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Product: Spatial Web Broker - geographical information systems addition to WWW site
Company: Genasys II Inc. (Fort Collins, CO)
Telephone: (970) 493-0035
Fax: (970) 493-0966
E-mail: keithd@genasys.com
URL: http://www.genasys.com
Platforms: Unix
Description: Allows Web application designers to add powerful geographical information systems (GIS) capabilities to their Web sites. Fully compatible with today's most popular Web tools and browsers including Netscape(tm) and Java(tm), it provides an Internet gateway into Genasys' full line of vector and raster GIS, imaging and metadata management products. Unlike simple map display tools, it allows companies to provide their Web site users with access to sophisticated spatial analysis that provides custom directions. Users can find the nearest office to their home, access a map and receive printed or faxed detailed directions on how to get there. Fully integrated vector and raster GIS products allow users to combine scanned raster images, vector data and analytical raster data in the same image for use as backgrounds in Web pages. Genasys' Spatial Web Broker also provides access to raster spatial analysis including 3-D visualization, volumetric calculations, slope, viewshed and reclassification.

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