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Product: NuSwitch 224c Hub - hybrid 10Base-T Hub & Fast Ethernet switch
Company: Network Peripherals (Milpitas, CA)
Telephone: (408) 321-7300
Fax: (408) 321-9218
URL: http://www.npix.com
Platforms: 10Base-T, Ethernet
Description: A hybrid 10Base-T Hub & Fast Ethernet switch which integrates the equalvalent of four 10Base-T clusters or hubs ach supporting 6 Ethernet ports, with two Fast Ethernet uplink segments. The four 0Base-T clusters are fully switched. Provides a cost-effective migration path for existing 10Base-T users by supporting their existing network topology and providing a switched architecture for Fast Ethernet access to local servers, a high-speed backbone and/or increased Ethernet bandwidth for single desktop users. Designed to support the scaling bandwidth demands of today's high-performance client/server network infrastructure and collapsed backbone networks. The FE-224c is a full-featured intelligent 10/100 switching hub that complies with IEEE802.3 and IEEE802.3u Fast Ethernet standards. It provides two full-duplex 100Base-TX switching ports and 24 10Base-T ports, clustered in four integrated10Base-T repeaters. All switching ports feature a wire-speed learning function and a 4,096 MAC address learning table. NPI's parallel store-and-forward architecture makes it possible for delivery of throughput of 148,800 packets per second on the two 100Base-T ports and 14,880 pps on the four 10Base-T switching segments.

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