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Last updated 13 September, 1995


Sun, HP to support OpenGL 3D graphics API.
The support of the two largest workstation vendors should mean more 3-D apps as well as cheaper third-party hardware accelerators. (1,250 words)

64-bit Unix: Let's get together.
Unix vendors are backing a common approach to 64-bit operating systems. Here's why. (1,500 words)

Def Con report:
A the national hacker's convention in Las Vegas, a former CIA spy warns companies that don't secure their networks will face the wrath of shareholders. Also: "Spot the Fed" and other games. (1,500 words)

SIGGRAPH report:
Javatize! The view from the graphics show in LA, scene of the world's first Java BOF meeting -- though VRML did a better job of dazzling the (1,100 words)

TCP/IP update:
What's new with TCP/IP? Lots, if your work brings you in contact with PCs. (730 words)

What the C++ ANSI standard means to you
ANSI has proposed a standard C++, which promises to cure more headaches than aspirin. Here's what it means to programmers. (450 words)

Analysis: A CORBA update
Interoperable objects were promised and delivered at Object World in San Francisco. Will objects move into the enterprise? We step back and take a long hard look at where objects are heading. (2,800 words)

New products:
All of the SPARC- and Solaris-related new products that are fit to print.


Online money-making secrets
by Bill Kennedy and Jeanne Dietsch The first detailed survey by a market research firm has uncovered the rules that govern making money in this new marketplace. Plus sidebars on on the new electronic secure transactions technologies and traffic measurement products. (6,000 words including three sidebars)

The 80 percent solution
by Hal Stern Seeking perfection? It's not always possible, and it's rarely cost-effective, to reach for the ultimate algorithm. Real programmers use simulation, estimation, and approximation techniques to trade off time and resources for a close-enough right answer. (5,400 words)

Explaining RAID-5
by Brian Wong An in-depth look at the various levels of RAID mass storage, including RAID-5, and some guidance on which will best serve your data needs. (4,800 words)

How to build faster apps by Adrian Cockcroft
Performance guru Cockcroft highlights those aspects of a system that programmers can best control to affect system performance, and suggests tuning strategies. (5,200 words)


by Peter Galvin Get a grip on improving security with a security plan. (1,500 words)

by Hal Stern How applications use the Unix filesystem, plus a set of tips on improving filesystem performance. (3,800 words)

by Bill Rosenblatt Intelligent text indexing, search, and retrieval software will soon be a standard component in client/server tools. (2,700 words)

Software Tools
by Chuck Musciano Guidelines for choosing a software development methodology. (1,800 words)

Unix Enterprise
by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson How to support distributed, mission-critical databases. (1,600 words)

Career Advisor
by Edgar Saadi Does systems administration offer a future? Recruiter Saadi answers your letters about careers in Unix and open systems. (1,600 words)


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