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Product: QSTAR CD Master & MastarMind - Supports CD-R and CD-ROM jukeboxes
Company: Qstar Technologies (Fort Walton Beach, FL)
Telephone: (800) 568-2578, (904) 243-0900
Fax: (904) 243-4234
E-mail: info@qstar.com
URL: http://www/qstar.com
Platforms: Solaris, Data General
Description: Writes to CDs in either ISO or Qstar Volumes for higher volume, platter spanning, and off-line volume management. Comes with an intuitive Graphical User Interface. MastarMind supports optical, tape, CD-ROM drives and jukeboxes including support for Magnetic Caching File System and space reclamation. Also supports automatic and transparent data migration across media types.

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