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Product: CGI Programming on the World Wide Web - comprehensive guide to basic and advanced CGI programming ($29.95)
Author: Shishir Gundavaram
ISBN: 1-56592-168-2
Company: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. (Sebastopol, CA)
Telephone: (707) 829-0515
Fax: (707) 829-0104
E-mail: info@ora.com
URL: http://www.ora.com
Platforms: WWW, HTML, CGI
Description: Offers a complete explanation of CGI and related techniques. Starts at the beginning, explaining the value of CGI and how it works, and takes you swiftly into the subtle details of programming. The book offers a comprehensive look at the job of providing information dynamically on the Web. For most of the examples, this book uses the most common platform (UNIX) and the most popular language (Perl) used for CGI programming today. However, it introduces the essentials of making CGI work with other platforms and languages. The actual programming techniques are not too different from one platform and language to another; the lessons from this book can be applied to any tools you choose.

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