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SunWorld Online New Products - July

New products for the week of September 1

By John J. McLaughlin, FlashBack, Inc. flash@flashback.com.

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Product: DW4500 adapter - channel gateway adapter
Company: Data/Ware Development (San Diego, CA)
Telephone: (619) 679-9220
E-mail: dklumb@anacomp.com
URL: http://www.dwdi.com
Platforms: Sun Ultra 30 workstations to IBM mainframe ESCON channel
Description: High-speed channel gateway adapter for Sun Ultra 30 PCI I/0-based workstations. Adapter provides a high-speed link between the Ultra 30 and any IBM mainframe ESCON channel. Requires no additional unique mainframe software; a user can simply initiate a job from the mainframe or accept jobs initiated by the Sun server.

Product: DataFire PCI Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN accelerator cards - PCI ISDN accelerator card (starts at $495)
Company: Digi International Inc. (Minneapolis, MN)
Telephone: (800) 344-4273 or (612) 912-3444
E-mail: info@dgii.com
URL: http://www.dgii.com
Platforms: Sun SPARC PCI I/0-based platforms
Description: DataFire PCI-bus Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN accelerator cards and Sun Solaris drivers for Sun SPARC PCI I/0-based platforms. The Digi PCI ISDN accelerator card provides Solaris systems users with ISDN connections to Internet and intranet services, remote workers, and branch offices. Sun offers a PPP (Point-to-Point Protocol) stack that works with Digi's Solaris drivers for Sun's new PCI I/0-based Ultra 30 workstations. The DataFire PCI ISDN accelerator card is available with an S/T interface, suitable for use internationally, or with a U interface, suitable for U.S. use, and supports one Basic Rate Interface (BRI) ISDN connection (2B+D). Sun Solaris drivers are included with the accelerator card.

Product: Enterprise Tape Library (ETL) 7/3500 and 4/1800 - DLT7000-based libraries for browser-based storage (7/3500: $85,000; 4/1800: $72,000)
Company: Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (415) 786-3205
E-mail: info@sun.com
URL: http://www.sun.com
Description: Sun Enterprise Tape Library (Sun ETL) models 7/3500 and 4/1800 are DLT7000-based libraries for high-capacity, high reliability Enterprise Backup, Archival, and Hierarchical Storage Management (HSM) for companies running storage intensive applications in mission critical environments. A single Sun ETL 7/3500 library can back up more than one terabyte (TB) of data in only eight hours in native mode. Used for the backup of applications such as: active use databases greater than 200 GB in size; archival of important historical, financial or legal data; and HSM. Can be used with the largest Sun Ultra Enterprise servers. The libraries are complemented by Sun's industry-leading Sun Enterprise NetBackup and Sun Solstice Backup storage management software, as well as more than 40 other software applications. Sun software and hardware storage management solutions provide data protection, reduced administration costs, minimal backup time and unified storage management.

Product: FDDI/PCI Adapters - PCI FDDI SAS/DAS card
Company: Network Peripherals, Inc. (Milpitas, CA)
Telephone: (800) NPI-8855
URL: http://www.npix.com
Platforms: Sun's Ultra Enterprise servers and Ultra 30 workstations
Description: New line of FDDI adapters for Sun's Ultra Enterprise servers and new Ultra 30 workstations, using the PCI Local Bus interface. FDDI cards come in single-PCI slot SAS Fiber and DAS fiber configurations so Sun customers can integrate them into their legacy FDDI networks. The adapters feature an onboard PROM for Open Firmware and include Solaris and SunOS compatible drivers. In addition, the technology features a new PCI-compliant ASIC interface that efficiently supports full line-rate transmissions. Features of the new Network Peripherals FDDI/PCI adapters include: Conforms to PCI Local Bus v 2.1 specification; Single slot implementation for both SAS and DAS configurations; 32-bit bus at 33MHz provides 132 Mbps peak throughput in burst mode; Compatible with Solaris 2.x and SunOS 4.x operating systems; Provides Station Management Support (SMT); Supports IP multicast and TCP/IP protocols; Supports diskless booting on Sun workstations; Integrates with SunNet Manager through SNMP-to-SMT agent; Supports multi-processor environments with Solarix 2.x; and MultiThread (MT) framework.

Product: ForeRunner PCA-200EUX ATM Network Interface Card (NIC) - Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) network card ($795 for Category 5 UTP copper; $895 for multimode fiber)
Company: FORE Systems, Inc. (Warrendale, PA)
Telephone: (412) 742-4444
Fax: (412) 742-7742
E-mail: info@fore.com
URL: http://www.fore.com
Platforms: SPARC, SPARCstation, SPARCclassic, SPARCserver, SPARCcenter
Description: Expanded ATM support for Sun Microsystems workstations is available with the ForeRunner PCA-200EUX ATM Network Interface Card (NIC). Includes a Solaris driver for Sun's PCI I/O-based Ultra 30 Workstations. These 155 Mbps ATM adapters are based on a four-element design: Enhanced Segmentation and Reassembly Processor, bus-specific interface ASIC, integrated physical media dependent interface, and i960 processor. Adapters come with ForeThought 4.1 software, providing standards-based LAN Emulation 1.0 and support for virtual LANs.

Product: PCI Network Interface Cards - PCI network interface card (NIC) products
Company: Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (415) 786-8832
URL: http://www.sun.com/pci
Platforms: PCI bus
Description: PCI Network Interface Card (NIC) products from Sun. A widely accepted industry standard, the PCI architecture allows third party hardware and software vendors to develop compatible peripheral products quickly and cost-effectively. Enabling customers to add PCI to their networks, Sun is also introducing a new I/O board that provides PCI slots for the Ultra Enterprise 3000-6000 servers, allowing customers to use both SBus and PCI cards in a single system. This board will be available in late July. Sun will make available a wide variety of PCI NIC products through its existing sales channels. Sun is announcing immediate availability of PCI NICs for FDDI, Token Ring, high-speed serial interface (HSI), serial asynchronous interface (SAI) and 10/100 Ethernet networks. Sun Gigabit Ethernet and Quad FastEthernet PCI NICs will be available in August 1997 and September 1997, respectively. Sun also intends to offer ATM PCI NICs at a later date.

Product: PCI-VMEbus Adaptor - bus master processor for VMEbus systems
Company: SBS Technologies, Inc. (Albuquerque, NM)
Telephone: (505) 875-0600
E-mail: info@sbse.com
URL: http://www.sbse.com, http://www.bit3.com/sun.html
Description: Compatible with Sun Microsystems' newly released PCI I/O-based Ultra 30 Workstations. The PCI-VMEbus Adaptor lets Ultra 30 Workstations become bus master processors on VMEbus systems. Provides a memory-mapped interface between the PCI I/O bus and the VMEbus to provide direct control and very high data-rate transfers for I/O between the two systems. A standalone Bit 3 Expansion Unit gives workstation users the flexibility of adding an additional 13 PCI slots, to increase customization options.

Product: Sun Enterprise 450 - Suns new powerful workgroup server
Company: Sun Microsystems Computer Company
URL: http://www.sun.com
Platforms: Solaris 2
Description: Sun Microsystems Computer Company (SMCC) announces the Ultra(TM) Enterprise(TM) 450 Server, a high-performance, four-way, symmetric multiprocessing system, ideally suited for distributed business applications and databases, branch offices, and larger workgroups. Positioned between Sun's Enterprise 2 and Enterprise 3000, this highly scalable system supports Sun's latest UltraSPARC(TM)-II processors and introduces an enhanced implementation of Sun's high-speed Ultra(TM) Port Architecture crossbar system data path. It also features the industry's highest performance PCI bus I/O capability, delivering increased system throughput, especially under heavy workloads. Packaged in a 22.9-inch high x 17.7-inch wide x 27.4-inch deep (58cm x 45cm x 70cm) rack-mountable tower enclosure, the Ultra Enterprise 450, with its many data center RAS features, is designed for both open office and remote server room environments. Enhanced by the many new performance, ease-of-use, Web/Intranet/ Java(TM), and PC interoperability features in Sun's new Solaris(TM) for Intranets, the Enterprise 450 delivers a winning combination of versatility, performance, scalability, reliability, and overall value for today's ultra-demanding network computing environments.

Product: intelligent PCIbus products - communications adapters and controllers
Company: Performance Technologies, Inc. (Rochester, NY)
Telephone: (716) 256-0200
Fax: (716) 256-0791
E-mail: info@pt.com
URL: http://www.pt.com
Platforms: Solaris 2
Description: PCI-based LAN, WAN and Mass Storage products support Sun's PCI-based Ultra 30 workstation. Includes a 10/100 Ethernet Adapter, FDDI Adapters, Synchronous WAN Communications Adapters, T1/E1 Communications Controller, Asynchronous Communications Adapters, Ultra SCSI Host Adapters and a Fibre Channel Adapter. All support the Solaris 2 operating system. The PCI560 is an intelligent 10/100 Mb Ethernet adapter designed for PCI-based UltraSPARC platforms, offering a parallel tasking architecture to provide maximum Ethernet throughput. The PCI600 FDDI adapters are a family of high performance PCI FDDI Adapters that provide single (SAS) or dual (DAS) attach interfaces with SC, MIC or UTP connectors. The PCI334 is a four port Intelligent Wide Area Network controller capable of sustaining a throughput of over 2 Mbps per port. Model PCI370PQ, designed for T1/E1 telecommunications and remote access server markets, is a two port communications adapter with integral CSU/DSUs and is capable of sustaining 2.048 Mbps full duplex per port. The PCI5xx family of PCI serial/parallel asynchronous adapters provide four, eight, or sixteen ports per single slot adapter. The PCI450 ULTRA SCSI PCIbus Adapter increases the performance, data integrity and disk throughput of Sun's PCI-based UltraSPARC platforms. The 64 bit PCI470 Fibre Channel Controller is a high throughput adapter for mass storage connectivity to workstations and servers.


Product: MEDICOMP - managed health care software
Company: Physmark, Inc. (Dallas, TX)
Telephone: (505) 897-7500
URL: http://www.physmark.com
Platforms: Novell, Windows NT and Sun
Description: A software module that allows health care providers to obtain pre-authorizations and check the eligibility and benefits of enrollees via the Internet. It meets the needs of enterprise-wide health care organizations, such as Physician Hospital Organizations (PHOs) and Management Service Organizations (MSOs), reducing the cost of computing by running applications over the Internet or on Network Computers (NCs). Software distributed via the Internet and using Network Computers substantially lowers the cost of computing: the units themselves, as well as the maintenance and overhead associated with PCs cost significantly less. MSOs and Integrated Delivery Systems (IDSs) typically provide healthcare services to multiple Physician Hospital Organizations (PHOs) and Independent Practice Associations (IPAs) in widely-scattered geographic regions. The Internet module offers these organizations an economical and universal interface for managing various aspects of their businesses, including PHO administration, claims submission, pre-authorization requests and inquiries regarding patient-related matters.

Product: Sun Directory Services 1.0 - network resource manager ($995)
Company: Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Menlo Park, CA)
Telephone: (800) SUNSOFT, (800) 786-7638
E-mail: info@sun.com
URL: http://www.sun.com
Platforms: Solaris, UNIX, Windows 95 and Windows NT clients
Description: A platform-independent solution for identifying, integrating, and managing resources from a single point anywhere on a network. As corporate enterprises grow, the number of objects (i.e., applications, resources, users, etc.) increases, creating demands on system administrators, facilities personnel, network administrators, service providers and telecom operators. Sun Directory Services software helps system administrators keep up with this growth by delivering a scalable, distributed solution that interoperates with leading Web browsers and client software. It hierarchically organizes information about resources in large, multi-server intranets and extranets. Sun Directory Services software runs on a range of hardware from PCs to Sun's Enterprise 10,000 server. Sun Directory Services software features a multi-threaded LDAP server, delivering to users the benefits of simultaneous processing.

Product: Trusted Solaris 2.5 - secure multiple-level operating environment
Company: Sun Microsystems Federal, Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (703) 204-4135
E-mail: info@sun.com
URL: http://www.sun.com
Platforms: UltraSPARC-based machines
Description: Trusted Solaris 2.5, the follow-on to Trusted Solaris 1.2, offers multithreading and support for symmetric multiprocessing, giving Web-based systems the ability to handle more network transactions. Based on the Solaris 2.5.1 operating environment, Trusted Solaris 2.5 is the first trusted system to use the Common Desktop Environment (CDE) and can be customized to meet C2, B1 or CMW security requirements. Provides a secure operating system with distributed client-server computing. Information can be shared throughout the entire enterprise with strict security maintained. Customers can implement a consistent enterprise-wide security policy, relying on protection within Trusted Solaris, including NIS+, Trusted NFS and secure networking. Selected features can be enabled or disabled to configure a system that meets a site's security and usability requirements. Supports UltraSPARC-based machines providing scalable secure computing from Sun Ultra 1 and Ultra 2 desktop workstations to the 30-cpu Sun Ultra Enterprise Server 6000. It enforces the same policies and attributes over NFS distributed networks and with other Trusted Solaris 2.5 systems.

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