It is often necessary to obtain data from a remote server. Java allows you to open a TCP/IP connection and talk to a peer on a known port. In order to demonstrate this a server component has been supplied. The server component is not running on this Web server. You can download the server component and run it on a server of your choosing that allows external WEB access. Many sites have issues with communication on ports other that those used for standard applications. If that is the case you may be able to simulate it locally by running the server Java program on your local machine and using the name of your machine to access it. The structure of the applet allows you to direct requests to servers anywhere on the WWW. For example to provide a stock quoting service you only need to get the data and provide an implementation of QuoteServerMain that understands the very simple protocol described in the source code and of course resolve all the legal issues. This applet uses a number of classes to implement a simple Position/Value requestor.

Java Client that you just downloaded

You need a Java enabled browser to run this.

Java Servers often require permission to talk on other ports

The implementation of a background server is also demonstrated. to start the background server enter the following command on the server system after you have compiled the Java source code to a class file.
	java QuoteServerMain
This is the random number quote server that will answer requests if you do not have access to a real server that understands your simple protocol.