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New Products for the week of September 25th

By John J. McLaughlin, FlashBack, Inc.

October  1995
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Product: NPI Fast Ethernet product family (The SNAPswitch FE2100 (6 Ethernets/1 Fast Ethernet) is priced at $2,995; the SNAPswitch FE2150 (6 Ethernets/5 Fast Ethernets) at $4,995; and the SNAPswitch FE2250 (12 Ethernets/5 Fast Ethernets) at $5,995. The SNAPadapter FE2400 will be less than $300, and the SNAPhub FE2100 at less than $3,000.)
Company: Network Peripherals Inc. (NPI) (Milpitas, CA)
Telephone: (408) 321-7300
Fax: (408) 321-9218
Description: Includes three 10/100-Mbps switching hubs -- two with integrated Fast Ethernet repeaters and one with a single Fast Ethernet uplink (the SNAPswitch FE2000 family); a PCI Bus Fast Ethernet server adapter card (SNAPadapter FE2400); and a 12-port stand-alone 100BaseTX repeater (SNAPhub FE2100). These products are designed for small to medium-size businesses and corporate departments that are upgrading their 10-megabit-per-second LANs to switched 10/100-Mbps performance to accommodate growing bandwidth demands.

Product: PowerLite 110 and 85 portable workstations (PowerLite 110 starts at $12,995 and PowerLite 85 at $9,695)
Company: RDI Computer Corporation (Carlsbad, CA)
Telephone: (619) 929-0992 or 1-800-RDI-LITE
Platforms: Sun Solaris
Description: The PowerLite models 110 and 85, with a 110MHz or 85MHz microSPARC II microprocessor, respectively, are manufactured with the CPU, graphics, SLAVIO, MACIO and OS supplied from Sun Microsystems. Standard features in both models include a 1024 x 768, 800 x 600 or 640 x 480 10.4" color active matrix LCD, TGX graphics acceleration, up to 128MB memory, internal floppy drive, up to three 1.2GB hard disk drives for internal disk capacity of 3.5GB, a 3-button 16mm trackball and full-sized Sun-4 or Sun-5 compatible keyboard, and a 14.4K fax modem in a compact 7.5-pound, 2.2 x 12.75 x 11.18 inch package. Options include PCMCIA Type III and a Peripheral Expansion Unit with 2 SBus expansion slots, increasing the hard disk capacity by up to 4GB.

Product: SPARCengine 5 Model 110 Motherboard ($1900 in 100-piece quantities)
Company: Sun Microsystems Inc (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (408) 774-8119
Fax: (408) 773-8769
Description: Based on a 110 MHz RISC processor, the SPARCengine 5 Model 110 executes 78.6 SPECint92, 65.3 SPECfp92, and 140 (Drystone 1.1) MIPS in a uniprocessor configuration. Targeted at embedded networking and telecommunications applications, it features a 64-bit local bus interface and power management to enable high-bandwidth I/O, fast video-memory, and image-data transfer as well as 16-bit CD audio for high-quality recording and playback within voice-processing and multimedia applications. Interfaces to 10 Mbyte/second Fast SCSI, 10-Mbit/second Ethernet, parallel and serial interfaces, and floppy disk are integrated to the motherboard. Three SBus slots with full master/slave capability enable simple interfaces to hundreds of expansion and networking products including Sun's PCMCIA, FDDI, ATM, ISDN, and 100-Mbit Ethernet SBus cards and protocol software.

Product: Tadpole P1000 Series Notebooks
Company: Tadpole Technology (Austin, TX)
Telephone: (512) 219-2200
Fax: (512) 219-2222
Platforms: Solaris x86, Windows 95, LINUX, DOS 6.22, Windows for Workgroups 3.11, Windows NT, OS/2 Warp, OS/2 Warp Connect, NEXTSTEP
Description: Solaris x86, Windows 95, and LINUX operating systems now run on Tadpole's P1000 Series of ultra-high-performance notebook PCs. Tadpole provides users of these high-end operating systems with installation release notes and device driver software on its Worldwide Web home page. The P1000 series includes the Tadpole P1300, based on the 133 MHz Pentium microprocessor; and the P1000, Tadpole's 100 MHz Pentium processor, PCI-bus notebook PC.


Product: ArcView Version 2.1 ($995)
Company: Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI) (Redlands, CA)
Telephone: (800) 447-9778 (909) 793-2853
Fax: (909) 793-5953
Platforms: Solaris 1 and 2
Description: A geographic information system (GIS), ArcView is a complete desktop system for storing, modifying, querying, analyzing, and displaying information about places all over the globe. ArcView offers:

Product: Cygnus Developers Kit and VxWorks GNU development tools
Company: Cygnus Support (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (415) 903-1400
Fax: (415) 903-0122
Platforms: VxWorks on PowerPC, Motorola 68k, Intel i960, SPARC and AMD 29k
Description: Wind River Systems selected Cygnus CDK C and C++ for its VxWorks offerings. Cygnus maintains and supports GNU software development tools.

Product: ITEX-VIP Visual Itex Programmer (From $5495)
Company: Imaging Technology, Inc. (Bedform, MA)
Telephone: (617) 275-2700
Fax: (617) 275-9590
Platforms: Gui: Windows. Target systems: Windows, DOS, Solaris 1, Solaris 2, VxWorks, and OS/9
Description: A point-and-click interface that can be used to generate C code optimized for Imaging Technology's 40 MHz pipeline vision processing hardware, the MVC 150/40. An application can be viewed as a series of modules, connections, and timings. With ITEX-VIP a developer graphically connects the inputs and outputs of each acquisition, computation, memory and display module in their systems and then sets the properties and operations for modules using pop-up windows. Users can reconfigure hardware and/or software to test-out new approaches to vision problems (automated machine guidance, industrial inspection, biomedical image analysis, defense applications, etc).

Product: IX/92 and IX/Connect HP terminal emulator ($395 for IX/92; $245 for IX/Connect)
Company: Software Licensing Corp. (Incline Village, NV)
Telephone: (800) 831-0882 (702) 832-0881
Fax: (702) 832-0883
Platforms: Solaris 1, Solaris 2, HP-UX, SCO
Description: An HP terminal emulator and companion networking product. This new release adds 40 new script language commands and file transfer in ASCII or binary between HP3000 host and the local UNIX system. With IX/Connect, users of IX/92 can make network connections to HP3000 computers using HP's NS/VT network protocol.

Product: LP Plus version 2.4
Company: Digital Controls Corporation (Springboro, OH)
Telephone: (800) 274-1627
Platforms: Solaris 1, Solaris 2, AIX, HP-UX, DG-UX, Intel SVR4, SCO Unix
Description: A software utility that provides mainframe-like features to Unix printing. New network features includes centralized printer and queue management that is transparent to users, direct addressing of terminal servers, and real-time monitoring of remote and local systems. LP Plus can print to and accept print requests from all network systems and devices that support the LPD/LPR protocol.

Product: MainWin Studio (MainWin XDE $5000 single-user license,)
Company: Mainsoft Corporation (Sunnyvale, CA)
Telephone: 800-MAINWIN (624-6946), (408) 774-3400
Fax: (408) 774-3404
Platforms: Solaris 1, Solaris 2 (SPARC and Intel), HP-UX, Digital Unix, IBM AIX, SGI IRIX, SCO Unix
Description: Consists of MainWin eXtended Development Environment 2.0 (XDE), MainWin Help, MainWin Test 3.0, and Visual SourceSafe for Unix 4.0. MainWin Studio is designed to be a single answer for all the challenges of cross platform development: a single souce code base for Windows multiple Unix platforms, a single set of test scripts, one version control system, unified documentation and a single set of help files.

Product: NetLOCK secure network communications software
Company: Hughes Aircraft Company (Fullerton, CA)
Telephone: (714) 732-2224
Fax: (714) 732-4155
Platforms: Sun, HP and UnixWare
Description: A software-only solution designed to protect the privacy of sensitive data, including EDI transactions across the Internet and other public networks. It provides end system authentication, integrity, and DES encryption of all data on the network. NetLOCK's patended automatic operation provides complete user transparency without modification of application software. Available for LAN Workplace in November, Macintosh System 7 in December, and Windows 3.1 and NetWare platforms in January, 1996.

Product: OneServer Software (Starts around $50,000.)
Company: CONNECT, Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (415) 254-4000 (800) 262-2638
Fax: (415) 254-4800
Platforms: Sun
Description: OneServer, Internet server software, provides administration and management capabilities for both systems and applications content and includes advanced functionality for targeted, one-to-one marketing. Other features include usage tracking, access control, and three integrated search mechanisms: textual, relational, and hierarchical. CONNECT also offers professional services to help with site design.

Product: PEEK ($200 to $2000 based on number of PEEKable Users)
Company: Computronics (Addison, IL)
Fax: (708) 941-7714
Platforms: SunOS4, Solaris2, DG/UX, Ultrix, OSF/1, Motorola, AIX, HP-UX, MIPS, IRIX and DYNIX
Description: Train/demo by displaying the same screen on multiple terminals. Data in the current buffers is displayed to allow diagnosis of problems after they have occurred. POKE Mode lets the operator type anything on behalf of another user. Supports any logged in user (except graphical X-Windows users).

Product: Quick Restore V2 network backup and recovery
Company: Workstation Solution, Inc. (Amherst, NH)
Telephone: (603) 880-0080
Fax: (603) 880-0696
Platforms: Sun, HP, IBM, ATT, Digital, SCO, Apollo, SGI
Description: Distributed computing software that enables automation of backup and restore functions for heterogeneous Unix computing environments. Includes support for industry standard tape formats, unattended 'lights-out' operation, seamless integration with robotic media handlers, and support for 4mm, 8mm, and DLT tape formats

Product: STW/Coverage 3.0 application development/test tool ($4125 for single license)
Company: Software Research, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)
Telephone: (800) 942-SOFT (415) 957-1441
Fax: (415) 957-0730
Platforms: Solaris 1, Solaris 2, HP-UX, AIX, Digital Unix, IRIX
Description: A next-generation product intended for developers and testers working on host-based, client/server, and embedded-product environments. Using recursive descent compiler technology, STW/Coverage 3.0 handles all standard constructs and the latest language enhancements to C and C++ and has the ability to do branch and call pair coverage in a single test run. It also provides users with multiple ways to look at coverage results through a variety of textual, graphical, and tabular reports. It is part of the integrated TestWorks multi-platform suite of coverage testing tools, and is also available for Ada, COBOL, and FORTRAN.

Product: Sysmaster for Unix (systems monitoring and management)
Company: LOAN SYSTEM (France (FTPO agent in Chicago, IL))
Telephone: (312) 222-1235
Fax: (312) 222-1237
Platforms: AIX, HP-UX, Solaris 1, Solaris 2, AT&T SVr4
Description: An administration package for heterogeneous networks. The Resource Manager provides features for real-time monitoring of more than 100 system parameters of Unix servers and workstations and the Event Manager monitors critical server events and stores a complete history of alerts that can be consulted by type, date, or priority.

Product: VCL-V VMEbus graphics board
Company: Peritek Corporation (Oakland, CA)
Telephone: (510) 531-6500
Fax: (510) 530-8563
Platforms: VME systems; Solaris 1, Solaris 2, OSF/1, Motorola's Unix, LynxOS, pSOS+, and OS-9
Description: This highly integrated VME board drives high-resolution analog and digital displays with 8-bit or 24-bit resolution. With hardware accelerated drawing features like VBLT and VFILL, writing speeds of up to 160 Mpixels/second can be achieved. On-board intelligence allows it to function with a resident X11R6 server or to run customer-developed, board-side applications. Other features: supports digital flat panels up to 1280 by 1024; 24-bit true color up to 1600 by 1280; 10 bit DACs; independent overlays; flexible video generator allowing connections to most current and older analog and digital displays.


Product: The Java Programming Language ($34.99)
Company: The Coriolis Group (Scottsdale, AZ)
Telephone: (602) 483-0192
Fax: (602) 483-0193
Description: Java promises to be the Internet programming language of the future with its built-in support for distributed programming, security, portability, and object-oriented development for the Internet. The Java Programming Language is designed to present the entire Java language and explain the unique Internet programming features that this language offers. Featured programming topics include how Java compares with C++, object-oriented programming with Java, Internet programming using a distributed language, and security. Available in December, 1995. (ISBN: 1-883577-77-2)

Product: VRML Explorer, by Tim Wegner ($54.99)
Company: The Coriolis Group (Scottsdale, AZ)
Telephone: (602) 483-0192
Fax: (602) 483-0193
Description: The Coriolis Group has teamed up with Tim Wegner, graphics expert, developer of popular imaging software POV-Ray and Fractint, and creator of the new PNG graphics format to produce an in-depth book on VRML (Virtual Reality Modeling Language). This book not only acts as a reference and tutorial for learning VRML, but it provides a highly conceptual presentation on creating 3D worlds. The book will feature the VRML 1.1 language specification along with techniques on adding VRML to World Wide Web pages, programming VRML applications, using powerful VRML tools, and creating interactive 3D scenes. Available in January 1996.(ISBN: 1-883577-74-8)

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Last updated: 1 October 1995

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