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[SunWorld April 1998 table of contents]
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Plotting the next Internet by Amy Finley
What are the two major initiatives for decongesting the Internet? The Next Generation Internet and Internet2 are dissected. (3,400 words)

Battening down the hatches by Chuck Musciano
How can you implement mainframe-style access control in Unix? (2,600 words)

Cobol programming in the Java world by Robert E. Lee
What are your options for making the Cobol conversion? (1,800 words)

Microsoft: Unix powerhouse? by Robert McMillan
A peek at Mr. Gates's Unix development team. (1,500 words)


Top news stories

Oracle expands support for Java across product line by Torsten Busse
Oracle will serve up Java in various blends. (600 words)

Fujitsu, Sun form partnership to keep Solaris's lead on NT by Rob Guth
Fujitsu joins NCR on Solaris-Merced commitment. (700 words)

Freeware gathers steam with first dedicated summit by James Niccolai
Creators of Perl, Linux, BIND, Sendmail among the participants. (1,000 words)

Sun unleashes Java 3D API beta by Stephanie Steenbergen
Does it complement or conflict with VRML? (900 words)

Netscape releases Communicator 5.0 source code by Nancy Weil and Jeff Walsh
Company bets its future on the power of free software. (700 words)


Career Advisor: The market is booming for Unix contractors and consultants -- will it stay that way? by Edgar Saadi
When is it time to make the move from contracting to a full-time position? Plus, the anxieties of a sysadmin and a new project manager who are longing to get back to their programming roots. (1,550 words)

IT Architect: Planning your middleware strategy by Jason May
Architecting the software that moves information around in your network. (2,000 words)

Bill's Bookshelf Bill's Bookshelf: Whitfield Diffie says your privacy is on the line by Bill Rosenblatt
According to one of the inventors of public-key encryption, when it comes to Internet security we should be less concerned with cyber-fraud than with the FBI. (2,000 words)

Readers Speak Out: Letters to the Editor
IT Architect looks like a hit, another look at cable modems, and more.

More news

Updated!Eye on the competition Eye on the competition: Up-to-the-minute news on Sun's rivals by IDG News Service
IBM unveils RS/6000 successor to Deep Blue. HP-UX to get LDAP, Iona ORB. Hitachi moves to HP's Unix. HP remains opposed to Sun's Java standardization process. Also, HP drops prices on Visualize workstations. (5 stories posted)

PeopleSoft aims at international arena with upgrade by Marc Ferranti
Hopes to give SAP a run for its money. (900 words)

Updated!SunSpots SunSpots: The latest tidbits on Sun deals and product news by IDG News Service
Sun announces new midrange servers, ERP software. Sun axes planet business structure in favor of new divisions. Sun acquisition rumors buoy Netscape stock. Big Post Office contract for Sun. Despite slow sales in Asia, Sun's revenue, earnings up in Q3. IBM, Sun to co-develop new Java OS. (11 stories posted)

Updated!The Internet Files The Internet Files: news on the latest Internet standards and struggles by IDG News Service staff
Internet should be free of regulation, U.S. Commerce Dept. says. Gore unveils high-speed Internet2. Domain name infrastructure fund ruled illegal. Potential $35 billion price tag on U.S. encryption policy. (6 stories posted)

Updated!SunWorld's Net News Central compiled by Craig Knudsen
Your quick resource for Sun-related headlines on the World Wide Web -- including links to full-length articles.

Updated!New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun, SPARC, or Solaris, it's here in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new product listing.


Webmaster: Moving to a new standard -- HTML gets a makeover, part 1 by Chuck Musciano
A look at new table tags in HTML 4.0. (2,000 words)

Inside Solaris: Fiddling around with files, part 3 by Jim Mauro
We jump into symbolic links, file access modes, and other file "bits." (3,800 words)

Security: Pete's Wicked World -- Designing secure software by Peter Galvin
A methodology for avoiding the security holes that drive you mad. (2,100 words)

Performance Q&A: Prying into processes and workloads by Adrian Cockcroft
A new way of looking at per-process information and techniques for summarizing processes into workloads. (5,700 words)

Connectivity: Wireless services: A freedom from location by Rawn Shah
An examination of the types of wireless services and how they work. (2,300 words)

Unix 101: Sending signals by Mo Budlong
The use of signals along with trap and kill commands to end processes. (1,700 words)


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