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Product: scsiMODEM Server - PCMCIA-based modem server w/ SCSI interface (SM-5008: $1,695. SM-5016: $2,395)
Company: Central Data Corporation (Champaign, IL)
Telephone: (800) 482-0315, (217) 359-8010
Fax: (217) 359-6904
E-mail: mark@cd.com
URL: http://www.cd.com
Platforms: SCSI on Sun, SGI, HP, DEC, and IBM.
Description: Hot-Swappable PCMCIA modem server utilizing 1 SCSI address with 115K baud supported on all lines. PPP and SLIP compliant with automatic configuration on all serial ports, status LEDs for each modem, flash EEPROMs, and hard-resets on any modem via software. Controlled by 40 MHz 80c186 w/ 256K RAM, 128K EEPROM, 5MB per second transfer rate on SCSI interface, 5V & 40W power supply. 2.3" x 17.6" x 7.6". Compatible with 16550-based PCMCIA slots, Hot-swappable in pairs. SM-5008: 8 modem slots; SM-5016: 16 modem slots. 5 year warranty, 30 day moeny-back guarantee.

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