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Product: G2 - software for creating intelligent real-time systems (From $7,500 for a run-time license)
Company: Gensym Corp (Cambridge, MA)
Telephone: (617) 547-2500
Fax: (617) 547-1962
E-mail: info@gensym.com
URL: http://www.gensym.com
Platforms: Solaris 1 and 2, Unix, OpenVMS, Windows NT
Description: A graphical object-oriented environment for building and delivering intelligent real-time systems. G2 lets non-programmers create graphical models of their operations using click and connect object-oriented icons and sophisticated rules and procedures written in simple, if-then style English phrases. When software bridges link G2 applications to other systems, G2 can monitor, control, diagnose, and schedule on-line operations in real time. G2 can also provide operators with expert advice to help them focus on critical situations and enable them to make more well informed decisions quickly.

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