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July  1995
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SunWorld Online offers the high-powered buyers highly desirable to technology advertisers. Rather than speculative audience projections and inflated guesses of hits, we're gathering hard data on our readership and their use of the first issues of SunWorld Online, using some of the latest readership-tracking software available.

Ads that sell
We're also designing an advertising package that offers you a choice of opportunities that can be customized to your marketing plans, whether you're a direct-response advertiser or are building corporate image. Not vague "sponsorships," but real ads that influence buyers and sell products.

Our readers want advertising, because they want to be kept informed of products, services, and companies that will help them solve problems and seize opportunities. Advertising that informs, persuades, and motivates SunWorld Online readers will, we believe, perform powerfully. We're preparing the proof -- you'll be hearing from us.

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As a public relations or marketing person looking at a new magazine covering your market, your first response is probably, "How am I going to get my client splashed across these pages?" The answer is contained in the collective worldview of SunWorld Online's editors:

  1. We want your new products announcements. Our readers tell us they are interested in learning about new products and enhancements to existing products. Please send press releases and media kits to or:

    New Products Editor

    SunWorld Online magazine

    501 Second St.

    San Francisco, CA 94107

  2. We cover SPARC and Solaris-related products and technologies. If it runs on SPARC or Solaris, or connects to SPARC or Solaris, our readers may be interested in your client's product. If it does not work with SPARC or Solaris, then our readers probably aren't interested.

  3. Sun Microsystems hosts SunWorld Online, but does not censor it. SunWorld Online's editors work for a division of IDG Communications, and are tasked to serve the needs of readers. Sun Microsystems does not approve stories appearing in SunWorld Online. Conversely, SunWorld Online's information is not official Sun information nor is Sun responsible for its contents.

  4. We don't cover deals, partnerships, acquisitions, promotions, or expansions. To be sure, the participants in these announcements find them important and interesting, but we find our readers are less enthusiastic.

  5. We rarely cover PC products. We cover hardware or software that allow PCs and Macintoshes to connect to SPARC or Solaris computers, or the data therein, or act as clients to Sun servers. We cover products relating to Solaris x86 (see No. 2 above).

  6. Product reviews? We conduct reviews and first impressions of software and selected hardware. Contact Mark Cappel if you have an idea for a review.

  7. We like e-mail. We think we offer better response to PR people who use e-mail instead of the telephone. 'Nuff said.

  8. We will offer an editorial calendar soon. Keep an eye on this page. As soon as we assemble a calendar we'll place it on this page. The neat thing about an on-line calendar is that it will be updated in real-time!

  9. We accept advertising. Send a message to if you are interested in placing advertisements in SunWorld Online.

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Last updated: 1 July 1995

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