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October  1995
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What does 64-bit computing mean to you?

HAL Computer released a 64-bit SPARC and Solaris-compatible computer line recently, and Sun Microsystems is expected to announce its own 64-bit computer soon. Sixty-four-bit computers, with a 64-bit operating system, can address datasets larger than the 4.2 gigabytes possible with 32-bit systems. Sun is expected to announce a 64-bit product line soon, but using a 32-bit OS that can't address larger datasets. Both new 64-bit systems are or will be much faster than Sun's existing product line.

Please answer the following questions to help us determine the extent to which your organization is interested in the 64-bit address capabilities of the new systems, aside from the usual speed issues, then select Submit Form.

  1. My organization uses 64-bit computers now:
    I don't know
  2. How important to you/your organization is the larger address space of a full 64-bit system/OS?
    Very important
    Somewhat important
    Not important now, maybe in the future
    Not important at all
  3. The additional addressing possible with 64-bit computing will be put to use as soon as possible by my organization:
    Agree Disagree I don't know
  4. How important to your/your organization is the higher speed of the new systems (aside from 64-bit-ness)?
    Extremely important - we're desperate!
    Somewhat important
    Not an issue for us
  5. How important are the faster SPARC systems to keeping you/your organization in the SPARC/Solaris camp in 1996?
    Too little too late - we're gone
    In the nick of time
    Not an issue -- we're not in danger of leaving
    Not an issue -- we're not in the SPARC/Solaris camp
  6. Are you/your organization using non-SPARC Unix systems?
    No, we're pretty much an all-SPARC shop
    Yes, mainly for performance reasons
    Yes, mainly for software reasons
    Yes, for experimentation/checking them out reasons
  7. Characterize your organization's use of SPARC computers in the next 12 months:
    Replace other workstations with SPARC
    Replace old SPARC with new SPARC
    Replace SPARC with Pentiums
    Replace SPARC with other RISC workstations
    I don't know
  8. In which categories in the next year will you be using the addressing capabilities available in 64-bit computing: (check all that apply)

    Mechanical drawing
    Circuit design
    Circuit simulation
    Finite element analysis
    Geographic Information Systems (GIS)
    Relational databases
    Data warehouses
    Banking/financial trading
    Financial simulation
    Biological research
    Weather forecasting
    Geological research
    Signal processing

  9. How will 64-bit systems change the way we use computers?
  10. Regarding SunWorld Online, how many stories do you read when visiting this magazine?
    One story 2 or 3 stories
    4 or 5 stories More than 5 stories

  11. When you read SunWorld Online, do you
    Usually print stories for later reading
    Read a few stories on paper and a few on-screen
    Read almost everything on-screen

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Last updated: 10 October 1995

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