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Product: HTML: The Definitive Guide - complete guide to creating documents on the WWW ($27.95)
Author: Chuck Musciano & Bill Kennedy
ISBN: 1-56592-175-5
Company: O'Reilly & Associates, Inc. (Sebastopol, CA)
Telephone: (707) 829-0515
Fax: (707) 829-0104
E-mail: info@ora.com
URL: http://www.ora.com
Platforms: HTML, WWW
Description: Teaches HTML with a hands-on style. Helps you to create truly effective Web pages and to master advanced features, such as tables and equations. Teaches how to: insert images and other multimedia elements; create effective links and searchable documents; create effective forms with basic forms elements such as buttons, checkboxes, and radio buttons; use netscape extensions, including improved horizontal rules, image layout, indexed documents, line breaking, and font handling; create effective Netscape tables; create dynamic documents with server push and client pull.

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