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Product: Portmaster ISDN Communications Server - 20 B-channels + router ($4,690)
Company: Livingston Enterprises (Pleasanton, CA)
Telephone: (800) 458-9966, (510) 426-0770
Fax: (510) 426-8951
E-mail: info@livingston.com
URL: http://www.livingston.com
Platforms: TCP/IP, Novell/IPX. Ethernet
Description: 5 or 10 Basic Rate Ports, fully integrated NT1 network termination, and an optional synchronous T1/E1 router port. Can serve as a routing hub. Supports RFC 1717 (combining ISDN channels), V.120 (universal ISDN compatability), RADIUS (Remote Authentication Dial In User Service) access security, customized packet filters, and PMconsole (multi-platform management utility for GUI configuration and device control).

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