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SunWorld Online New Products - July

New products for the week of December 1

By John J. McLaughlin, FlashBack, Inc. flash@flashback.com.

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Product: CD-R55S - 4X12 CD-Recordable drive
Company: TEAC America (San Jose, CA)
Telephone: (213) 726-0303
Fax: (213) 727-7672.
E-mail: info@teac.com
URL: http://www.teac.com
Platforms: Windows 3.1x, Windows 95, Windows NT, UNIX and Macintosh
Description: CD-Recordable drive equipped with a power loading tray. Features 4X write, 12X read and 165 ms average access time. Supports CD-ROM standards such as 8 cm or 12 cm disks, Audio CD, CD-ROM mode 1 and mode 2, XA ready, CD-I, multi-session Photo CD, Video CD and Enhanced CD. It writes 650 Mb of information in approximately 15 minutes and reads all CD-ROM formats at 12X speed. The drive supports packet-writing software, as well as CD-R mastering software programs, including: CeQuadrat WinOnCD 3.0, Adaptec Easy CD Pro, Elektroson GEAR, NTI CD-Maker and Astarte Toast.

Product: T5-2600, 640s, and MX335 - 5.25" drive, 3.5" drive, and 3.5" jukebox
Company: Maxoptix Corporation (Fremont, CA)
Telephone: (510) 353-9700, (800) 848-3092
Fax: (510) 353-1845
E-mail: info@maxoptix.com
URL: http://www.maxoptix.com
Platforms: PC, Macintosh or UNIX
Description: Magneto-optical (MO) disk drives -- all with a direct-overwrite technology which effectively doubles the write speeds. The T5-2600 is a 5.25" drive, the 640s is a 3.5" drive, and the MX335 is a 3.5" jukebox. At 3,868 RPM, the T5-2600 achieves a sustained read/write transfer rate of 4.3 Mb/sec and a burst transfer rate of 10 Mb/sec. The high-speed drive is compatible with 2.6 Gb, 1.3 Gb, 650 Mb as well as Maxoptix' exclusive 1.0 Gb (rewriteable, CCW WORM and LIMDOW) media. The 640s 3.5" multifunction drive performs at speeds equivalent to a 20x CD-ROM. For applications such as multimedia, CAD/CAM, desktop publishing, imaging, and data base storage and retrieval, the ISO-compliant drive is compatible with 640 Mb, 540 Mb, 230 Mb and 128 Mb DOW and non-DOW media. Based on the 640s, the MX335 is a 3.5" multifunction MO library with a capacity of 22 Gb. The jukebox is for SOHO (Small Office, Home Office), small LANs and single-user environments. For high-capacity desktop applications such as document imaging, video and sound editing, color publishing, CAD/CAM, and Web page authoring.


Product: Agile jWorkplace - product data management (PDM) system
Company: Agile Software Corporation (San Jose, CA)
Telephone: (408) 975-3900
Fax: (408) 271-4862
E-mail: info@agilesoft.com
URL: http://www.agilesoft.com
Platforms: Java
Description: SAN JOSE, CA -- A product data management (PDM) system, certified by Sun as "100% Pure Java". The certification process ensures independent software vendors (ISVs), corporate developers, and end-users that a product is truly platform independent. Basically, a pure Java program is one that relies only on the documented and specified Java platform. That means no native methods, no external dependencies aside from the Java Core application programming interfaces (APIs). This means that the Agile jWorkplace software suite passed JavaSoft compliance testing. The product can be deployed as an extranet application, opening up the manufacturing enterprise doors to its supply chain and customers, regardless of their locations and their computing environment.

Product: Calypso Wireless System - e-mail package for mobile and wireless computing ($179.95)
Company: Micro Computer Systems, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
Telephone: (800) 886-4923
E-mail: info@mcsdallas.com
URL: http://www.mcsdallas.com
Description: Calypso Wireless is an industry-standard SMTP, POP3 e-mail package optimized for mobile and wireless computing. Offering a transparent, fully featured e-mail system for mobile clients or for those in the field, the Calypso Wireless System is also the first wireless e-mail package to allow users to access and manage multiple accounts from a single mailbox. Calypso Wireless runs over Ardis, RAM, CDPD or other networks in conjunction with IBM's eNetwork ARTour software. This optimizes mobile data communications across wireless and wireline networks, while providing network independence. Client features: Sends and receives e-mail in a duplex mode; Embeds hot links for instant access to Web and e-mail addresses; Downloads headers only, entire message, or a variable number of lines in a message; An auto-response feature notifies senders that messages have been downloaded by the mobile client, thus eliminating uncertainty that the message got through; Acts as a default e-mail program for web browsers; Previews messages with MessagePreview; Personalizes mass mailings with the Blind Send feature; Imports address books from other e-mail programs and allows address book customization; Provides advanced filtering, allowing mail to be filtered into mailboxes, accounts or folders, as designated; Offers automatic response to incoming mail, spell checking, unlimited signatures, word wrap and other features; and Presents user-friendly installation and configuration wizards. Calypso Wireless Gateway runs as a Java application on almost any server in the office or LAN environment.

Product: ClearSpace - Java component set
Company: Plexstar, Inc. (Fairfax, VA)
Telephone: (703) 246-9640
Fax: (703) 246-9647
E-mail: rg@plexstar.com
URL: http://www.plexstar.com
Platforms: Java
Description: The ClearSpace Java component set is used for building Java-based mapping, facilities management and graphical intranet applications. Written in 100% Pure Java. Builds a mapping, diagramming or graphics front end. Applications include building an intranet-based mapping system for use by field personnel or salespeople who access it from a handheld, desktop or portable computer running a Java-enabled browser.

Product: CyberScheduler - Web-based calendaring and scheduling product ($100 per user)
Company: CrossWind Technologies, Inc. (Santa Cruz, CA)
Telephone: (408) 469-1780
Fax: (408) 469-1750
E-mail: info@crosswind.com
URL: http://www.crosswind.com
Platforms: Apache, Netscape Enterprise Server
Description: A Web-based calendaring and scheduling product, CyberScheduler, deployed across corporate Intranets and enterprise networks. Provides thin-client Web technology built on a real-time scheduling engine to deliver Intranet scheduling to any size organization -- from workgroups to global enterprises. Organizations can deploy a calendaring and scheduling solution on corporate Intranets that includes Internet access for remote employees. Users access enterprise scheduling functionality through their Internet browser, such as Netscape Navigator or Microsoft Internet Explorer. The product provides a library of advanced features, including Web access, native cross-platform clients for enterprise-wide deployment, cross-platform servers for multi-platform environments and system administration tools. It provides a graphical browser-driven interface that can be used enterprise-wide in conjunction with multi-platform Synchronize client software for Windows, Macintosh, Motif and ASCII. CyberScheduler supports any commercially available HTTP server such as Apache or Netscape Enterprise Server.

Product: Embedded Eiffel - multi-threading and memory management for embedded apps
Company: ISE Inc. (Goleta, CA)
Telephone: (805) 685-1006
Fax: (805) 685-6869
E-mail: info@eiffel.com
URL: http://www.eiffel.com/announcements/embedded.html
Platforms: Windows NT, Windows 95, HP-UX, Solaris, SunOS, SGI, AIX,
Description: Embedded Eiffel is an enhanced version of Eiffel 4 which combines multi-threading and automatic memory management for embedded and real-time applications. Satisfies performance and safety constraints while benefitting from object technology's speed, reusability, small RAM footprint, and bug-free performance. Extends the ISE Eiffel 4 environment with a number of mechanisms of direct use for embedded system developers. They include: the full EiffelBench object-oriented development environment with its mechanisms for compilation, C generation, C and C++ interfaces, browsing, debugging, documentation and optimization, as well as libraries and CASE tools; a specifically tailored version of the ISE Eiffel runtime designed to minimize the footprint (memory occupation); a version of ISE Eiffel 4 that runs on Windriver's VxWorks operating system for host-to-target development and debugging; a special version of ISE Eiffel's garbage collector, enabling embedded applications to minimize the use of critical memory resources, much more efficiently than with traditional manual memory management techniques; and a set of flexible utilities to monitor memory usage and control garbage collection.

Product: J-POP Server - retrieves e-mail using Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3) ($125)
Company: Rossi Engineering (Franklin, MA)
Telephone: (508) 520-0449
E-mail: bill@rossi.com
URL: http://www.rossi.com, http://www.bmtmicro.com/catalog/jpop.html
Platforms: Java
Description: J-POP Server allows remote users to retrieve e-mail using the standard Post Office Protocol version 3 (POP3). This Server is entirely written in Java, so it will run on any system that supports Java 1.0.2 or higher. Additional security is built-in. J-POP can be configured to deny access to all Internet hosts except those explicitly allowed. J-POP also supports the APOP authentication mechanism so that users don't have to send their passwords over the network. An adminstrator can add, delete and modify users, change configuration options on the server, and update which hosts are allowed to access the server. Complies with all of the Internet Engineering Task Force's (IETF) specifications for POP3. This includes RFC1939, RFC1725, RFC1460, RFC1225, and RFC1081. All optional POP3 commands specified in RFC1939 are supported, and can be individually enabled or disabled. This provides control over how the server interacts with clients. The supplied documentation describes each of these options in detail. J-POP Server is distributed as shareware through BMT Micro (http://www.bmtmicro.com). Unregistered version supports up to 5 users Registered version supports an unlimited number of users.

Product: LinkScan version 3.1 - automatic link validator ($495.00 per server)
Company: Electronic Software Publishing Corporation (Elsop) (Gardnerville, NV)
E-mail: info@elsop.com
URL: http://www.elsop.com/linkscan/
Platforms: Windows NT 4.0, UNIX systems
Description: Up to 30% of the external links on most Websites are broken, with missing files, orphaned pages, and faulty mailto addresses. But most Webmasters don't regularly check their sites for these problems. A link validator tests every link on a Website. LinkScan runs on any Unix or NT server and with virtually any browser on any platform. It has been used successfully on Websites with over 80,000 pages and more than 50,000 external links. It checks external links at a rate exceeding 40,000 links per hour. LinkScan sets up all directories and permissions and builds the configuation file automatically.

Product: Network Ease, Manage Ease - Development and management of Internet/Java distributed apps (Manage Ease - $495 per developer seat)
Company: Visual Edge Software Ltd. (Cupertino, CA)
Telephone: (408) 973-7823
Fax: (408) 973-7250
E-mail: info@visualedge.com
URL: http://www.visualedge.com
Platforms: Windows 95
Description: Network Ease for Applets makes Internet distributed computing as easy as moving a file; 2) Network Ease for OLE enables OLE developers to gain the benefits of 100% pure Java distributed computing; 3) Network Ease for Java lets Java server developers add distributed computing to their classes without any special coding; and Manage Ease for OLE enables OLE developers to add application management to their Windows applications by writing a single line of code. With Network Ease, mainstream developers can create Internet-aware applets and applications, without having to learn the 'black art' of distributed computing. Manage Ease helps OLE developers create manageable applications, enabled for remote monitoring, control and measurement by all leading systems management tools via the industry-standard SNMP protocol - by adding a single line of code.

Product: PARTS for Java 2.0 - Complete Java Application Development Solution ($149)
Company: ObjectShare / ParcPlace-Digitalk, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA)
Telephone: (408) 481-9090
E-mail: info@objectshare.com
URL: http://www.objectshare.com
Platforms: Windows 95
Description: PARTS for Java 2.0 is a visual Java application development environment. Creates distributed Java applets and applications by providing a visual programming environment for the delivery and maintenance of Internet applications. New features include CORBA (Common Object Request Broker) support, JavaBeans support, a pure Java graphical debugger and a complete Project Manager with a Delivery Assistant. Includes JDBC (Java Database Connect) support and jKit/Grid 1.1, a series of 100% Java components that allow users to build grids, tables and hierarchical table UIs (User Interfaces) for use in applets and applications. PARTS 2.0 supports building distributed Java applications using RMI. With the RMI Wizard, PARTS for Java 2.0 generates new components that can be utilized in the Visual Designer to quickly create Java-to-Java distributed applications. PARTS' 100% Java graphical debugger debugs multi-threaded and remote applications. The Project Manager organizes all files associated with a development project. PARTS' Visual Designer facilitates the construction of applets and applications by utilizing a drag-and-drop method of deployment. The Class Master Browser allows developers to manage all files associated with a Java development project. jKit/Grid 1.1 is a set of Java components that provide grid, table and hierarchical table UIs for Java applets and applications. Also included is a trial version of Sybase's jConnect and Thought, Inc.'s CocoBase Free, providing JDBC support.

Product: ServiceWatch - real-time network and Web server performance & availability monitor
Company: Del Mar Solutions, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)
Telephone: (650) 328-5116
Fax: (650) 328-0303
E-mail: ServiceWatch@Delmarsol.COM
URL: http://www.delmarsol.com
Platforms: SPARC Solaris 2 system
Description: The ServiceWatch family of network service products includes ServiceWatch for OpenView, ServiceWatch SNMP, and ServiceWatch for SunNet Manager. These products monitor the response time, performance, availability and health of all standard network services (including Web servers) in real time. System administrators, network managers and Webmasters use ServiceWatch to automatically monitor their network servers and Web servers for performance and availability problems. When problems occur, ServiceWatch notifies administrators before critical problems disrupt the network and interrupt users and applications. A slow or down Web server causes network clients frustration and loss of productivity and revenue. A failed DNS server can effectively freeze a network. ServiceWatch can be used to monitor network services such as DNS, FTP and Web servers, and notify network managers when problems occur. This allows problems to be corrected before response time or service availability becomes an issue. ServiceWatch monitors all standard network services: FTP (file transfer), DNS, Mail (SMTP), GOPHER, News (NNTP), TELNET, WAIS as well as Web Servers. ServiceWatch can be used on both Internet and intranet networks.

Product: ShopSite Manager v3 - secure online store creation and management application ($495)
Company: ICentral
Telephone: (801) 373-4347
E-mail: info@icentral.com
URL: http://www.icentral.com/
Platforms: Solaris/SPARC Web servers
Description: ShopSite Manager v3 is a secure online store creation and management application. It includes tools for page creation and management, for products, taxes and shipping options creation and management, produces a sales and traffic report, provides secure encrypted transactions and captures online order and payment information. Web site designers and host service providers benefit from the back office interface, which enables merchants to make day-to-day maintenance changes on products and pricing without calling their service provider. The product is flexible enough to enable Web developers to create custom looking sites. The product is underpinned by the Shopsite database. It enables merchants to make their own day-to-day merchandising changes to products, pages and pricing.

Product: Simplicity H.323 - desktop video teleconferencing product ($2995.00 to $9995.00)
Company: Paradise Software, Inc. (Jamesburg, NJ)
Telephone: (609) 655-0016
Fax: (609) 655-0045
E-mail: support@paradise.com
URL: http://www.paradise.com
Platforms: Sun Solaris, HP-UX 10.20, Windows NT
Description: Simplicity H.323 is a standards-compliant desktop video teleconferencing product for Sun SPARCstations and Hewlett-Packard workstations. The product is based on the H.323 standard for video conferencing over LAN networks, so it interoperates with other vendors' H.323-compliant video teleconferencing products, including Microsoft's NetMeeting. JAVA applets support functions such as an on-line phone book, a calendar for scheduling/joining announced conferences, a message tool that keeps track of missed conference invitations, and a preferences tool to manage network, video, audio, and other system settings. It can also switch between conferencing modes. Depending upon the mode used, it has support for decentralized multipoint conferencing, which provides the ability to listen to up to 32 simultaneous video/audio conferences or broadcasts, using thumbnail videos and full audio capability. Support for centralized multipoint mode for H.323 conferencing can be achieved via an external MCU. In addition to interoperability with other H.323 products, Simplicity H.323 supports several extensions, including a Motion-JPEG Extension, Native ATM Extension, IETF Session Directory Protocol (SAP/SDP) Extension, and JAVA Conferencing Advanced Programming Interface (API) Extension. Kits come bundled with software, a video codec, color CCD camera, and uni-directional microphone. Video codecs supported are the Multimedia Access Osprey 1000/1100 codecs and the Parallax Graphics PVC/Xtra family of video codecs.

Product: SnapShot - Online Backup Technology
Company: Programmed Logic Corporation (Somerset, NJ)
Telephone: (732) 302-0090
Fax: (732) 302-1903
E-mail: info@plc.com
URL: http://www.plc.com
Platforms: Solaris x86 and SPARC, releases 2.4, 2.5, and 2.5.1; HPUX
Description: SnapShot, an online backup technology, will be included in Invincible's new LIFELINE 2000 high availability and fault tolerant NFS, CIFS and application-specific server solutions for mission-critical client/server environments. The integration of SnapShot will enable LIFELINE 2000 users to backup and restore server data with full integrity while files are open and in use by other applications on the enterprise. Online backup functions address two major challenges facing systems administrators: implementing system backups without shutting down the server and causing user downtime; and ensuring the data integrity of files which must remain open during the backup process. Programmed Logic's backup product group contains a number of modules that provide users with a variety of options for online backup and archiving of mission-critical information in an enterprise, including: SnapShot - backs up any file system online, without support from the underlying file system. DB/SnapShot - same as SnapShot but works as a device driver to backup the raw partition for databases online. 3D Archive - archives files for any existing file system. DMAPI Module - implements the DMAPI standard transparently for any file system while providing a consistent implementation across platforms.

Product: SpaceOLAP 1.0 - on-line analytical processing (OLAP) app for Internet & intranets ($15,000 per server plus $2,500 per concurrent user)
Company: Infospace, Inc. (San Mateo, CA)
Telephone: (415) 685-3012
E-mail: info@infospace-inc.com
URL: http://www.infospace-inc.com
Description: A 100% Pure Java on-line analytical processing (OLAP) application designed expressly for the Web and corporate intranets. Product enables companies to design and publish multidimensional data to thousands of users through a Web browser. End users view presentations of interactive, three-dimensional Java charts (SpaceCharts) and pivot tables (SpaceTable), complete with drill-down and rotational capabilities. Driven by a central, multi-threaded Java server, SpaceOLAP is a scalable, network computing solution that offers a platform-independent alternative to client/server decision support solutions. SpaceOLAP executes from a centralized Java server that is housed on, or addressable by, a Web server. Since it is written in Java, the server can be loaded onto most hardware platforms that support Sun Microsystems' Java Virtual Machine. Client-side functionality is achieved by downloading Java applets to any Web browser that supports Java. Supports native connectivity to Oracle Express and Arbor Essbase, as well as access to Gentia Software's Gentia through the OLAP Council's D-API.

Product: StructureBuilder 1.0 - tool for the creation of object models, data structures and Java ($495)
Company: Tendril Software, Inc. (Westford, MA)
Telephone: (978) 392-9600
E-mail: info@tendril.com
URL: http://www.tendril.com
Description: Tool for the visual point-and-click creation of object models, the data "structures" or relationships embodied in them, and the underlying Java code for Java components and applications. Simplifies the often paper-based process of shaping a program to meet business needs into a point-and-click task. Generates a graphic of the object model and data "structures" from the actual Java source code, displaying graphics and code side-by-side. Features for reverse engineering "on the fly" and extensive code generation. Reduces the time it takes to develop programs in Java, making a development team more productive.

Product: TotalNET Advanced Server (TAS) - network operating system software
Company: Syntax Inc. (Federal Way, WA)
Telephone: (253) 838-2626
Fax: (253) 838-9836
E-mail: info@syntax.com
URL: http://www.syntax.com
Platforms: Solaris 2.6, Windows (3.11, 95 and NT), NetWare, OS/2, Macintosh
Description: TotalNET Advanced Server (TAS) software ships with SunSoft's Solaris 2.6 operating system, providing heterogeneous LAN services for desktop PCs without changes or additions to the client PCs. TAS provides the additional protocols and networking services required to support Microsoft Windows (3.11, 95 and NT), Novell NetWare, IBM OS/2 and Apple Macintosh desktops. TAS is network operating system software that integrates with the Solaris operating system, enabling host computers to become PC LAN file, print and application servers. Once installed, existing client desktop computers can transparently access and share files, databases, programs, printers, and server application resources on the Solaris-based server. This is all accomplished without changing or adding to the client desktop, and using commands and conventions familiar to the PC user. TotalAdmin, the HTML interface for TAS, enables graphical administration of Solaris-based servers from a browser. This Web-based interface also complements WebStart, SunSoft's web-based administration tool included in Solaris 2.6.

Product: WebDBC 3.0 for SPARC Solaris - creates sites containing Java and HTML-based Web applications ($1,295)
Company: StormCloud Development Corp. (Seattle, WA)
Telephone: (206) 812-0177
E-mail: webdbc@stormcloud.com
URL: http://www.stormcloud.com
Platforms: SPARC Solaris
Description: WebDBC 3.0 is designed for both Intranet Webmasters and production Web site developers. Creates sites containing Java and HTML-based Web applications backed by any standard database engine. Vendors of existing client/server applications can also take advantage of the product's new enterprise features to extend their systems to the Web. JDBC Support - application developers can always employ the right user interface for the job, implemented with either Java or HTML. Developers can write Java applications that make JDBC calls to WebDBC. Custom Tags - includes a simple API for writing custom tags to extend the capabilities of the command language. Session Variables - for applications that need to track user state. File Upload and Manipulation - for browsers that have file upload capability, WebDBC can accept uploaded files and manipulate them on the server -- even insert them in a database. High Performance File Caching - Repeatedly accessed pages are cached for improved performance on high-traffic Web sites. Scalability - provides the scalability to meet the needs of the most demanding Web sites. Advanced Web Server Support - supports several popular Web server interfaces, such as Netscape's NSAPI and the Apache Module API. Expanded Application Creation Wizards - users can create applications immediately using their existing databases, with no programming required. Integrated E-mail - applications can dynamically send e-mail directly from Web pages.


Product: Advanced Perl Programming - complex techniques for building production-ready Perl programs ($34.95)
Author: Sriram Srinivasan
ISBN: 1-56592-220-4
Company: O'Reilly & Associates (Sebastopol, CA)
Telephone: (707) 829-0515, (800) 998-9938
Fax: (707) 829-0104
E-mail: order@oreilly.com
URL: http://www.oreilly.com
Platforms: Perl
Description: Book for both casual and experienced Perl programmers. Describes complex techniques for building production-ready Perl programs and explains sophisticated methods for manipulating data and objects. It sets Perl in the context of a larger environment, providing the background to deal with networks, databases, and GUIs. Major topics covered in "Advanced Perl Programming" include: Practical use of packages and classes (object-oriented programming); Complex data structures; Persistence (e.g., using a database); Networking; Interaction with C language functions; and Embedding and extending the Perl interpreter. "Advanced Perl Programming" is far from a theoretical treatment of Perl -- it addresses real-world issues and explains language details such as the use of references, trapping errors through the eval operator, and using ties to trigger actions when data is accessed.

Product: Intranets: What's the Bottom Line? - book on intranet management strategy ($29.95)
Author: Randy J. Hinrichs
ISBN: 0-13-841198-0
Company: Sun Microsystems Press/Prentice Hall PTR (Palo Alto, CA)
Telephone: (650) 786-4706
Fax: (650) 786-8611
E-mail: john.bortner@sun.com
URL: http://www.sun.com/books/
Platforms: platform neutral
Description: A book on intranet management strategy. This executive briefing details how to incorporate intranets into an organization for effective business communications and transactions. Intranet expert Randy Hinrichs explains what intranets are, what they buy you, how they are built, how much they cost, how you make them work, how you know they're working, and how they relate to your existing IT infrastructure. In short, this book provides the bottom line on how to plan an intranet. It will also help you understand the management issues that make intranets different from other IT systems. Through detailed examples, case studies and interviews, it shares critical lessons about work flow, collaborative rapid prototyping, learning organizations, knowledge management, wealth creation and other important business issues that meet the demands of the 21st century. It also includes potential intranet applications throughout an organization, including sales, engineering, manufacturing, R&D, and human resources. It tells how to choose the right Web server, platform, architecture, and security solutions. It covers Bill Raduchel's view of intranets as well as the views of other CIOs, webmasters, and visionaries.

Product: Learning Perl on Win32 Systems - Perl instruction book. ($29.95)
Author: Randal L. Schwartz, Erik Olson & Tom Christiansen
ISBN: 1-56592-324-3
Company: O'Reilly & Associates (Sebastopol, CA)
Telephone: (707) 829-0515, (800) 998-9938
Fax: (707) 829-0104
E-mail: order@oreilly.com
URL: http://www.oreilly.com
Platforms: Windows 95, Perl
Description: Book based on "Learning Perl" (the classic "llama book"); a tutorial that explains the most common operations and language idioms found in Perl programs. Perl for Win32, the port developed by ActiveState Tool Corp., brings Perl to Win32 systems. Perl for Win32 is available at http://www.activestate.com and included in the Windows NT Resource Kit. "Learning Perl on Win32 Systems" includes: An introduction to "the Perl way" for Windows users; A quick tutorial stroll through Perl in one lesson; Systematic, topic-by-topic coverage of Perl's broad capabilities; Many brief code examples; Programming exercises for each topic, with fully worked-out answers; Access to NT system functions through Perl; Database access with Perl; CGI programming with Perl; and Perl modules for OLE automation and the Registry.

Product: Netscape IFC in a Nutshell - Reference and programmer's guide to Internet Foundation Classes (v1.1) ($29.95)
Author: Dean Petrich with David Flanagan
ISBN: 1-56592-343-X
Company: O'Reilly & Associates (Sebastopol, CA)
Telephone: (707) 829-0515, (800) 998-9938
Fax: (707) 829-0104
E-mail: order@oreilly.com
URL: http://www.oreilly.com
Platforms: Java
Description: "Netscape IFC in a Nutshell," a desktop quick reference and programmer's guide to the Internet Foundation Classes (Version 1.1) from Netscape. Co-authored by "Java in a Nutshell" author David Flanagan. The book features a complete and thorough quick reference plus more than 20 tutorial-style, example-based chapters that introduce each of the features and GUI components of the IFC. These features include: A "Pure Java" platform-independent, customizable look-and-feel, with a complete suite of GUI components; Intra-application drag-and-drop; Multi-font formatted text display, with a built-in HTML parser; Pre-defined color, font, and file-selection dialog boxes; Timer objects that simplify animation by replacing threads; and Constructor, an interface builder application freely available from Netscape. The IFC 1.1 library is freely available on the Internet, for use in any Java application or with any Java-capable Web browser, and is bundled with Netscape's Navigator 4.0 Web browser.

Product: Practical C Programming - introductory book for C programmers ($32.95)
Author: Steve Oualline
ISBN: 1-56592-306-5
Company: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. (Sebastopol, CA)
Telephone: (800) 998-9938, (707) 829-0515
Fax: (707) 829-0104
E-mail: order@oreilly.com
URL: http://www.oreilly.com
Platforms: C language
Description: The 3rd edition of "Practical C Programming," an introductory book for C programmers. This new edition introduces Integrated Development Environments on Windows systems, as well as UNIX programming utilities, and features a large statistics-generating program to pull together the concepts and features in the language. Author Steve Oualline knows that good C programming is more than just getting the syntax right. Style and debugging also play a big role in creating programs that run well and are easy to maintain. His book teaches not only the mechanics of programming, but also describes how to create programs that are easy to read, debug, and update. Contrary to popular belief, programmers do not spend most of their time creating code. Much of their time is spent modifying someone else's code. "Practical C Programming" shows how to avoid the all-too-common obfuscated uses of C (and also to recognize these uses when you encounter them in existing programs) and thereby to leave "clean" code for the programmer responsible for maintenance. The book also delves into the secrets of Electronic Archaeology, the art of going through someone else's code.

Product: UNIX Power Tools - practical advice about every aspect of UNIX ($59.95 (Includes CD-ROM))
Author: Jerry Peek, Tim O'Reilly & Mike Loukides
ISBN: 1-56592-260-3
Company: O'Reilly & Associates (Sebastopol, CA)
Telephone: (707) 829-0515, (800) 998-9938
Fax: (707) 829-0104
E-mail: order@oreilly.com
URL: http://www.oreilly.com
Platforms: Sun4, Digital UNIX, AIX, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux, Solaris, SCO UNIX
Description: UNIX Power Tools, 2nd Edition is full of tips, tricks, concepts, freeware, and add-on utilities. It shows how to take advantage of clever features in the most popular UNIX utilities. The book addresses the technology that UNIX users face today, differing from the first edition in a number of important ways: it slants the blend of options and commands more toward the POSIX utilities, including the GNU versions; the bash and tcsh shells have greater coverage, but the first edition's emphasis on the core concepts of sh and csh are kept intact, to help the reader use all UNIX shells; and Perl is more important than awk these days, so awk is de-emphasized in this edition. The book's 53 chapters discuss topics like file management, text editors, shell programming -- even office automation. The CD-ROM included with "UNIX Power Tools" contains all of the scripts and aliases from the book, plus Perl, GNU emacs, netpbm (graphics manipulation utilities), ispell, screen, the sc spreadsheet, and about 60 other freeware programs. In addition to the source code, all the software is precompiled for Sun4, Digital UNIX, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Red Hat Linux, Solaris, and SCO UNIX.


Product: Security Vendor Program - a collaboration of security providers
Company: Raptor Systems, Inc.
URL: http://www.raptor.com
Description: The Raptor Security Vendor Program is a collaboration of industry security providers. In agreements ranging from full integration with Raptor products to certification and recommendation by Raptor, over fifteen companies have committed to the Raptor Security Vendor Program. The portfolio includes intrusion detection, content filtering, virus scanning, logging and reporting, and policy management. There are three tiers of participation. At level 3, the highest level, partners modify their products to create a unique version for full integration into Raptor products. At level 2, Raptor resells and supports the partner's standard product. Finally, at level 1, Raptor certifies and recommends products that meet additional security needs.

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