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[SunWorld November 1998 table of contents]
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How to avoid potential pitfalls in your Java application development by Steven Gould
Writing enterprise Java apps for Solaris and Windows NT? Here are 10 common weak points to consider when aiming for cross-platform compatibility. (3,600 words)
Cost recovery in the Unix world, Part 2 by Chuck Musciano
Unix production costs keep rising -- is it time to put together a mainframe-style chargeback system? We concentrate on disk and network cost recovery. (2,600 words)
Chips are always harder to design than roadmaps by Rick Cook
What challenges await Sun and Intel as they lay out their processor plans? (4,100 words)

Top news stories

AOL, Sun, Netscape stress friends, not enemy by Rebecca Sykes and James Niccolai
Sun to license e-commerce software, co-develop browser. (November 24, 1998)
Sun flirts with AOL for piece of Netscape by Steven Brody
A possible deal could be Sun's ticket to the e-commerce market, and a good omen for the future of Java. (November 23, 1998)
Microsoft to comply with Java order by Elinor Mills
MS products will be compatible with Sun's Java Native Interface technology. (November 20, 1998)
Sun gets injunction against Microsoft by James Niccolai
Microsoft must change new products to meet Sun standards, at least for now (November 18, 1998)
Comdex: WinCE, Java battle in embedded market by Kristi Essick
The two platforms compete for the lead role in "digital tidal wave" to come (November 18, 1998)
Java database driver makes good showing in benchmark by Steven Brody
Using Java to access Oracle through your browser is smooth sailing -- except with Netscape. (November 13, 1998)
OpenWorld: Support for Linux broadens, panel says by James Niccolai
Torvalds pits Linux against NT. (November 11, 1998)
Oracle outlines plans for Linux database by Steven Brody
The database giant is throwing its weight behind Linux and waiting for better multiprocessing. (November 10, 1998)
Sun outpaces competition in SPECWeb96 benchmark by Steven Brody
Sun boasts improvements of more than 70 percent over the closest competition. (November 11, 1998)


Career Advisor: Back to the future? by Edgar Saadi
Two readers wonder about returning to a former job and a past employer. Also, what's the best way to make the transition from engineering to management? (1,200 words)
Regular Expressions: What's going on with Guile? by Cameron Laird and Kathryn Soraiz
Guile maintainer reveals his checklist of immediate plans. Plus November 15 installment: Getting acquainted with Eiffel. (2,900 words)
Bill's Bookshelf
Bill's Bookshelf: Starry-eyed visions of the techno-future by Bill Rosenblatt
Tapscott's collection of essays from around the industry runs the gamut from insightful commentary to wishful thinking. (1,900 words)

IT Architect: Architecting high availability solutions by Sam Wong
What are the components of high availability and how do you go about implementing an effective HA system? (3,500 words)
Letters to the editor: No argument?
Response from a Linda Group member to our Jini news story, and word from one reader who can relate to our IT architect's OutOfMemory problems. (1,800 words)

More news

Judge may rule soon in Sun-Microsoft hearing by James Niccolai
Sun suckered in early negotiations of Java contract? (November 5, 1998)
Microsoft targets high-end embedded devices with new NT-based OS by Steven Brody
Sun and Microsoft jockey for position as the industry standardizes. (November 3, 1998)
Microsoft: Linux is a threat to NT by Yvonne Lee, Cameron Laird, and Robert McMillan
Halloween Document the latest and most telling of a number of Linux-related statements. (November 2, 1998)
SunSpots: The latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news
Apple ships WebObjects for NT, Unix. Manufacturers detail plans for Java chips, Sun to develop core. Sun intros new workstation and drops prices on Ultra 5 and 10 workstations. (8 stories posted)

Eye on the competition
Eye on the Competition: Up-to-the-minute news on Sun's rivals
Samsung to mass produce new Alpha chip. Analyst: NT strong middle of the enterprise. IBM to cut Netfinity server prices. SGI's first NT workstations due in January. (7 stories posted)

The Internet Files
The Internet Files: The network is the story -- News on the latest Internet standards and struggles
Magaziner gets help on domain name activities. (1 story posted)

Sun moves embedded OS into European set-top boxes by Steven Brody
Sun courts manufacturers abroad...meanwhile, WebTV drops Java at home. (October 29, 1998)
Solaris 7 arrives by Jim Mauro
Full 64-bit operating system kernel is complete. (October 27, 1998)
IBM teams with SCO, Intel on Unix by Nancy Weil
Project Monterey will produce 3 new versions of Unix to compete with Sun and HP. (October 26, 1998)
New products by John J. McLaughlin
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun, SPARC, or Solaris, it's here in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new product listing.
Webmaster: How secure are you? by Christophe Williams
Read this security Q&A to determine whether or not you're overlooking any major security holes. (4,600 words)
Inside Solaris: Inside Solaris 7 by Jim Mauro
Learn about the full 64-bit kernel and all the associated new commands and utilities. (3,400 words)
Performance Q&A: What's new in Solaris 7? by Adrian Cockcroft
Highlights of the new performance-oriented features and their impact on applications. (1,800 words)
Security: Pete's Wicked World -- So long, and thanks for all the bugs by Peter Galvin
A preview of Pete's next column, a look at the SANS conference, and some reader input. (2,500 words)
Connectivity: Network balancing act by Rawn Shah
Network clustering can save money and stress by evening out your server loads across a network. How does it work? (2,300 words)
Unix 101: Date arithmetic -- Part 1 by Mo Budlong
Using the expr command to calculate yesterday's date. (2,200 words)


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