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Product: LabVIEW - graphical programming software for virtual instrumentation
Company: National Instruments (Austin, TX)
Telephone: (512) 794-5426
Fax: (512) 794-8411
E-mail: erin.nelson@natinst.com
URL: http://www.natinst.com
Platforms: Sun, HP, Windows, Windows NT, Macintosh, PowerMac
Description: Extensive and robust programming and control GUI environment generator for creating control and interaction interfaces for data acquisition hardware from Suns, HPs, PCs, Macs and PowerMacs. Interfaces, control programs, partial and complete libraries, Virtual Instrumentation models, and samples are availale from NI's WWW site and BBS. Data exchange via TCP/IP, piping, DDE, Apple Events, and PPCs. Programming by drag-and-drop "wiring" from icons and objects and on-screen controls ranging from from simple arithmetic functions, to advanced acquisition and analysis routines, to network and file I/O operations, creating a graphical block diagram of data flow that controls execution operations. Because the execution order in LabVIEW is determined by the flow of data between blocks, and not by sequential lines of text, diagrams can be created that have simultaneous operations. VI diagrams are modular in design, so any VI can run by itself or be used as part of another VI, and can be black-boxed to be treated as another standard object.

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