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Product: Civilizing Cyberspace - Policy, Power, and the Information Superhighway ($26.85)
Company: Addison Wesley (Reading, MA)
Telephone: (800) 822-6339, (617) 944-3700
E-mail: tiffanym@aw.com
URL: http://www.aw.com
Description: ISBN: 0-201-84760-4. Softcover, 432 pages. Author: Steven E. Miller. Civilizing Cyberspace weaves together business trends, political economy, American history, technological savvy, and an awareness of our everyday needs.Civilizing Cyberspace explains how universal service can be achieved while avoiding the creation of information "haves and have nots"; what is necessary to protect privacy and prevent the erosion of free speech and civil liberties; what we can do to protect our standard of living in a multinational economy; how telecommunications can be used to strengthen democracy and community rather than simply as a new method of media manipulation.

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