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New products for the week of October 2nd

By John J. McLaughlin, FlashBack, Inc.

October  1995
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Product: PT-SBS600 Dual-attach, single-slot, SBus FDDI controller
Company: Performance Technologies, Inc. (Rochester, NY)
Telephone: (716) 256-0200
Platforms: Solaris 1 and 2
Description: A dual-attached, single-slot Fiber Distributed Data Interface (FDDI) LAN SBus adapter board. Previous dual-attach SBus FDDI designs occupied two slots and had to be connected to the FDDI ring via concentrators. The PT-SBS600 was designed to allow the SBus systems to connect directly to the FDDI backbone ring without concentrators. Dual-attachment offers a redundant path for high-availability applications.

Product: Quantum DLT2000XT tape drive
(list prices start at $4,200.)
Company: Quantum Corp. (Milpitas, CA)
Telephone: (800) 624-5545, (408) 894-4000
Platforms: most including Unix, IBM, other network servers, etc.
Description: The DLT2000XT promises a capacity of 30 GB compressed (15 GB native) and a claimed sustained data transfer rate of 2.5 MB/second (1.25 MB/second in native mode). Available immediately.

Product: RD10 pizza box-sized RAID subsystem
(6 GB - $12,595, 12 GB- $19,995 24 GB $29,995)
Company: Integrix, Inc. (Newbury Park, CA)
Telephone: (800) 300-8288, (805) 375-1055
Fax: (805) 375-2799
Platforms: Solaris 1 and 2, SPARC
Description: The RD10's pizza-box style enclosure design is based on the Integrix SPARC 5 and SPARC 20-compatible form factor. It is available in 6, 12 or 24 GB configurations. Supports RAID levels 0, 1, 3, 5 and 6.

Product: Raid Box 5300 Turbo disk subsystem
Company: Box Hill Systems Corp. (New York, NY)
Telephone: (212) 989-4455 (800) 727-3863
Fax: (212) 989-6817
Platforms: Sun, RS/6000, AIX, HP, SGI
Description: Allegedly achieves up to 4,500 i/os per second, and a total sustained throughput of more than 60 MB per second. Additionally, the 5300 turbo can accommodate capacities from 4 to 432 GB and support up to 512 MB of date cache. It can implement raid levels 5, 4, 1, 0+1 or 0.

Product: SuperCOMPstation 20 Models HS14 MP, HS22 MP, and HS22 SPARC workstations
(prices start at $16,620)
Company: Tatung Science & Technology, Inc. (Milpitas, CA)
Telephone: (800) 659-5902, (408) 383-0988
Fax: (408) 383-0886
Description: Standard configurations for the HS14MP, the HS22MP and the HS21 include a 20-inch color monitor, Turbo GX graphics, 32 MB of RAM, a 1.05 GB hard drive, and Solaris 2.

The four-processor SuperCOMPstation 20 Model HS14MP features up to four 100-MHz hyperSPARC CPUs, and estimated performances of 8,124 SPECrate_int92 and 8,906 SPECrate_fp92.

The two-processor SuperCOMPstation 20 Model HS22MP includes two 125-MHz hyperSPARC CPUs, and estimated performances of 5,600 SPECrate_int92 and 6,399 SPECrate_fp92.

The single-processor SuperCOMPstation 20 Model HS21 with a 125-MHz chip performs at an estimated rate of 131.2 SPECint_92 and 153 SPECfp_92.


Product: 4S-Report platform-independent GUI-based report creator
SuperNOVA 5.0 4GL
Company: Four Seasons Software (Edison, New Jersey. International: Bilthoven, Netherlands)
Telephone: (800) 949-0110
Fax: (508) 369-2106
Platforms: Solaris 1 and 2, Unix, Windows, Windows 95, Windows NT, DOS, OS/2, OpenVMS, VMS, IBM AS/400
Description: 4S-Report is a GUI-based version of Four Seasons Software's report writer. Administrators set up pre-defined views, relationships and access rights, as well as selection criteria, formats, fonts and templates. From within this environment, the user can use the Reporting Utility to produce and run WYSIWIG reports. By simply dragging and dropping, specific reports can be created from templates and all other elements defined for a user.

SuperNOVA 5.0 is a database-, platform-, and GUI-independent 4GL. The vendor claims it supports the rapid development of stand-alone applications as well as enterprise applications that run in multiple desktop environments in a three-tiered client/server architecture. The latest version of this technology allegedly supports the management of partitioned applications in a distributed environment, and enables users to drag and drop business objects and functions between clients and servers.

Product: EMPOWER load testing software
($50,000 for license to emulate 64 users with client/server)
Company: Performix, Inc. (McLean, VA)
Telephone: (703) 448-6606
Fax: (703) 893-1939
Platforms: Runs on all Unix, Windows, NT, OS/2 operating systems. Requires Unix machine to emulate any desired number of users.
Description: Load testing with EMPOWER provides insight about an application's behavior in multi-user mode, and promises to eliminate guesswork about quality, performance, and scalability by emulating users and subsequently analyzing the effect of these users on an application.

Product: Encina 2.0 DCE-based transaction processing monitor
($150 for single client; starts at $5,500 for server)
Company: Transarc Corp. (Pittsburgh, PA)
Telephone: (412) 338 4400
Fax: (412) 338 4404
Platforms: Solaris
Description: DCE-based transaction processing monitor for three-tier, enterprise-wide client/server environments. New version provides users with Encina++, for object-oriented development of Encina and DCE applications. Also includes a new administration tool for simple GUI-based system administration. In addition, Transarc claims to have improved Encina performance in the new release.

Product: CADleaf Graphic Workbench graphics utility
($495 Windows, $795 Unix)
FIGleaf Plus multi-format graphics viewer
Company: Electronic Book Technologies (EBT) (Providence, RI)
Telephone: (401) 421-9550
Fax: (401) 421-9551
Platforms: Solaris 1 and 2, SGI IRIX 5.x, HPUX 9.x, IBM AIX 3.x, Windows and Windows NT
Description: CADleaf Graphic Workbench provides "thumbnail" miniature renditions of large graphic files that, when clicked, display the full graphic in-line within a DynaText electronic book. Thumbnail replaces the previously used camera icon to indicate a graphic within a DynaText book. Thumbnail images are stored in a raster graphic format of choice, including JPEG, GIF, TIFF or SunRaster.

FIGleaf Plus multi-format graphics viewer for the World Wide Web adds import filters for several graphic file formats not supported in the free version of FIGleaf and provides enhanced user interface functionality for viewing and manipulating graphics. FIGleaf Plus supports import of a variety of graphic file formats including CGM, a pending vector graphics format for the Web, GIF, JPEG, SunRaster, TIFF, BMP, PPM, CALS Group 4 (I&II), EPSI, EPSF (raster preview), HPGL, HPGL2, DXF, C960, and C907. FIGleaf Plus is configured as a Web browser helper application. Helper applications, specified in Web browsers' Preferences area, are launched automatically when a browser encounters a format it does not support.

Product: GEAR 3.2 for Unix CD-Recordable software
($1,695 for GEAR Basic and $2,695 for the Multimedia version)
Company: Elektroson (American division of Elektroson, D.V., Netherlands) (Bala Cynwyd, PA)
Telephone: (800) 606-6116 (610) 617-0850
Fax: (610) 617-0856
Platforms: Solaris 1 and 2
Description: CD-recordable software offering a friendly drag-and-drop interface. GEAR includes several drivers for CD-recordable hardware drives.

Product: Helios EtherShare OPI 2.0 Open Prepress Interface
Company: Helios Software GmbH (Hannover, Germany)
Telephone: (408) 461-6061
Fax: (408) 461-6065 +49 511-3648269
Platforms: Data General, Digital, IBM, HP, Motorola, SGI, and Sun.
Description: EtherShare OPI (Open Prepress Interface) provides cross-platform support for Macintosh, DOS/Windows and Unix-based clients using layout applications which either comply with the Adobe/Quark OPI specifications or can handle EPSF and/or DCS images. The new version includes a flexible extension architecture that allows Helios and third parties to enhance EtherShare OPI's functionality; at the file-system level to access data transfers, at the file-format level to support a range of image formats, or at the color management and screening level to ease color matching.

EtherShare OPI 2.0 includes support for extra file formats including Scitex CT, DCS 2, and PhotoShop native formats. Supports CMYK, RGB, Lab, CIE-xyz and YCC color spaces that allows images to be kept in their original color spaces. Supports color management from layout, to proof print to final film output when working with documents created using the Helios ColorSync 2 XTension jointly announced by Helios and Linotype-Hell.

Product: NQE 2.1 network workload management software
Company: Cray Research, Inc.
Telephone: (800) BUY-CRAY (612) 683-5230
Platforms: SPARC/Solaris-compliant systems (Sun, Cray CS6400), IBM RS/6000, SGI, HP PA-RISC, DEC Alpha systems.
Description: Workload management software for network-wide load balancing, automatic job routing, event dependency, and guaranteed file transfer improve the efficiency of high performance networks without additional hardware. In addition to NQE's standard network clients and Unix server components, it has a Web-based client allowing Unix, PC, and Macintosh users with WWW browsers to use NQE services. NQE 2.1 adds new features including calendar management, job start on dataset arrivals, and operator alerts. Through the use of calendar management, a user or operations staff can schedule work to run on a calendar-driven schedule.

Product: NovaManage 6.2 workflow system ($45,000 for license of 10 concurrent user. additional $7,500 for customization tool)
Company: Novasoft Systems Inc. (Burlington, Mass.)
Telephone: (617) 221-0300
Fax: (617) 221-0465
Platforms: IBM AIX, Solaris 1 and 2, Digital OpenVMS, Digital Unix, HP-UX, Windows 3.1
Description: Document management and workflow system that allows users to distribute and manage documents, define workflows and access data within a single, unified application. Due to its object-oriented approach, NovaManage is customizable to meet individual company or departmental needs.

Product: Open Inventor and OpenGL graphics interface for ZX and TurboZX ($295 for OpenGL, free with Open Inventor)
Company: Portable Graphics (Austin, TX)
Telephone: (512) 719-8000
Fax: (512) 832-0752
Description: An implementation of OpenGL that takes advantage of Sun's ZX and TurboZX graphics accelerators and passes the OpenGL Architectural Review Board's conformance tests, including the GLX server requirements for interoperability. According to Portable Graphics, its product is the only OpenGL solution that supplies the GLX server for Sun SPARCstations.

OpenGL is an application programming interface for developing high-performance 2D and 3D graphics applications to support a range of computers. It is controlled by the OpenGL Architecture Review Board, a committee that defines conformance requirements that all implementations must meet to ensure application portability between hardware platforms.

Product: SecureWatch secure, highly available Internet gateway
(Total package price, including FireWall-1 is $26,895)
Company: Qualix Group, Inc. (San Mateo, CA)
Telephone: (800) 245-8649 or (415) 572-0200
Fax: (415) 572-1300
Platforms: Solaris 1 and 2, HP-UX 9.x
Description: Provides automatic failover management of all Internet-related services, such as FTP, e-mail, Web pages and security software, in case of system crash. SecureWatch combines FirstWatch, Qualix's high-availability software that provides failover management for systems, applications and services, with FireWall-1, the Internet security software from CheckPoint Software Technologies Inc., to create a combination that promises constant Internet access and security.

Product: SoftWindows 2.0 for Unix software-based PC emulator ($549)
Company: Insignia Solutions (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (508) 682-7600 (800) 848-7677
Platforms: All major Unixes, including DEC, HP, IBM, SGI and Sun
Description: SoftWindows 2.0 is a PC emulator for Unix computers that promises support of all Windows and DOS applications, including enhanced-mode Windows applications. Supports Novell NetWare, Microsoft LAN Manager/Windows NT Server, Banyan VINES and Unix file servers. Also includes WinSock support, enabling SoftWindows and Unix to use the same IP address, and supports both Ethernet and Token Ring networks.

Product: TILE WWW authoring tool for Lotus Notes
($4,995 for Solaris TILE)
Company: Walter Shelby Group Ltd. (Bethesda, Maryland)
Telephone: (301) 718-7840
Fax: (301) 654-3713
Platforms: Solaris 2.x, Windows 3.1/95/NT
Description: A World Wide Web authoring program for Lotus Notes.

Product: dbSpectrum and dbSpectrum/Reports database development tools
(starts at $2,500)
Company: Visix Software Inc. (Reston, Virginia)
Telephone: (800) 832-8668, (703) 758-8230
Fax: (703) 758-0133
Platforms: all Unix, Windows, Macintosh and MVS platforms
Description: According to Visix Software, Galaxy, dbSpectrum and dbSpectrum/Reports enable corporate developers to create complex, high-performance, distributed database applications. Connectivity to databases and report generators, joined with Galaxy's single source-code architecture, gives developers the tools to write enterprise-wide distributed applications on every platform and operating system.

Product: iCat Electronic Commerce Toolkit interactive catalog software
Company: Interactive Catalog Corp. (Seattle, Washington)
Telephone: (800) 558-4228
Fax: (206) 623-0477
Platforms: Cross-platform
Description: Tools for interactive catalogs that can be delivered on the Internet, CD-ROM, and print. These combine multimedia and relational database capabilities with an easy-to-use interface to create interactive catalogs that support thousands of products with a variety of text, sound, video, and animation.


Product: Computers and the Law symposium
(Full conference: $900; Sessions boths days: $350; 1 tutorial: $350; tutorial + sessions: $650; 1 day of sessions: $200. Discounts: $50 for SUG members, $100 for early registration (by October 13))
Company: Sun Users Group (Boston, MA)
Telephone: (617) 232-0514
Fax: (617) 232-1347
FlashBack: 1370
Description: As computers are utilized in more and more aspects of everyday life, the once distinct areas of technology, legislature, and law enforcement draw closer together. This unique technical conference provides a forum in which members of these three fields can meet to share experiences and ideas. The four day technical program (a day of tutorials, two days of talks, and another day of tutorials) will provide you with essential knowledge, whether your field is technical, legal, or law enforcement.

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Last updated: 4 October 1995

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