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New products for the week of April 1

By John J. McLaughlin, FlashBack, Inc. flash@flashback.com.

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Product: CrystalEyes - stereoscopic 3D viewing peripheral ($995)
Company: StereoGraphics (San Rafael, CA)
Telephone: (800) 783-2660
E-mail: info@stereographics.com
URL: http://www.stereographics.com
Platforms: Unix servers, Windows NT workstations
Description: Allows professionals dealing with large multi-dimensional data sets to visualize images more naturally and make a faster and more accurate analysis. Many common software applications used in mechanical CAD, molecular modeling, GIS/mapping and medical imaging support StereoGraphics' CrystalEyes.

Product: Elite3D and Creator3D - Graphics Options for Sun Workstations (starting at $12,495)
Company: Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)
Telephone: (650) 786-5404
E-mail: info@sun.com
URL: http://www.sun.com
Platforms: Sun workstations
Description: The Elite3D graphics subsystem architecture uses Sun's most advanced componentry to support computationally-intense techniques such as integrated imaging, texture mapping, geometry transformations, sophisticated lighting model calculations, and video compression/decompression. The highly- integrated parallel graphics subsystem handles the entire graphics pipeline, including hardware acceleration of OpenGL functions, and delivers up to five times the performance of Sun's Creator3D systems while maintaining full binary software compatibility.

Elite3D technology is available in two models: the m3, featuring three dedicated geometry engines, and the m6, featuring six geometry engines. Sun Ultra workstations with dual UPA slots can support any combination of Elite3D m6, Elite3D m3 and Creator3D graphics boards.

Creator3D graphics are ideal for users requiring high-performance windowing, 2D and low-cost 3D graphics, integrated imaging and video playback. The Creator3D graphics enhancements include support for hardware acceleration of OpenGL stencil functions, up to four 8-bit color maps to reduce color map flashing, and adjustable gamma correction for enhanced visual quality. The new Creator3D graphics technology is fully compatible with previous generations of Creator graphics and is available in Sun's new Ultra 60 and Ultra 10 workstations.

Product: JETSTREAM 8500 - connects remote clients ($1495 for 8 serial ports)
Company: Specialix, Inc. (Campbell CA)
Telephone: (800) 423-5364
Fax: (408) 376-0786
E-mail: info@specialix.com
URL: http://www.specialix.com
Platforms: Windows NT, Unix
Description: Connects remote clients and local serial devices to Unix and Windows NT networks. Allows up to 24 authorized remote users. Users can access e-mail, share and print documents, and connect to the Internet. Provides ease of configuration and management of port activity.

Product: WaveSwitch 9200 - gigabit backbone switch (none)
Company: Plaintree Systems Inc. (Newton, MA)
Telephone: (617) 965-5811
Fax: none
E-mail: info@plaintree.com
URL: http://www.plaintree.com
Platforms: Sun Quad FastEthernet NIC
Description: Gigabit backbone switch supports Sun's trunking system for network-to-server connections. Bandwidths of up to 400 Mbps full duplex (800 Mbps total) are achieved when Sun's trunking software enhancement is installed into a server equipped with the Sun Quad FastEthernet (Sbus/PCI) network interface card (NIC) and the NIC is cabled to a Plaintree switch.

The combination provides a migration path to higher server network bandwidth while protecting network investments. Any combination of the four ports on a Sun Quad FastEthernet NIC can be trunked together to form a single high-speed logical link with multiple physical cables to a Plaintree WaveSwitch 9200. Server-to-network bandwidth of up to 400 Mbps full duplex (800 Mbps) is achievable in increments of 100 Mbps.


Product: AX/4000 - ATM Test System controller software (contact vendor for price)
Company: Adtech Inc. (Honolulu, HI)
Telephone: (800) 348-0080 or (808) 734-3300
E-mail: info@adtech-inc.com
URL: http://www.adtech-inc.com
Platforms: HP Unix 10.2, SUN OS 5.5, Solaris 2.5
Description: Unix version of AX/4000 ATM Test System controller software. Common user interfaces eliminate the need to train on two different platforms. System setup files and data capture file formats are identical, so switching between the two operating systems is seamless and transparent. An engineer can begin a test using a workstation in the lab and continue at home using a notebook PC connected to the AX/4000 via remote access software. Also available is a C Function library that allows engineers to create their own AX/4000 applications in C or TCL on any ANSI C compatible platform.

Product: Adaptive Server IQ 11.5 - relational database management system ($25,000)
Company: Sybase, Inc. (Emeryville, CA)
Telephone: (510) 922-4576
E-mail: info@sybase.com
URL: http://www.sybase.com
Platforms: Digital Unix, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Sun Solaris, Windows NT
Description: Provides ad hoc query performance up to 100 times faster than traditional relational database management systems, and maintains high performance with constantly changing queries. Provides high-performance analysis capabilities. Performs ad hoc and planned queries through stored procedures, saving significant time and administration in the preparation of pre-planned reports. Provides full SQL language support through a single set of APIs and drivers, enabling users to perform database queries across both datastores. Both Adaptive Server Enterprise and Adaptive Server IQ scale to the terabyte level. In addition, both products use Sybase Central, an intuitive GUI administration tool providing access to multiple Sybase Adaptive Server datastores.

Product: Enroute Eclipse V.2.3 - scalable IP/Internet Backbone fax server (contact vendor for price)
Company: TGI Technologies Ltd. (Vancouver, B.C., Canada)
Telephone: (604) 872-6676
Fax: (604) 872-6601
E-mail: info@tgivan.com
URL: http://www.tgivan.com
Platforms: Solaris 2.x for SPARC or Solaris x86 for Intel
Description: Scalable IP/Internet Backbone fax server allows Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and/or Network Carriers to leverage network infrastructure by offering PSTN by-pass and other value-add fax services to direct connect and dial-up Internet subscribers. Later versions will service other media formats such as IP voice. The package uses Radius Authentication/Auditing and Least Cost Routing (LCR) to efficiently process PSTN fax calls over an IP network. End to end fee settlement is provided to allow independent ISPs to exchange fax traffic and be equitably paid for services rendered. Enroute Eclipse provides PSTN access through Class 2/2.0 modems, Brooktrout fax/voice cards, and remote access server products such as ASCEND. For high traffic locations, Enroute Eclipse can be connected directly to analog and/or digital T1/E1/ISDN lines. Enroute Eclipse's server runs under Solaris 2.x for SPARC or Solaris x86 for Intel platforms and is fully distributed, spreading fax processing and functions between different Server Modules.

Product: IntraPower Suite 2.5 - out-of-the-box directory-based Intranet application ($20/user)
Company: Oblix, Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (650) 526-7857
E-mail: info@oblix.com
URL: http://www.oblix.com
Platforms: Windows NT and Sun Solaris
Description: Enhanced and feature-rich version of the popular software, strengthening its stature as the first and premier suite of entirely web- based, "out-of-the-box" Intranet applications. IntraPower Suite 2.5 offers many new capabilities including full LDAP and RDBMS support, field-by-field access control, integrated workflow, customizable styles, and modular applications. MIS professionals can download a 30-day free trial from Oblix's web site.

Includes three applications essential to employee productivity: the Employee Directory, which allows an enterprise to publish and manage employee information; the Group Manager, which enables team leaders to setup shared workspaces for document sharing and collaboration; and the Shared-Resource Scheduler, which allows anyone to easily locate and reserve the right corporate resources. IntraPower Suite also features an extensive, Web- based Administration Console to configure and manage the entire set of applications.

Product: KeyView HTML Export - API converts various file types into HTML (contact vendor for price)
Company: Verity, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Telephone: (408) 541-1500
E-mail: info@verity.com
URL: http://www.verity.com/
Platforms: Windows NT, Sun Solaris, HP UX, IBM AIX, SGI IRIX, DEC Alpha
Description: Application programming interface (API) that provides dynamic conversion of various file types into HTML. Enables software developers to generate HTML documents from all popular applications including Microsoft Office 97, Lotus SmartSuite 97 and Corel WordPerfect Suite 8 to Web-enable their applications. Provides on-demand HTML conversion to produce documents that appear and behave like content expressly designed for the Web. API Toolkit gives developers full control over the conversion process, using templates that assure the HTML document is rendered to fit developers' requirements and corporate standards. The product is designed to be integrated with document management applications, groupware, e-mail collaborative software and Web-based applications.

Product: M.I.S. Print version 4.0 - transforms Xerox and line printer data streams to PostScript and PDF (contact vendor for price)
Company: Rochester Software Associates, Inc. (Rochester, NY)
Telephone: (716) 327-7123
E-mail: info@rocsoft.com
URL: http://www.rocsoft.com
Platforms: Sun Solaris 2.6
Description: Transforms record oriented Xerox and line printer data streams, generated by mainframe and midrange computers, to PostScript for production on high speed or desktop PostScript printers and PDF for viewing. Enables companies with both mainframe and client/server network output to use the same high speed production printers. Ideal for companies consolidating print centers or moving to PostScript as their Open Systems standard. New release features streamlined PDF creation and expanded print management functions. Jobs can be sent to multiple queues and moved between queues to optimize production. Also supports additional midrange and desktop printers including HP's 5i printers and Xerox's N32 printer and DocuCentre 35 multifunctional document systems.

Product: PLATINUM AutoAnswer - help desk and call center solution (contact vendor for price)
Company: PLATINUM technology, inc. (Oakbrook Terrace, IL)
Telephone: 800-442-6861, 630-620-5000
Fax: 630-691-0718
E-mail: info@platinum.com
URL: http://www.platinum.com
Platforms: Windows NT, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and IBM AIX
Description: Automates the help desk, allowing support staff to solve problems quickly, in most cases on the first call. Web-based tools help users solve problems themselves by accessing solutions via a company's Web site. Provides the tools that help desk staff need to increase efficiency, and automate and simplify the help desk process. Supports industry standards (TCP/IP, OLE, OCX, DDE, ActiveX) and major databases (Oracle, Sybase, Informix, Microsoft SQL Server).

Product: QuickStart MediaMart - manages high-volumes of multimedia data ($49,995)
Company: Sybase, Inc (Emeryville, CA)
Telephone: (800) 8-SYBASE or (510) 922-3555
E-mail: info@sybase.com
URL: http://www.sybase.com
Platforms: NT, Solaris
Description: A complete solution to manage high-volumes of multimedia data for mission-critical business applications in Web and client/server environments. Based on Sybase's flagship DBMS, Adaptive Server Enterprise 11.5, QuickStart MediaMart is an integrated suite of products from Sybase and Network Imaging Corporation. Combines software, consulting, training and support services that enable organizations to build and manage multimedia data stores in existing or new database applications, whether over the Internet, intranets or corporate networks.

Software Development

Product: Tools.h++ Professional - developmental tool set for enhanced interoperability ($1195 single-user license)
Company: Rogue Wave Software (Corvallis OR)
Telephone: (541) 757-8077
E-mail: info@tapestrypr.com
URL: http://www.roguewave.com
Platforms: WinNT, Win95, Solaris, HP-UX, AIX, and Irix
Description: Provides more than 130 C++ building blocks for developing applications using a mix of languages. Includes tools for Java and C++. Solves the programming challenges of developing cross-platform applications.


Title: HTML FOR FUN AND PROFIT - How to build Web pages ($39.95)
Author: Mary E. S. Morris and John E. Simpson
Telephone: (650) 786-4706
Fax: (650) 786-8611
E-mail: johnb@Eng.sun.com
URL: http://www.sun.com/books/
ISBN: 0-13-079672-7
Platforms: Web browsers
Description: Teaches HTML. Completely revised and updated, the third edition features in-depth coverage of the fundamentals and new HTML innovations. Covers the use of tags, adding hyperlinks, graphics and multimedia, and creating clickable imagemaps. Explains the benefits of tables and frames and how to generate pages "on the fly." * Build easy-to-update pages with Dynamic HTML & Cascading Style Sheets * Connect your web pages to valuable databases with CGI scripts * Customize your pages with "Server includes" * Create automated forms for processing data from users and customers * Make the most of JavaScript and other "client-side" scripting tools * Common-sense style guidelines and the latest authoring tools * State-of-the-art Web site design and management tips * Rigorous testing and quality assurance techniques


Product: Coda - Java Web site builder (Coda 2.0 $199; Coda 2.0 Pro $799)
Company: RandomNoise, Inc. (San Francisco, CA)
Telephone: (650) 786-3411
E-mail: info@randomnoise.com
URL: http://www.randomnoise.com
Platforms: PC, Macintosh, and Solaris
Description: Precision layout and control of objects. Component architecture that allows Coda to be completely extensible. An object-oriented approach to Web page design. Support for object interactivity and communication. True WYSIWYG output on any Java-compatible Web browser.

Product: DataDirect SequeLink Java Edition - Middleware (contact vendor for price)
Company: INTERSOLV, Inc. (Rockville, MD)
Telephone: 800-547-4000, (301) 838-5000
Fax: (301) 838-5064
E-mail: info@intersolv.com
URL: http://www.intersolv.com
Platforms: JDBC (JDK 1.02 or JDK 1.1); SequeLink Servers support Windows NT, HP-UX, Solaris, AIX, AS/400, OS/390
Description: 100% Pure Java data access middleware which fully supports the Java Database Connectivity (JDBC) specification. It consists of a single, universal standards-based JDBC client, an Ultra-Thin Java Proxy and SequeLink Common Server DBMS interfaces. SequeLink Java Edition delivers high-performance, point-to-point and n-tier access to data across the Internet, intranets and extranets-connecting to a wide variety of databases.

SequeLink Java Edition provides scalable connectivity from multivendor client, server and Web environments to industry-leading relational and mainframe databases. Built on DataDirect SequeLink core technology, SequeLink Java Edition is optimized and tuned for the Java environment, extending the functionality and performance of existing systems and easily incorporating new technologies.

Product: JDesignerPro 2.5 - Java RAD tool ($695)
Company: BulletProof Corporation (Los Gatos, CA)
Telephone: (408) 374-2323
Fax: none
E-mail: support@bulletproof.com
URL: http://www.bulletproof.com
Platforms: Java (JDK 1.1.3 or later, JDBC) for Unix or Windows
Description: A leading Java RAD tool for corporate Intranet and Web developers. Includes BulletProof's new FastSockets technology, application wizards, simplified Year 2000 compliance, advanced components and more. Designed to be the easiest system for IT professionals to develop and deploy Java data-driven Web and Intranet solutions. A Free trial of JDesignerPro 2.5 is available now for download from company's website.

BulletProof has added features in the application builder, the Deployment Manager and on the server. These new features improve ease of use and speed across the development tool and during client-side execution.

Includes a new Java server system called FastSockets. JAGGServer, BulletProof's application server and integral part of the development and deployment processes, now uses this technology extensively. FastSockets is a new method for handling client requests and application delivery that dramatically improves performance. It does this with intelligent monitoring of client connections to JAGGServer and optimization of the use of those sockets. FastSockets is a seamless implementation that requires no coding by the developer and works across standard Intranets and the Web.

Product: Java Dynamic Management Kit - Builds Component-Based, Self-Managed Networks ($5,995)
Company: Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Menlo Park, CA)
Telephone: (800) 786-7638
E-mail: info@sun.com
URL: http://www.sun.com
Platforms: Java
Description: A Java-based solution for building and distributing network management intelligence into system, application and network devices for the new Service-Driven Network. This software introduces a unique combination of `push` and Java network management technologies for building self-managed networks.

The Kit provides a `component-based` approach to network management and includes a library of core management services that are implemented as JavaBeans for Management. Since the product is compliant with the JavaBeans Component Specification, System administrators can quickly and easily develop additional `beans` using the Java Dynamic Management Kit builder and leveraging bean-based development products like Sun's Java Workshop. These beans can now be automatically distributed throughout the network via advanced `push/pull` mechanisms, making developers' and system administrators' jobs easier and more productive.

Product: Solstice Enterprise Manager 2.1 Java Supplement - Java APIs for development of custom network management applications (contact vendor for price)
Company: Sun Microsystems (Menlo Park, CA)
Telephone: (800) 786-7638
E-mail: info@sun.com
URL: http://www.sun.com
Platforms: Sun Solstice
Description: A set of Java APIs for development of custom network management applications and a browser-based Java Management Console that allows administrators to monitor the network from anywhere at anytime in the new Service-Driven Network. Network administrators on-call 24 hours a day can now quickly respond to network alarms without leaving home; service providers can give their customers a secure, real-time view into their managed networks; and operations staff can more accurately provide senior management with up-to-the minute reporting on the true health of critical network services.

Product: TargetLink - Software/Data distribution tool (contact vendor for price)
Company: Internet Image, Inc. (Fremont, CA)
Telephone: (510) 739-2020
Fax: (510) 739-0703
E-mail: info@internetimage.com
URL: http://www.internetimage.com
Platforms: Java
Description: Advanced software and data distribution package that provides powerful management features for guaranteed delivery of task-critical information over Intranets and the Internet.

Java-based, enterprise-level software and data distribution package for moving and managing content to networked clients using the Internet. It adapts Sun Microsystem's RMI, a pure Java implementation of TCP/IP network transport layer, to control and manage client/server communication. Its agent technology creates 2-way links between sender and recipients. BeyondPush delivers the enterprise-level control and management capabilities that are not possible in traditional Push or broadcast models.

Product: Tengah - Java Application Server (starting at $1,995)
Company: WebLogic (San Francisco, CA)
Telephone: (415) 659-2600
E-mail: info@weblogic.com
URL: http://www.weblogic.com
Platforms: Solaris, NT, AIX, Digital, HP, NetWare, SGI servers
Description: Builds, deploys and manages commercial-grade, distributed Java applications across heterogeneous Java platforms and databases, and securely scale them to support thousands of clients across intranets, extranets and the Internet. Delivers a suite of integrated services that address a comprehensive range of IT requirements including distributed components, distributed objects, event management, database connectivity, global directory support and Web integration.

With Tengah, Java applications can be partitioned using powerful Java-native mechanisms like JavaBeans, Remote Method Invocation (RMI), and distributed events. Tengah is pure Java and compatible with leading Java Integrated Development Environments (IDEs). Tengah includes WebLogic's database integration solution for Java based on JDBC.

Product: jEVENTS 1.0 - CORBA Event Service Specification (contact vendor for price)
Company: OutBack Resource Group, Inc. (San Luis Obispo, CA)
Telephone: (805) 542-8570
Fax: (805) 541-5467
E-mail: info@outbackinc.com
URL: http://www.outbackinc.com
Platforms: java
Description: A CORBA Event Service written in Java; a complete implementation of the CORBA Event Service Specification, including both pull and push support. It is written entirely in Java, and is completely portable. Features: Cross-platform (100% Java); Code size only 35K, packaged in a JAR file; High Performance; Supports both Push and Pull style communications; Supports the OMG's Standard IDL to Java mapping; and Works with popular Java-based CORBA ORBs.


Product: Big Brother Version 1.06 - Web-based System & Network monitor (free for non-commercial use)
Company: Sean MacGuire (Quebec, Canada)
Telephone: (514) 982-9688
Fax: none
E-mail: sean@iti.qc.ca
URL: http://www.iti.qc.ca/~sean/bb-dnld/
Platforms: Unix
Description: Monitors multiple Unix systems, network connectivity, disk space, processes, load averages, and servers. Completely configurable supports paging, and displays all this information on a Web page. Ideal as a high-level system watcher, an SNMP tool watcher (make sure that expensive system still works), or even as an upper-management pacifier, since it not only looks cool, but even the least techinical human can understand the basic "green is good / red is bad" philosophy that BB employs.

Product: Commercial Adapter Development Kit - Integration kit for ActiveWeb users (contact vendor for price)
Company: Active Software (Santa Clara CA)
Telephone: (408) 988-0414
Fax: (408) 988-6607
E-mail: info@activesw.com
URL: http://www.activesw.com
Platforms: Windows, Solaris, IRIS, Java platforms
Description: Available for C and Java environments, Commercial ADK is designed for integrators and development partners who want to integrate products into the ActiveWeb Integration System.

Active Software provides off-the-shelf adapters for databases, packaged and custom applications, mainframe resources, languages and the Web. The Commercial ADK allows developers to integrate an ever-increasing number of computing resources into the ActiveWeb system. It streamlines adapter development by implementing features common to all adapters. A developer using the ADK focuses on the resource being adapted, while ADK code handles the integration with ActiveWeb. With Active Software's expertise built-in, adapter creation is quick and easy and the result is an adapter that automatically conforms to the Active Software's Adapter Protocol. This enables adapter monitoring and control via the ActiveWeb management tools.

Product: DocuShare 1.5 - posting, sharing and managing information across corporate intranets (starts at $695)
Company: Xerox Corporation (Rochester, NY)
Telephone: (716) 383-7948
E-mail: info@xerox.com
URL: http://www.xerox.com
Platforms: Windows NT 4.0, Solaris 2.5
Description: Enables people across an enterprise to collaborate on projects by providing an electronic forum to manage and exchange documents, spreadsheets, presentations, images and other information. Product includes a new customization feature that lets users assign properties or attributes for cataloging and retrieving digitally stored information. Another feature is automatic conversion of documents to HTML, the language of the Web, based on the Verity KeyView HTML export technology. Users can view and print a document from within the browser, so it is not necessary to have the application in which the document was authored. The automatic HTML conversion feature initially is available for the NT server platform. Additionally, it provides enhancements for administrators to track activity on the DocuShare server.

Product: PowerDynamo - Web Application Server ($4,999 per server for Sun Solaris)
Company: Sybase, Inc. (Emeryville, CA)
Telephone: (510) 922-4299
E-mail: info@sybase.com
URL: http://www.sybase.com
Platforms: Windows NT, Windows 95 and Sun Solaris
Description: A Web application server that deploys ultra-thin, database-driven applications over intranets, extranets, and the Internet. This is a key deployment server for Sybase PowerSite, an open rapid application development environment, also announced yesterday Together they provide customers with an integrated solution for building, managing, and deploying mission-critical enterprise Web applications. PowerDynamo complements current Web servers by dynamically processing templates and passing pure HTML back to the client. Templates HTML pages with embedded business logic and database connectivity enable robust, enterprise applications that go beyond most existing Web sites' capabilities.

Product: Resonate Dispatch - IntelliFlow Architecture (starting at $4,000)
Company: Resonate inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (650) 967-6500
Fax: (650) 967-6561
E-mail: info@resonateinc.com
URL: http://www.resonateinc.com
Platforms: PC
Description: Enables multiple TCP servers to act as a single, scalable, reliable and easily managed system. Using Resource-based Scheduling, Central Dispatch actively manages all incoming traffic, directing requests to the optimal server based on the specific resource or service requested.

Product: ScanMail 1.5 for Lotus Notes - server-based virus protection for Lotus Notes ($835)
Company: Trend Micro Incorporated (Cupertino, CA)
Telephone: (800) 228-5651
E-mail: sales@trendmicro.com
URL: http://www.antivirus.com
Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris, OS/2 and AIX
Description: Supports heterogeneous networks while protecting the Notes environment from hosting and spreading costly viruses. Allows administrators to manage virus protection remotely, whether they're at a terminal within the company or using a laptop on the road or at home. The Notes client scanning function allows for real-time and on-demand scanning of users' databases for viruses, even encrypted documents. The product also scans Notes scripts on the server for viruses. Evaluation software may be downloaded from website.

Product: Xni V2.1 - Network Analysis ($4995.00)
Company: Fastlane Software Systems, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Telephone: (408) 733-1483
Fax: (408) 33-1481
E-mail: info@xni.com
URL: http://www.xni.com
Platforms: Solaris, SunOS, Irix
Description: Provides a comprehensive, easy-to-use, software-only real-time view of the flow of traffic. It identifies what literally each and every network user is doing at any given moment and displays this information in an easy-to-understand graphical form.

Xni has the ability to record all of this information for future review and analysis. Allows you to configure the program to respond to any specified event -- providing a visual or audible alarm, writing to a log file or executing a Unix command. (This might include paging the SysAdmin, running a script to modify network behavior or notifying remote users.)

Xni also includes powerful security features. It can easily detect and alert IS personnel to the presence of unauthorized users, as well as unauthorized contacts and network uses.

Xni can be easily configured to meet your analysis needs. It allows the grouping of hosts to identify network usage by department, workgroup, employee category, etc. It also permits the configuration of protocol usage categories.

Data Warehousing

Product: Darwin 3.0 - data mining software ($50,000)
Company: Thinking Machines Corporation (Burlington, MA)
Telephone: (781) 238-3417
E-mail: info@think.com
URL: http://www.think.com
Platforms: Sun Solaris, HP UX, IBM AIX
Description: A parallel, scalable data mining tool. Enables businesses to analyze large databases, discover new patterns, extract hidden information, and understand and predict future trends. Predictive technology allows companies to design customer-focused business strategies and increase the effectiveness of marketing programs. Client/server architecture allows users to mine large amounts of customer data. Data Mining Wizards walk users through the process, using improved algorithms, and the ability to import SAS files. Product can run on single or multiple CPU servers and take advantage of parallel (SMP and MPP) computing techniques. Also new is the ability to create graphs using Microsoft Excel, and a workflow feature that visually documents the data mining process. Macros can be recorded through a scripting facility.


Product: BoKS Manager 4.4 - Unix host security and secure single sign-on solution (contact vendor for price)
Company: Security Dynamics Technologies, Inc. (Bedford, MA)
Telephone: (781) 687-7514
Fax: none
E-mail: info@securitydynamics.com
URL: http://www.securitydynamics.com/
Platforms: Solaris, HP-UX and AIX
Description: Allows administrators, authenticated by SecurID tokens, to secure networked Unix servers and workstations. Combined with new versions of BoKS Desktop and BoKS Connect, BoKS Manager 4.4 also enables security managers to implement secure single sign-on for user access to a wide range of databases and applications. It counters Unix weaknesses by providing network-based authentication, access control, system monitoring and audit for a network of Unix workstations and servers. In addition, it provides auditing features that allow administrators to monitor user activity, alerting them to possible security violations and maintaining a protected record of all access. These security features are key for certain regulated industries, such as banking and telecommunications, where Unix host security is a key element of required security audits.


Product: UTA - Universal Serial Bus (USB) Transaction Analyzer ($15,000)
Company: Sand Microelectronics (Santa Clara, CA)
Telephone: (408) 235-8600
Fax: (408) 235-8601
E-mail: info@sandmicro.com
URL: http://www.sandmicro.com
Platforms: Sun and HP Unix
Description: UTA is the first design tool for USB simulation data analysis. UTA reduces design time and improves quality by helping designers detect errors early in their design cycle. UTA makes USB simulation data more meaningful, and makes it easier to analyze USB transactions. It detects USB protocol violations, and provides an environment for debugging and regression testing.


Product: SunClient Support - desktop support program ($276/year)
Company: Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Palo Alto CA)
Telephone: (408) 276-0184
E-mail: info@sun.com
URL: http://www.sun.com
Platforms: Sun Ultra5 network computers
Description: Cost-effective, flexible support program for entire computing environment from servers to workstations. Support plan includes on-site response, central maintenance, and software technical support. Users enjoy simple administration of service plus the ability to add new systems to existing contract.


Product: Solaris 2.6 Training - System Administration Courses ($2,195)
Company: Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: 408-276-5200
Fax: 408-276-0633
E-mail: info@sun.com
URL: http://suned.sun.com/suned/menu.html
Platforms: Solaris
Description: Sun Educational Services has updated the curriculum of our two most popular System Administration Courses to reflect the latest features and changes of Solaris 2.6: Solaris 2.X System Administration I (SA-235) is a redesigned version of Solaris 2.X System Administration Essentials (SA-135). Three days of course content covering basic Unix commands have been replaced with three days of system administration-level content, providing 5 full days of system administration training.

This course has also been updated to reflect the changes in the Solaris 2.6 operating environment. Solaris 2.X System Administration II (SA-286) is an updated version of Solaris 2.X System Administration (SA-285) and reflects the changes in the Solaris 2.6 operating environment. This course also contains 60% new material not previously covered in SA-285.

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