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Will Microsoft evangelize `100% Pure Java?' by Sari Kalin
Sun, Microsoft dispute invitation to join initiative
More Java products unveiled. (900 words)
Tatung challenges Sun's Ultra 2 by Terho Uimonen
Company's 64-bit workstations compete with Sun on drive capacity. (300 words)
Wire your business now by Marc Ferranti
6 new e-commerce tools shown at Internet World help you set up a store front, track customer buying patterns, create online catalogs, and deliver products. (1,000 words)
When will business boom on the 'Net? by Marc Ferranti
New partnerships, products encourage electronic commerce -- so why the hold up? (1,100 words)
Will the government hold the key to unlock encrypted messages? by Elinor Mills
Privacy rights, trade groups blast draft encryption rules. (865 words)
U.S. and European Union negotiators agree on IT tariff reductions by Elizabeth DeBony
Finalized ITA agreement could lead to elimination of tariffs on numerous IT products by the year 2000. (325 words)
Reader survey results: SunWorld readers cringe at online censorship by Carolyn W.C. Wong
Find out what they really think about extremist Web postings and the responsiblities of Internet access providers, and how they define the Internet "community." (1,450 words)
Much-anticipated USB-based peripherals debut at Comdex by James Niccolai
Plus: $300 WeBRef Internet appliance jumpstarts Motorola's NC prospects; Apple promises Java on MacOS without need for a browser. (1,700 words)

HAL workstation targets engineering, financial markets by Rebecca Gold
Emerging 64-bit market key to company's renaissance. (500 words)

SamePage Suite 2.0 organizes your work life by Rebecca Gold
WebFlow groupware tackles compex task management. (500 words)

Apple enhances virtual Mac on Unix by Rebecca Gold
MAE 3.0 improves file, license management. (650 words)

News briefs from around the globe
Web access for mainframe data, Japanese support for the NetPC, and more. (1,200 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.


Is Java the only secure approach? by Robert E. Lee
If you think JavaSoft has the market on Internet security, think again. The models are changing, and you may be surprised to learn where everything is headed, such as digital signatures and security within the domain. (2,000 words)

How new testing tools are reducing downtime and improving software quality and performance by Barry D. Bowen
Is expensive downtime killing your bottom line? Learn how one company saved time and money through improved testing procedures (1,900 words)

Can a `network of workstations' provide cheap, scalable supercomputing power? by George Lawton
Researchers at the UC Berkeley are turning idle workstations into supercomputers. Will the integration make your company more efficient?(3,200 words)

Planet watch: SunExpress gives customers direct access to 3,000 products by Cate T. Corcoran
Sun's telemarketing arm fulfills purchasing requirements while walking tightrope between direct sales and VARs. (1,500 words)

Reader Survey
Tell us what you think of SunWorld Online.


Career Advisor: IT job explosion in L.A. -- for sysadmins, Webmasters and Windows NT developers by Edgar Saadi
Why Hollywood is calling, and what's in it for you. (1,800 words)

Webmaster: Inject compelling and up-to-the-minute data into your Web site with server-side includes -- Part 2 by Chuck Musciano
2 quick commands add dynamic content to your site and satify users' needs. (2,000 words)

Security: Distinguish firewall hype by Peter Galvin
Are new firewall technologies improvements or complications? Evaluate the pros and cons. (2,200 words)

Sysadmin: Here's how you too can understand device numbers and mapping in Solaris by Hal Stern
Unlocking the secret of Unix device drivers puts you in charge. We show you how it's done. (2,900 words)

Performance Q&A: Tips for TCP/IP monitoring and tuning to make your network sing by Adrian Cockcroft
How to increase performance by tuning your connections, data transfers and flow control -- plus download a new SE Toolkit not available in Sun's latest software release. (3,000 words)

Connectivity: HDS' appliance meets many of the NC's promises, but at what cost? by Rawn Shah
While it's not yet the $500 desktop, one of the industry's first NCs makes major strides in this emerging market. SunWorld Online put the @workStation through its paces, and we tell you what we found. (2,000 words)

Client/Server: Long-term viability of Web-development environment -- the keys by Bill Rosenblatt and Pat Greer
Learn these fundamental requirements for maintaining an intranet in the flurry of emerging Web tools and standards. (2,400 words)

Unix Enterprise: 4 steps to avoid being outsourced by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson
How to keep your users happy and away from the competition. (1,400 words)


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