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Product: Active Java - Object Oriented Programming for the WWW
Author: Adam Freeman, Darrel Ince
ISBN: 0-201-40370-6
Company: Addison-Wesley Publishing Company (Reading, MA)
Telephone: (800) 822-6339
Fax: (617) 942-1117
E-mail: aw.cse@aw.com
URL: http://www.aw.com/cseng
Platforms: java
Description: Covers the main ideas behind the language and provides a thorough introduction to new concepts and issues associated with using Java. Includes coverage of object-oriented programming techniques in Java. Practically illustrated throughout with samples of programming code taken from real Applets. Provides the opportunity to construct a moderately complex application building on the examples given in the book, with full discussions of the coding techniques and the software construction process.

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