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Product: C LBP 360PS - Color Laser Beam Printer ($12,500)
Company: Canon USA (Lake Success, NY)
Telephone: (516) 328-5145
URL: http://www.usa.canon.com
Platforms: TCP/IP, Novell IPX, EtherTalk
Description: Color laser beam printer with resolution of 600 by 600 dpi at 3 pages per minute in color or 12 pager per minute for black and white. Has a built-in Fiery XJE PostScript Controller, 64-bit, 100 MHz CPU with 32 MB RAM and proprietary ASIC chips for color printing optimization. Max color output is 16.7 million colors. Remote job accounting or control friom any workstation and advanced spooling and queing for networking environments. Utilizes auto-sensing ports and auto-switching protocols for simultaneous support of TCP/IP, EtherTalk, and Novell IPX. Comes with a 250-sheet cassette for up to letter size and a 100-sheet bypass tray.

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