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[SunWorld June 1999 table of contents]
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New! Interview: Torvalds on Linux directions, open source by Elinor Mills Abreu, IDG News Service
Linus comes clean on plans for the kernel, filesystems, the business of open source, and more. (3,700 words)
Can Jini answer prayers for better storage? by Rick Cook
Sun's instant networking technology could be the solution to increasingly complex data management. (2,200 words)
0, 1, 0+1... RAID basics by Chuck Musciano
Get a quick tutorial on how these different RAID configurations work. (2,500 words)
Getting to know the Solaris filesystem, Part 2 by Richard McDougall
What factors influence filesystem performance? (7,300 words)
Can HotSpot jumpstart your Java applications? by Steven Brody
What Sun's new performance engine can do -- and what it can't. (1,800 words)

Top news stories

New! Sun, Microsoft spar over Java in hearing by Jack McCarthy, IDG News Service
Microsoft argues for 'protected expression'. (June 24, 1999)
Open source development grows with Linux by Jack McCarthy, IDG News Service
Linux's popularity spurs community, corporate innovation. (June 18, 1999)
Server appliances: Can NT make the squeeze? by Steven Brody
Plug and play, single-function servers could change the hardware and software landscape. (June 18, 1999)
A glimpse at the USENIX Technical Conference by Vicki Brown
USENIX and Unix -- then and now. (June 18, 1999)
Updated! New Product Briefs by Kane Scarlett
June 25: IBM Suites for Solaris adds EnlightenDSM; Magma Design Automation adds support for Solaris 7; Exabyte launches gigantic X200 library; Innosoft builds a better LDAP server; 4 solid state, Solaris-ready storage systems from Solid Data; and more.
June 21: teleSys MACH7 designed for speedy SS7 deployment; ISS deploys the ultimate intrusion-detection system; Tatung intros new 440-MHz SPARC system; ASC RemoteSHADOW disaster recovery now for Solaris; 8x8 offers Java-based telephony app devkit.
June 14: Sun introduces ChorusOS/Solaris-based embedded telecom system; Siemens runs advanced intelligent network on UltraSPARCs; JRun Web-app devkit now bundled with Red Hat Linux 6.0; Tadpole-RDI outfits flying command centers with SPARC/Solaris solutions.
June 7: Cisco 3500 high-speed stacking switches; Dev edition of Chili!Soft ASP is free; Informix adds Solaris port to Red Brick warehouse DB; Znyx builds Solaris drivers for PCI, cPCI adapters.
June 1: Sun, Netscape meld products into one app server; Lucent www.messenger lets remote users grab voice, fax, e-mail in one shot; Moscape adds predictability to submicron IC designs; and more.


Career Advisor: On-the-job training offers reader a golden opportunity by Edgar Saadi
Edgar comments on finding your own way through new technology. (1,200 words)
Updated! Regular Expressions: PHP and JavaScript make easy work of hard problems by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
Speakers at Eighth World Wide Web Conference demonstrate solutions. Plus the June 15 installment: Unraveling threads -- New releases of Perl and Tcl are making threads programming easier. (2,400 words)
Silicon Carny: Mac OS X -- Raising the bar by Rich Morin
What makes life with Mac so sweet? (1,500 words)
Bill's Bookshelf
Bill's Bookshelf: The 'other' billionaire by Bill Rosenblatt
Oracle's Larry Ellison revealed. (2,400 words)

IT Architect: XML and the IT architect by Jonathan Rich
What is this new technology all about and how does it affect enterprise and application architectures? (5,700 words)

More news

The Internet Files
New! The Internet Files: The network is the story -- News on the latest Internet standards and struggles
New Internet address registration system delayed. Encryption bill gets approved. U.S. forum debates Net taxes. (4 stories posted)

Updated! SunSpots: The latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news
SQL databases come to Java smartcards. JavaOne conference: Sun brings Java to 3Com's Palm and announces Jini services. (7 stories posted)

Eye on the competition
Updated! Eye on the Competition: Up-to-the-minute news on Sun's rivals
SuSE eyes IPO. Microsoft says it still wants licensing deal with Bristol. HP unveils 'Freeze Dried' Java software. (7 stories posted)

JavaOne: Sun pushes Java for consumers by James Niccolai, IDG News Service
Sun shows of new JavaTV API and three-tiered architecture for Java 2. (June 15, 1999)
IBM adds Java and XML messaging, JVM for Linux by James Niccolai, IDG News Service
IBM says XML "growing faster than Java". (June 14, 1999)
USENIX: Apple warms up to BSD by Steven Brody
Licensing issues may come between Linux and Apple. (June 14, 1999)
Late to the game: Microsoft's app server strategy by Steven Brody
Does Microsoft have a strategy for the emerging application hosting market? (June 1, 1999)
Major Y2K problems expected in Latin America by Juan Carlos Perez, IDG News Service
Only a fraction of government agencies and private industry will be ready. (June 1, 1999)
Jiniology: Jini -- New technology for a networked world by Bill Venners
How Jini raises the level of abstraction for distributed systems programming. (2,000 words)
Webmaster: Implementing ad software on your site, Part 2 by R. Allen Wyke
With the selection and evaluation processes out of the way, Allen helps you to focus on the implementation details. (2,000 words)
Inside Solaris: Priorities revisited by Jim Mauro
How thread priorities are altered by user-level interfaces. (5,000 words)
Wizard's Guide to Security: Setting up sendmail on a firewall, Part 3 by Carole Fennelly
Learn about special situations and testing techniques. (4,400 words)
Updated! Pete's Super Systems: Spreading the wealth by Peter Baer Galvin
Helpful systems administration hints from around the Net. (1,300 words)
Connectivity: What is RAID? by Rawn Shah
And what can it do for your network? (2,700 words)
Unix 101: Getting started with Perl, Part 2 by Mo Budlong
Tricks for calling Perl functions by reference. (3,000 words)


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