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Product: ForeRunner ES-3810 - ATM-Ready Ethernet Workgroup Switch (ES-3810/16 $3,695; ES3810-24M $5,995; ESM-24: 24-port add-on module $3,995; NMM: SNMP/RMON add-on module $1,795;FEM-2/TX: 100Base-TX two-port add-on module $1,095)
Company: FORE Systems (Warrendale, PA)
Telephone: (412) 772-6600
Fax: (412) 772-6500
E-mail: info@fore.com
URL: http://www.fore.com
Platforms: All (assuming IETF Standards have been followed)
Description: Based on next-generation distributed store-and-forward switching architecture,the ForeRunner ES-3810 provides users with the ability to configure multiple switched ports as needs grow, add high-performance ATM server and backbone connections and take advantage of powerful advanced network management while setting a new price/performance standard.

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