Readers comment on their Java plans

What types of Java-centric applications are you developing or purchasing (or planning to develop or buy)? How will they be used?

Date: Tue Apr 1 23:38:54 PST 1997


Date: Wed Apr 2 06:55:32 PST 1997

Corel Word Perfect for Java will be awesome!!

Date: Wed Apr 2 07:29:06 PST 1997

Java applets used in a Sys Admin Intranet site. Working on one to display system statistics in real-time. Will query Java applications residing on other servers to report statistics back to that applet -- in real-time.

Date: Wed Apr 2 14:06:52 PST 1997

Web apps for GIS data.

Date: Wed Apr 2 16:47:59 PST 1997

We will probably be developing a program to provide analysis and interpretation of results--sort of an online expert. As well, we would like to put sample tracking and other customer services on the Web--Java would seem like an ideal technology.

Date: Thu Apr 3 12:59:40 PST 1997

Non mission-critical applications that need data access or a other Java capabilities through the browser interface.

Date: Fri Apr 4 02:27:49 PST 1997

Calendar/Diary management.

Date: Fri Apr 4 08:48:47 PST 1997

Databse Applications.

Date: Fri Apr 4 10:57:43 PST 1997

Process Control.

Date: Sun Apr 6 15:50:13 MET DST 1997

Office automation, database access.

Date: Sun Apr 6 10:05:43 PDT 1997

Intranet apps, servlets, workflow.

Date: Sun Apr 6 17:08:15 PDT 1997

Java network device management applications.

Date: Mon Apr 7 20:43:39 PDT 1997

Student Information System - virtually ALL interaction with our Student Information Database will be via Java and CORBA. Java is -vital- technology! Bravo to Sun for this incredible enabling technology!!!

Date: Mon Apr 7 21:11:33 PDT 1997

Application development, support of cross/& open platform OS, interoperability of devices & structures ... etc.

Date: Tue Apr 8 00:35:04 PDT 1997


Date: Tue Apr 8 02:55:05 PDT 1997

These are business secrets. Sorry!

Date: Tue Apr 8 06:45:40 PDT 1997

Intelligent Agent based help desk and asset management to be used on Internet applications (intranets and extranets too).

Date: Tue Apr 8 06:50:42 PDT 1997

Java work system.

Date: Tue Apr 8 07:59:47 PDT 1997

We are porting our C++ code from our PDM (Product Data Mgmt) software to Java. Matrix from Adra Systems, Inc.

Date: Tue Apr 8 11:02:15 PDT 1997

purchasing Applets/Beans for custom development. Waiting for Office products to be available; Currently writing database access programs for the JavaStation we have. More to come after applets are running.

Date: Tue Apr 8 08:26:30 PDT 1997

Development tools.

Date: Tue Apr 8 09:01:57 PDT 1997

GUI, DB connectivity, and graphics on the fly for electronic medical records, images (e.g., MRI, CT, pathology), and lab results including statistical analyses on the fly.

Date: Tue Apr 8 11:29:48 PDT 1997


Date: Tue Apr 8 12:07:31 PDT 1997

The first thing we wrote was a simple script to check connectivity and sendmail, etc. in order page us in the event of a problem. Thing was written in Java and, yes, it runs on everything from a Sun to an NT box. I thought your question about whether sun is focusing too much on Java to be, quite frankly, *stupid*. Unix workstations in general and solaris running on SPARC in particular were going out the window. I *love* my Suns, but lets face it: we can get better performance at a cheaper price on some of the many PC clones out there, it is simply a question of economies of scale: time is working against Sun's hardware in this respect. What would I do if I was Scott McNealy? Here is the answer (listen up Scotty, it's one of your biggest fans here :) a) move everything to an industry-standard PCI bus, except for the really high-end stuff (eg. enterprise servers...) b) unless your SPARC division keeps up or surpasses competitors in performance and cost per chip, dump them. Concentrate on making Java-chips and accessories. Sounds tough, but that's life. you don't want to be stuck with lower-performance, higher-cost chips, that would be utter suicide. This is going to seem sacreligious, but this is what many people would like to see: a) build some entry-level (~$6000) machines which make use of Intel processors. That way you can make money even if people run NT. Furthermore you will be able to sell more copies of Solaris pre-installed and will be able to prove to your customers that it actually outperforms NT by forcing it to at least look at it pre-installed on their machines. Not only that, but you have a customer support team in place and I think you would have no problem blowing away Compaq and Dell, etc. in the business market. I have lots more ideas than just that...

Date: Tue Apr 8 11:25:47 PDT 1997

Considering Java Centric applications that can be run on Windows-NT, Linux, and Solaris. Corel and Applix. Sun should emphasize the ability of Java to bring out the full power of UNIX, rather than throwing out the baby with the bathwater. Java is a very powerful front end and graphical interface. Unix is a very powerful processing engine. Java should replace TCL/TK as the "front end of choice" for Unix. The Sunsite applications could be heavily leveraged using Java for Front-Ends. Spending massive resources to reinvent the wheel in Java is a senseless waste of precious resources that should be used to break the Microsoft Windows/Visual-Basic lock on the market with a Unix/Java combination. Sun should encourage integration of Java/Linux and prepare for strategic migration Java/Solaris when support, reliability, and high performance are required.

Date: Tue Apr 8 14:58:46 PDT 1997

Cute Java toys on the 'Net. Sadly, that's about all I've seen.

Date: Tue Apr 8 18:10:14 PDT 1997

Framework applications supporting multiple DOI's (Distributed Object Infrastructures).

Date: Wed Apr 9 04:00:38 PDT 1997

Security management.

Date: Wed Apr 9 07:09:00 PDT 1997

Online inquiry processing for information on the university and its programs.

Date: Wed Apr 9 07:52:12 PDT 1997

Porting a dumb terminal application to Web browsers, moving some logic into the browser/client side to make the port simpler.

Date: Wed Apr 9 14:17:23 PDT 1997

At the moment I only work (training) with WorkShop with capital letters, I wrote so because the construction in this is excellent.

Date: Wed Apr 9 15:27:35 PDT 1997

We are developing a DMS system using Java applications as clients. These will be used for utility companies, initially if not exclusively for power companies.

Date: Wed Apr 9 16:14:35 PDT 1997

We are developing Java-based applications for change control management and supply chain management. I have heard rumors that Sun does not allow the use of Java within its intranet and even has specially modified web browsers that don't support Java. Is this true?

Date: Wed Apr 9 21:38:35 PDT 1997

Not sure yet. I am a contractor working for LSI Logic. They said I would be implementing the JavaStations. I hope that includes some Java programming. I wish Sun would put a lot of effort to build pure Java office automation stuff (like Microsoft office) in an effort to give Bill Gates some more competition. Let's face it MIS manager buy in to Marketing hype (hey they are buying NT) so the more Sun talks up JAVA (in the press) the better. Just don't give on on UNIX it's my livelihood.

Date: Thu Apr 10 01:20:33 PDT 1997

GIS, System Administration, Office Applications, Internet

Date: Thu Apr 10 07:29:17 PDT 1997

We will be developing and possibly buying Java based applications that will help telecommunications network managers and engineers do their jobs anywhere and on any platform. Our strategic architecture plan is to build on the foundation we have already laid in automating network management and proactive network healing by using Java's object-oriented, cross- platform and scalable characteristics to help us provide the best telecomm network management in the industry.

Date: Thu Apr 10 13:00:27 PDT 1997

Developing release 1.1 of in-house benefits administration system as well as other I.T. web-based systems.

Date: Thu Apr 10 12:08:03 PDT 1997

Office Automation.

Date: Fri Apr 11 20:58:24 PDT 1997

Embedded consumer electronics applications.

Date: Sun Apr 13 20:58:13 MET DST 1997

We will be using Lotus Kona applications in production soon. We are using lotus domino servers and Kona Java-beans based technology in development/testing NOW. Roll out to our expected 22000 user base will be anytime real soon now.
Date: Thu Apr 17 06:08:40 PDT 1997

Database applets.

Date: Thu Apr 17 21:53:50 PDT 1997

Java Application development Tools LiveWire Pro.

Date: Fri Apr 18 22:31:59 PDT 1997

Accounting, general ledger, ordering, payments.

Date: Sun Apr 20 04:56:06 PDT 1997

I'll see when I know the language better.

Date: Tue Apr 22 05:36:06 PDT 1997

Beans, development tools.

Date: Tue Apr 22 06:05:17 PDT 1997


Date: Tue Apr 22 06:11:00 PDT 1997

It is still under development. We are planning to sell it out also. So I am afraid, it is too confidential to disclose. Sorry :-(

Date: Tue Apr 22 07:22:48 PDT 1997

Cross platform movie player.

Date: Tue Apr 22 08:07:22 PDT 1997

Network collaboration tools for in-house use.

Date: Tue Apr 22 08:58:34 PDT 1997

GUI front ends. You didn't add a box for additional comments, so I'll just add them here... I have no problem with more Java as long as it's BUG FREE. The Solaris JDK is sooo buggy my brain hurts.

Date: Tue Apr 22 08:16:35 PDT 1997

Project manager. Sold worldwide.

Date: Tue Apr 22 10:15:37 PDT 1997

The Java computing model is the only model that has been presented to date that has the potential to scale to the planet. There are several pieces that need to start rolling out. Cheap bandwidth, especially to the home, performance chips with multimedia, and maturing of the applications. Java stations need to be priced below PCs and without any loss in performance. X terminals failed because the initial purchase price was not lower. What do we need? Shrink-wrap office suites, remote access, disconnected processing, high performance 3D graphics, a general use CAD/CAM package, Joe user level development tools.

Date: Tue Apr 22 09:39:04 PDT 1997

Science data retrieval and data visualization.

Date: Tue Apr 22 09:48:36 PDT 1997

Market data.

Date: Tue Apr 22 10:48:46 PDT 1997

Software development tools for embedded systems (I.E. visual linker).

Date: Tue Apr 22 11:40:52 PDT 1997

Advanced Animation & Visual Effects Production Technology.

Date: Tue Apr 22 11:31:49 PDT 1997

It will make life easier, since we won't be dependent on a particular operating system...

Date: Tue Apr 22 12:40:13 PDT 1997

Corel Word Perfect.. to replace Microsoft Word.

Date: Tue Apr 22 12:56:01 PDT 1997

Scientific software.

Date: Tue Apr 22 13:03:01 PDT 1997

Developing a Java access client for our database product

Date: Tue Apr 22 13:49:25 PDT 1997

An Electronic CAD tool for back-end, to be used over our intranet.

Date: Tue Apr 22 15:29:15 PDT 1997

I don't know.

Date: Tue Apr 22 16:13:31 PDT 1997

Learning language using V.J++(input error,,,will switch to 100% Java tool). C.Comerford:"ALL NEW CODE SHOULD BE WRITTEN IN JAVA!!!" END OF STORY.. I agree. BYE/BYE GATES AND GROVE ...HELLO JAVA WORLD!!!

Date: Tue Apr 22 17:18:43 PDT 1997

We have both Macs and PCs on desktops (with Sun servers). We are looking at using Java and Web technologies for our internal systems. Unfortunately, the biggest issue holding us up at present is the abysmal state of Netscape's Java virtual machine on the Mac. We want to stay with Netscape, but are being forced to consider switching to Microsoft's Internet Explorer because Netscape's Java VM on the Mac is so slow and buggy as to be unusable.

Date: Tue Apr 22 17:27:52 PDT 1997

How about a comments section? John Gage didn't give a keynote, perse. He moderated. And what about Jeff Johnson's keynote at JO '97? It was fabulous!

Date: Tue Apr 22 17:19:54 PDT 1997

Sun, please give us a break. Java is MAYBE, MAYBE on a good day an alpha quality language. You've built an industry out of nothing. As a result, your OS has suffered. Our SPARC/Solaris systems are being replaced ENTIRELY by DEC Digital Unix and Intel/FreeBSD. It is unfortunate but a reality.

Date: Tue Apr 22 18:39:39 PDT 1997

Data Access Infomaker.

Date: Tue Apr 22 18:57:46 PDT 1997

Lotus Notes.

Date: Tue Apr 22 19:36:33 PDT 1997

An Authentication module for client access over the Internet.

Date: Wed Apr 23 00:58:37 PDT 1997

We are studying and finding ways to teach Java as THE structured and object oriented programming language of THE future. Thanks. Get a Java-CPU - hurry!

Date: Wed Apr 23 14:31:33 PDT 1997

Charts, Database Access Productivity Apps - via Java station

Date: Sun May 18 18:07:58 PDT 1997

Internet Applications mainly related to Homepages Visit my site:

Date: Thu May 22 08:46:57 PDT 1997

Java station.