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Product: EL-16 EtherLite Port Server - adds serial ports to an Ethernet TCP/IP network ($1,395)
Company: Central Data Corporation (Champaign, IL)
Telephone: (800) 482-0315, (217) 359-8010
Fax: (217) 359-6904
E-mail: markd@cd.com
URL: http://www.cd.com
Platforms: Ethernet, TCP/IP
Description: Blends the control and performance of local ports with the convenience of an Ethernet connection. Since the ports are "real" serial devices, they aren't weighed down by the bulky protocols supported by traditional Ethernet terminal servers. The result is a much easier configuration, less Ethernet congestion, and a much lower cost per port. 16 asynchronous serial ports (RJ-45), supporting rates up to 115K baud. Multiplexes multiple ports on single TCP session, minimizing Ethernet traffic. LED indicators for power and 10BASE-T Ethernet link. Full modem control and hardware/software flow control on all ports. Stackable design allows the use of multiple units--all connectors on front and rear panels. Surge protection provided on all serial lines for increased reliability. FLASH memory for instant field upgradability. Five-year warranty. 30-day free trial. Software Update Service keeps you up-to-date. Complete, easily-installed software drivers for Windows NT and RISC- based UNIX.

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