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[SunWorld January 1999 table of contents]
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Solaris and Windows NT: The odd couple gets cozy by Rick Cook
Mixed environments force Sun and Microsoft to make a valiant effort at compatibility. (3,000 words)
The return of BSD by Greg Lehey
What are the BSD flavors and why might you use them? (3,000 words)
Can you get Unix print services on par with mainframe print management? by Chuck Musciano
When it comes to printing, Unix just doesn't measure up to the mainframe. What can you do about it? (2,600 words)

Top news stories

Compaq intros new Alpha workstation, rebrands Digital Unix as Tru64 by Steven Brody
Will Alpha and Tru64 share the same fate? (February 1, 1999)
McNealy sees new ISP role in networked world by Mary Lisbeth D'Amico, IDG News Service
Sun CEO predicts ISPs will take over enterprise-run services. (January 28, 1999)
Sequent announces Project Monterey milestones by Steven Brody
The battle for Unix on Intel heats up (January 27, 1999)
Sun execs hawk Jini's ease of use by James Niccolai, IDG News Service
Lavish event expected to build momentum and spark innovation for Sun's technology. (January 25, 1999)
IDC: Need for scale drives midrange servers, low end slows down by Elizabeth Heichler, IDG News Service
Sun leaps into fourth place at the entry level. (January 20, 1999)
New Product Briefs by Kane Scarlett
January 25: Legato SmartMedia 1.2 manages mixed media and milieu; Secure e-mail, browsers from ValiCert; Synertech catalog manager links ColdFusion, Net.Commerce, DB2 Universal; Informix i.Reach extends usefulness of corporate documents; and more.
January 15: ISS RealSecure 3.0 delivers dual-level intruder detection, New Tatung units break 400-MHz barrier, CL delivers entire bookstore to Sun's desktops, and more.
January 7: Intel's P-II Xeon supports Solaris with larger cach, Chase crafts 8-port PCI multimodem card, Siliware offers Jini forum, and more.
January 4: SynQuest's supply chain mgmt system available for Solaris, Blue Lobster serves up Stingray 1.8 legacy data connection. BackBone chops out some development coding, and more.


Career Advisor: Should I stay or should I go? by Edgar Saadi
Weighing your options and talking honestly with your boss. Plus: You say you want more money from your startup? (1,500 words)
Regular Expressions: Do-it-yourself benchmarking by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
A look at scripting performance and project feasibility. And the January 15 installment: Tim O'Reilly talks about "infoware." (1,400 words)
New Column!
Silicon Carny: Welcome to the midway! by Rich Morin
Rich has his eye on the Perl Usage Survey. (1,000 words)
Bill's Bookshelf: Organizing your way out of the corporate paper bag by Bill Rosenblatt
Roger Fisher and Alan Sharp offer self help for IT leaders. (3,700 words)
IT Architect: Application design with patterns by Mark Stason
Which object-oriented design patterns best respond to today's ever-changing business architecture? (2,500 words)
Letters to the Editor: 'Misconceptions, errors, and unfair comparisons,' Oh my!
Craig Knudsen defends and clarifies his servlets vs. CGI/Perl article; an SCO rep debates SunWorld Editor Steven Brody's assessment that Unix fears Linux; Adrian Cockcroft on DNLC performance; and Jim Mauro revisits semaphores.

More news

SunSpots: The latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news
Sun joins security alliance. Sun cuts prices on workstation and server products. MS/DOJ: MS to see AOL-Netscape-Sun papers. (11 stories posted)

Eye on the competition
Eye on the Competition: Up-to-the-minute news on Sun's rivals
HP offers services for Red Hat LinuxSequent intros new midrange server line. Microsoft cuts thin-server prices by half. SGI unveils new Windows NT workstations. (5 stories posted)

The Internet Files
The Internet Files: The network is the story -- News on the latest Internet standards and struggles
ISOC France: Virtual senate decides Internet law. (1 story posted)

IDC: Windows NT workstations beating out Unix by Steven Brody
More NT workstations bring overall workstation volume up, revenue down (January 20, 1999)
Sun scores in real-time Java debate by Marc Ferranti, IDG News Service
Real-time Java standards process still controlled by Sun -- for now. (January 15, 1999)
Samba Windows-Unix tool is updated by Juan Carlos Pérez, IDG News Service
Web-based admin capabilities added. (January 15, 1999)
Sun announces support for Java TV API for digital interactive TV by Steven Brody
Sun wants Java to set the standard for applications in the growing set-top and embedded markets. (January 14, 1999)
IBM, HP, Compaq ally to push new I/O standards by Steven Brody
Big Blue and company react quickly to Intel's bid for high-end server market (January 13, 1999)
Sun launches telecom products, business unit by Marc Ferranti
New Network Systems unit geared towards telcos. (January 12, 1999)
Sun and partners announce progress in Solaris to Merced port by Steven Brody
When Merced shows, Sun expects to beat Microsoft, IBM, and SCO to the punch. (January 11, 1999)
Tadpole-RDI tries to breathe new life into portable Unix by Steven Brody
The merger of portable Unix's only surviving champions. (January 8, 1999)
CES: Microsoft fires back at Sun's Jini by James Niccolai, IDG News Service
MS Universal Plug and Play to rival Jini. (January 8, 1999)
Gartner Group pans IBM-SCO alliance by Steven Brody
Analysts predict few positive prospects for Unix united under AIX. (January 5, 1999)
Inside Solaris: The Solaris process model, Part 5 by Jim Mauro
A guided tour through the kernel dispatcher. (3,000 words)
Performance Q&A: Disk tracing revisited by Adrian Cockcroft
Let taz do the tough stuff for you. (2,300 words)
New Column!
Wizard's Guide to Security: Creating a basic padded cell by Carole Fennelly
A tutorial with sample scripts. (3,800 words)
New Column!
Pete's Super Systems: Data depots -- Managing data storage by Peter Baer Galvin
Find your best data storage option and set it up right. (2,400 words)
Connectivity: Building a reliable NT server, Part 1 by Rawn Shah
Choose the right hardware and peripherals to help prevent NT from living up to its reputation. (3,000 words)
Unix 101: Date arithmetic, Part 3 by Mo Budlong
The last few tools you need to calculate yesterday's date. (2,100 words)


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