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                     Emacs and vi editing commands compared

       Emacs command               Function                vi command

    Control-B            Move back one character      h

    Control-F            Move forward one character   l

    Control-P            Move to previous line        j

    Control-N            Move to next line            k

    Control-A            Move to start of line        ^ or 0

    Control-E            Move to end of line          $

    Control-D            Delete character             x

    Meta-B               Move back one word           b

    Meta-F               Move forward one word        w

    Control-V            Move to next page            Control-F

    Meta-V               Move to previous page        Control-B

    Meta-<               Move to start of file        1G

    Meta->               Move to end of file          G

    Meta-D               Delete word                  dw

    Control-K            Kill (delete) to end of line d$

    Control-Y            Yank (paste) killed text     Y or yy

    Control-X Control-F  Read file                    :r

    Control-X Control-S  Save file                    :w

    Control-X Control-C  Exit                         :q or :q! or :wq or ZZ

Last update: 1 October 1995