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New products for the week of 7 April

By John J. McLaughlin, FlashBack, Inc. flash@flashback.com.

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Product: DLT 4000 and 7000 Tape Library Systems - DLT Tape Library Systems ($10,999 for DLT 4000, $16,499 for DLT 7000)
Company: Imation Corp. (Oakdale, MN)
Telephone: (888) 466-3456
E-mail: info@imation.com
URL: http://www.imation.com
Platforms: Netware, Windows NT, IBM, AIX, SCO, Unix, HP-UX, Sun OS, Solaris, Digital Unix and more.
Description: Imation's DLT 4000 library offers network server users the ability to back up, archive and restore data on 15-40 GB DLT tape cartridges. Including one DLT 4000 drive, the system delivers 600 GB (compressed) storage capacity and system transfer rates of up to 1.5 MB/sec (native) or 5.4 GB per hour.

Imation's DLT 7000 library offers network server users the ability to back up, archive and restore data on 15-70 GB DLT tape cartridges. Including one DLT 7000 drive, the system delivers 1050 GB (compressed) storage capacity and system transfer rates of up to 5 MB/sec (native) or 18 GB per hour.

Features include a menu driven LCD control panel for ease of use, a removable tape magazine for easy off-site storage, an optional bar code scanner, and greater than 1,000,000 MCBF. Additionally, the libraries offer operating system and platform software compatible with all leading software packages.

Product: LoaderXpress - DLT storage system ($4995.)
Company: Overland Data Inc. (San Diego CA)
Telephone: (619) 571-5555
E-mail: info@overlanddata.com
URL: http://www.overlanddata.com
Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, NetWare
Description: An affordable desktop DLT solution. Upto two months' backup without operator intervention. Utilizes the cartridge magazine design of the LibraryXpress tape library, allowing users to perform bulk cartridge installation and removal. Functions can be conveniently managed by simple front panel controls that provide direct access to magazine, cartridge and drive status information.

Product: Memory Kits for Sun Microsystems Ultra 5/10 Series Workstations - memory upgrades (64MB/$330 to 512MB/$2,785)
Company: Kingston Technology (Fountain Valley, CA)
Telephone: 800-835-2545, (714) 435-2667
Fax: (714) 438-1820
E-mail: sales@kingston.com
URL: http://www.kingston.com
Platforms: Sun Ultra 5, 10 Workstations
Description: High capacity memory kits supporting Sun Microsystems Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 workstation computers. Kingston's 64MB, 128MB, 256MB and 512MB kits are guaranteed by Kingston to be 100% compatible with Sun's Ultra 5/10 systems hardware, software and diagnostics. Covered under Kingston's lifetime warranty.

Product: Memory for Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 Workstations - memory upgrades (64MB/$335 to 512MB/$2957)
Company: Dataram Corporation (Princeton, NJ)
Telephone: 800-DATARAM, (609) 799-0071
Fax: 609-799-6734
E-mail: sales@dataram.com
URL: http://www.dataram.com
Platforms: Sun Ultra 5 and Ultra 10 workstations
Description: Dataram Corporation, a leading provider of gigabyte memory upgrades for Unix and Windows/NT workstations and servers, specializes in the manufacture of large-capacity memory boards for Compaq, DEC, HP, IBM, SGI and SUN computers. Dataram upgrades are a cost-effective alternative to purchasing memory directly from the system manufacturer and are priced up to 50% less. Products can typically be delivered within 24 hours of order placement. A lifetime warranty and express-ship replacement program backs all Dataram memory products.

Product: SharkSTOR100 - modular racking solution (contact vendor for price)
Company: SharkRack (Sunnyvale, CA)
Telephone: (408) 523-1816
Fax: (408) 735-9111
E-mail: info@sharkrack.com
URL: http://www.sharkrack.com/press.html
Platforms: Ultra1, Ultra2, SPARCstorage Array, E3000, E4000, A5000
Description: Modular racking for Sun Storage Arrays, including the new A5000, and Sun servers (Ultra 1,2, E3000, E4000). Secures A5000 and redirects the side to side airflow to front to back, while allowing the Sun A5000 to slide out to a fully extended position. The SharkSTOR100 also comes standard with 6 blowers mounted on 2 independent hot-plug units for mission critical applications. A hot-plug UPS is included to complete this total racking Solution.


Product: Custom Connect Server Suite - integrate television and the Internet (Contact vendor for price)
Company: Network Computer, Inc. (Redwood Shores CA)
Telephone: (650) 631-4600
E-mail: info@nc.com
URL: http://www.nc.com
Platforms: Solaris, Windows NT
Description: Build and deploy Enhanced TV applications, integrating television and the Internet. Create services such as e-mail, interactive television guides, interactive chat, news tickers, and Web browsing. Built on open standards such as HTTP, SMTP, ODBC and SSL. As a result, Custom Connect fits seamlessly into existing network environments, ensuring compatibility and minimal up-front investment.

Integrated servers, tools and applications deliver a compelling experience to any NCI-enabled client device. Service providers can take advantage of Custom Connect's customizable features to create content and services using their brand, look-and-feel, and existing content. Custom Connect includes ready-to-go content applications such as TV-ready Registration, Tutorial, Help, Favorites, Address Book, User Settings and Home Page.

Product: Dialogic CT Media - Computer Telephony Integration for call center applications (contact vencor for price)
Company: Dialogic Corporation (Parsippany NJ)
Telephone: (973) 993-3000
E-mail: info@dialogic.com
URL: http://www.dialogic.com
Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris
Description: Voicetek will incorporate CT Media, Generations, a development and deployment platform for enhanced services and call center applications.

Based on the open Signal Computing System Architecture (SCSA) model, CT Media is resource management software that makes it possible for multiple telephony and media processing applications to share a common server. With support for standard interfaces like the S.100 media APIs and Microsoft TAPI, CT Media enables more flexible computer telephony systems that can economically support an array of services including switching, messaging, IVR, and call center applications. By supporting multiple open interfaces, developers are not limited to the technical constraints of writing applications to a specific piece of hardware, but are free to concentrate on applications development.

Product: PIPES View - monitor, manage PIPES Platform networks, applications ($2500/system)
Company: PEERLogic, Inc. (San Francisco CA)
Telephone: (800) 733-7601
E-mail: info@peerlogic.com
URL: http://www.peerlogic.com
Platforms: HP-UX, Solaris, Windows NT
Description: Simplifies the management and support of dynamic distributed applications. Provides graphical user interface that displays network changes, events and failures as they happen. Customers can optimize distributed application availability, identify and proactively respond to network, application, or resource failures, and efficiently monitor the operation of scalable, highly distributed, and highly available enterprise-wide applications.

Systems Management

Product: HYPERtape Open Media - Unix media management software (contact vendor for price)
Company: SCH Technologies (Cincinnati OH)
Telephone: (513) 579-0455
E-mail: info@sch.com
URL: http://www.sch.com
Platforms: Unix, NT, VMS
Description: Provides a central point of media management control for all data, regardless of environments and applications, including NT and VMS. Share valuable library resources amongst multiple platforms. This requires fewer tape volume or slots, allows dynamic device allocation and is easily extendable to new platforms, devices, and data management systems.

Product: NFR Version 1.5 - network monitoring and auditing software server (contact vendor for price)
Company: Network Flight Recorder, Inc. (Washington, DC)
Telephone: (202) 662-1400
Fax: (202) 662-1401
E-mail: info@nfr.net
URL: http://www.nfr.net
Platforms: Solaris, BSD/OS, FreeBSD, Linux
Description: Monitor and analyze network use and abuse. Flexible tool that allows network managers to capture an array of information including security violations, remote network usage, and e-mail content.

A Java interface allows administrators to perform real-time queries on the available data and presents the results in both text and graphic formats.

Product: NetWorker BusinesSuite Module for Informix - backup and recovery solution for Informix database servers ($5000/server)
Company: Legato Systems, Inc. (Palo Alto CA)
Telephone: (650) 812-6000
E-mail: sales@legato.com
URL: http://www.legato.com
Platforms: Unix
Description: Provides automated backup process eliminating end-user disruption. "Lights out" backup means built-in scheduling and tape autochanger support, high-end tape and tape library support, and a secondary copy for off-site disaster recovery.

Software Development

Product: CPLEX 5.0 - Parallel Optimizers for Sun Ultra HPC Servers (contact vendor for price)
Company: ILOG S.A (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (650) 390-9000
E-mail: info@ilog.com
URL: http://www.ilog.com
Platforms: PC (Windows 95, NT or Solaris), Cray, Digital Unix, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX
Description: CPLEX 5.0, in conjunction with Sun's recent parallel processing and math library developments, delivers major performance advantages for end users and ISVs developing resource allocation applications such as supply chain planning.

CPLEX mathematical software is used in applications for nearly every industry with complex resource allocation problems, including: manufacturing scheduling and planning, logistics planning and route optimization in the transportation industry, call routing optimization and network planning in the telecommunications industry, financial planning and portfolio optimization, utility planning and dispatch, supply chain management, agriculture, health care, and defense.

Product: U/WIN - Unix-like environment for Windows-based systems ($199 for Windows NT clients, $99 for Windows 95)
Company: Global Technologies Ltd. (Old Bridge, NJ)
Telephone: (609) 722-0906
E-mail: cjn@gtlinc.com
URL: http://www.gtlinc.com
Platforms: Windows 95, Windows NT
Description: Unix-like environment for Windows-based systems which includes the latest release of KornShell, developed at Bell Laboratories. U/WIN is based on the research efforts of David Korn, from AT&T Labs Research.

U/WIN comes bundled with more than 150 POSIX-compliant shell commands and utilities. It runs in the Microsoft native Win32 processing mode and permits you to integrate Win32 API calls into your Unix code, where it makes sense.

A powerful component of the U/WIN® product is the KornShell command and programming shell interface. The KornShell is already available on most Unix platforms. (KornShell is also available from GTL for Unix operating systems.) U/WIN provides a mechanism for building and running Unix applications on Windows NT and Windows 95 with few, if any, changes necessary.


Product: JSQL Version 2.5 - Java/JDBC for the Ingres and OpenIngres (contact vendor for price)
Company: Caribou Lake Software (St. Paul, MN)
Telephone: (612) 688-9470
Fax: (612) 688-9580
E-mail: Info@CaribouLake.com
URL: http://www.CaribouLake.com
Platforms: Java
Description: JSQL family of products provides connectivity between a Java application/applet and the RDBMS using Sun's industry standard Java Database Connectivity interface. Available on a wide variety of popular midrange and desktop computing platforms. The All-Java client is very fast, and supports both JDK 1.0.2 and JDK 1.1.x. A free, full-functioning evaluation copy can be downloaded from the above website. First JDBC connectivity solution for OpenIngres on Solaris and NT.

Aimed at enterprise-wide distributed application development, JSQL sports a Type 3 connection server to interface directly with Ingres/OpenIngres, a pass- through server to bridge connections from a firewall to the RDBMS host, and a remote user authentication server. Jtunnel provides Internet connectivity even through DNS-disabling firewalls and reverse-proxies, allowing seamless application deployment to the general Internet user community.

Product: NetDesk - portable, virtual desktop (initially available via free download)
Company: Plenium Corporation (Dallas, TX)
Telephone: 972-315-5890
Fax: none
E-mail: info@plenium.com
URL: http://www.plenium.com
Platforms: Windows 95, Macintosh, and Unix desktops
Description: Gives users a choice of interchangeable desktop "look & feel" functions. Desktops can look and work like Windows 95, Unix CDE, and many others. Because of its open architecture, Java developers can create custom NetDesk desktops. Users can switch desktops in real-time without shutting down or restarting. They can save the "state" of the desktop and its running applications, and then retrieve the entire session or individually-saved Java applications later, either on the same machine or another. This is similar to the "sleep" feature available on most notebook computers, but it allows users to "wake up" their sessions from any computer. They can travel from computer to computer and have all of their applications and desktop maintained and available anywhere they go, on any Java-capable platform.

Product: Objectivity for Java - Java language interface for Objectivity/DB ($8,000 - $12,000)
Company: Objectivity, Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (650) 254-7100
Fax: (650) 254-7171
E-mail: info@objectivity.com
URL: http://www.objectivity.com
Platforms: Java
Description: Leverage the scalability, performance and reliability of Objectivity's fully distributed pure object database for large scale, mission critical and multi-tier Java applications. Objectivity for Java was designed for OEMs, ISVs and IS organizations developing industrial strength, distributed Java applications with complex data models, petabytes of data and thousands of clients. Scalability is attributable to Objectivity/DB?s advanced distributed architecture that handles huge databases spread across many heterogeneous servers, while providing a single logical view of the federated database.


Product: CasePoint WebServer - Multi-Layer, Self-Service Support system ($1,495 per concurrent user)
Company: Inference Corp. (Novato, CA)
Telephone: (415) 893-7200
E-mail: info@inference.com
URL: http://www.inference.com
Platforms: NT, Solaris
Description: Inference's multi-layer self-service support model empowers users to support themselves, reducing the volume of calls to a call center but retaining the centralized knowledge base, making the entire customer service department smarter and more efficient.

CasePoint WebServer Version 3.0 supports Inference's Case Based Reasoning (CBR) Content Navigator case bases, and includes features such as multiple attachments and expanded question types. It also supports Javascript to enhance customization of the user interface, making it even easier for companies to provide end users with the information they need in a timely matter.

Users can solve queries on their desktop, on the Web or with a call center representative more effectively. On the first layer, end users can solve a query by first using a knowledge base contained on their own PC. If the answer is not available on a user's local knowledge base, then the query is escalated to the Web, the second layer, to search the most up-to-date knowledge base for the answer. Finally, the query along with the knowledge from the first two layers is escalated to the call center, the third layer, to be resolved.

Product: Desktop Utilites for EtherShare 2.5 - cross-platform support for Unix and Mac users (contact vendor for price)
Company: Helios Software GmbH (Garbsen, Germany and Scotts Valley, CA)
Telephone: (408) 461-6061
Fax: (408) 461-6056
E-mail: marketing@helios.de
URL: http://www.helios.de
Platforms: Unix, Macintosh, DOS/Windows
Description: Enhances the usual Unix commands for copy, move, rename, etc. so that the resource part of Macintosh files is left intact. Delivers reliable cross- platform support. Free upgrade for EtherShare 2.5 users.

Product: N-PLEX Global v2.0 for Solaris - large scale Eail system for ISPs (contact vendor for price)
Company: ISOCOR (Santa Monica, CA)
Telephone: (310) 581-8100
Fax: (310) 581-8111
E-mail: info@isocor.com
URL: http://www.isocor.com
Platforms: Solaris, NT
Description: Scalable, high-performance server based on Internet standards, year 2000-compliant, and capable of handling millions of mail users (with Solaris). Targeted at ISPs and large organizations with high-end messaging requirements, offering features that include a distributed architecture for multiple server environments, extensive remote management capabilities, anti-spamming features, ease of administration, and APIs for value-added applications.

Message store allows for load balancing, as well as distributed message processing and storage among multiple servers with single domain addressing.

The Global Directory Server supports LDAP and is required for distributed configurations. Anti-Spamming: Full support for anti-relay and access control features to secure against "spam" and "unfriendly" domains. Address verification using reverse DNS lookup in SMTP to prevent SMTP spoofing. Allows and prevents user logins based on an access control list (ACL) using IP addresses with separate ACLs for authorizing message store access and relaying. May be configured with a list of included or excluded addresses; also includes an extension mechanism to allow for customized spam filters.


Product: Arbor Essbase OLAP Server 5 - platform for enterprise OLAP (Contact vendor for price)
Company: Arbor Software (Sunnyvale CA)
Telephone: (800) 858-1666
E-mail: info@arborsoft.com
URL: http://www.arborsoft.com
Platforms: HP-UX, AIX, IBM OS/2, Windows NT, Windows 95, Splaris
Description: Allows integration of OLAP applications across the enterprise. Typical applications include sales analysis, profitability analysis, EIS, financial consolidations, budgeting and forecasting. Provides breakthroughs in scalability, performance, distributed architecture.


Product: System Security Scanner (S3) - security vulnerability detection and analysis software ($495 for a single server license or $3,500 for a 10-server license)
Company: Internet Security Systems Inc (Atlanta, GA)
Telephone: (770) 395-0150, (800) 776-2376
Fax: (770) 395-1972
E-mail: sales@iss.net
URL: http://www.iss.net
Platforms: SunOS, Solaris, AIX, HP-UX, Irix, and Linux
Description: System Security Scanner (S3), is an integral component of the ISS SAFEsuite product family. It operates on each computer to provide a detailed internal system security assessment. A centralized console provides simplified security policy management and enforcement of individual agents and enterprise-wide reporting.

S3 systematically compares an organization's stated security policy with the actual configuration of host computers for potential security risks, including easily guessed passwords, user privileges, file system access rights, service configurations, data integrity, and the existence of Trojan backdoors and suspicious activity that indicates an intrusion.


Product: CTIntegrator - automatic test pattern generation (ATPG) tools ($30,000 per seat)
Company: Mentor Graphics (Wilsonville, OR)
Telephone: (503) 685-1301
E-mail: info@mentorg.com
URL: http://www.mentorg.com/
Platforms: HP-UX, Solaris, Windows NT
Description: Design-For Test (DFT) software solution for integrating multiple core test methodologies within a system-on-chip design. Solves the problem of effective test reuse for complex core-based designs, accelerating customers' creation of next-generation computer, multimedia and telecom products.

Product: PEmag - design tool for power electronic device components (contact vendor for price)
Company: Ansoft (Pittsburgh, PA)
Telephone: (412) 261-3200
Fax: (412) 471-9427
E-mail: info@ansoft.com
URL: http://www.ansoft.com
Platforms: NT, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, IRIX
Description: A design tool specifically tailored for the design of power electronic device components, such as inductors and transformers. It allows the designer to enter standard geometry dimensions for the components and perform fast analytical solutions. In addition, it automatically generates and solves a finite element based model using Ansoft's Maxwell 2D Electromagnetic Field Simulator to ensure highly accurate parameter extraction.

Industry demands for small, high frequency-low power consumption devices are driving the need for more accurate modeling and traditional prototype and test methods used by power electronic designers are no longer sufficient. PEmag accurately accounts for the frequency effects of magnetic components on waveforms in devices used in high frequency power supplies and power amplifiers. The effects of winding strategy, skin, proximity and end effect, conductor type, material and core shape are included to assure fast, efficient and accurate product designs.


Product: Java Teaching Kit - Java courseware ($3,995 for an unlimited-use license per classroom or per instructor)
Company: Blue Horse Software (Seattle, WA)
Telephone: (206) 675-1451
Fax: (206) 675-8949
E-mail: barryb@bluehorse.com
URL: http://www.learnjava.com
Platforms: none
Description: Provides instructors with a complete and effective set of Java training material. Organization can teach the fundamentals of Java programming to its employees or clients in a three to five day course.

Includes slides, instructor notes, lots of ideas for classroom discussions, student handouts, quizzes, a large collection of in-class exercises -- even diplomas.

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