words)
Regular Expressions: The safety of scripting by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
Cross-language trends in scripting. Plus the October 15 installment: Catching up with JavaScript, Python, and more. (1,200 words)
Bill's Bookshelf
Bill's Bookshelf: Gorillas in the market by Bill Rosenblatt
Geoffrey Moore's latest book tells you how to pinpoint high-tech winners. (4,100 words)

IT Architect: Battle of the JVMs by Navneet Mathur
Client-side Java: Microsoft's and Sun's Java virtual machines compared in terms of compatibility and performance. (2,700 words)

More news

Jini not just a Sun creation? by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
Software developer wants credit for crucial core of Sun's Jini. (1,000 words)
Oracle and Sun partner in online application server pilot by Steven Brody
Sun continues to bet on service outsourcing for small enterprises. (600 words)
Intel to offer new chip design by James Niccolai
Suprise announcement of 1 gig chip for workstations and servers by 2001 (900 words)
Industry analyst says Sun has scrapped Java chip plans by James Niccolai
MicroJava 701 might be Sun's first -- and last -- picoJava-based chip. (500 words)
Internet World: Sun whips up Jini support by Marc Ferranti
Demos with manufacturing partners on the way. (800 words)
IBM introduces new RS/6000 line of high-end workstations by Steven Brody
Flagship model features new POWER3 processor. (800 words)
Sun races into message handling as ISPs try to dress up services by Steven Brody
Going up against freemail and low monthly access fees. (600 words)
Sun introduces telco-ready server for ISPs by Steven Brody
The Netra 1125 server is Sun's latest offering to ISPs who are cozying up to telcos. (300 words)
SunSpots: The latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news
Sun buys personal Java application company. Sun barely beats Q1 expectations. IBM and Sun to develop next version of Java API. (8 stories posted)

Eye on the competition
Eye on the Competition: Up-to-the-minute news on Sun's rivals
HP, Cisco plan merges voice and data. IBM servers up to four times more powerful by 2001. HP gives chip roadmap. (4 stories posted)

The Internet Files
The Internet Files: The network is the story -- News on the latest Internet standards and struggles
House committee approves domain name plan. Domain games: Internet leaves the U.S. nest. Mixed reaction to NSI-govt pact. Senate approves Internet Tax Freedom Act. (7 stories posted)

Hewlett-Packard announces new program for ISPs by Stephanie Steenbergen
Analysts predict an uphill battle. (1,200 words)
Clinton's Y2K maven says not all systems will be ready by Rob Guth
US and Japan share experiences to hasten solutions. (600 words)
New products by John J. McLaughlin
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun, SPARC, or Solaris, it's here in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new product listing.
Webmaster: Are you ready for e-commerce? by Chuck Musciano
How to beef up your virtual store. (2,000 words)
Inside Solaris: More on the Solaris process model by Jim Mauro
Jim hones in on the process, kernel thread, and lightweight process relationship. Also, discussion begins this month on process scheduling classes, dispatch tables, and the kernel dispatcher. (4,400 words)
Security: Pete's Wicked World -- Security book review: the good, the bad, and...the worst by Peter Galvin
Pete's picks and pans of a pile of popular security books and manuals. (2,400 words)
Performance Q&A: What's the holdup? by Adrian Cockcroft
How is wait time measured? Are the results exaggerated? (1,900 words)
Connectivity: Clustering part three: On the node by Rawn Shah
Rawn runs down the strengths and weaknesses of three popular node-clustering systems. (2,800 words)
Unix 101: Whatcha' gonna make by Mo Budlong
The make tool can form the basis of a backup or archive system. (2,800 words)


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