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Sun fires at the enterprise by Cate T. Corcoran
With high-bandwidth Ultra Enterprise servers, Sun sets its sights on mainframes, HP, and IBM. (2,100 words)
Networld+Interop: Internet wares galore by George Lawton, Elizabeth Heichler, and Elinor Mills
A comprehensive recap of Interop product and service announcements from Sun, Tivoli, US West, Cabletron, and many others. (4,000 words) Plus two sidebars: Behind-the-scenes with Debbie Reynolds (500 words) and Interop show floor talent (700 words)

Sun's spring fling by Cate T. Corcoran
Java WorkShop beta debuts, and Sun also releases UltraSPARC-powered Netras, Java middleware, Intranet-related services, and new e-mail server software (2,200 words)

An analyst's view: Netra competitors not blind to its success by Jean S. Bozman
HP and IBM girding to battle Sun for hearts
and minds of intranet server buyers (1,200 words)

What's ahead for Solaris by Carolyn W.C. Wong
Steve MacKay predicts fewer `dot' releases, more specialized OS versions (500 words)

Networking czar sees Internet toll road ahead by Mark Cappel
Sun leery of S/WAN effort, many users adopting switched-Ethernet routers quickly (500 words)

Microsoft & Sun conclude Java deal by Erica Liederman
Java is key component to object-oriented effort named `Jakarta' (600 words)

NT's on tap by Carolyn W.C. Wong
Windows NT is finding its way into survey respondents' organizations (1,100 words) Also, reader comments (16,200 words)

Software Development '96: Java is this year's hot ticket by Elinor Mills
Developers gather to learn as much as possible about Java...and other news from the show (1,700 words)

New products
If it runs on, plugs into, or talks to Sun/SPARC/Solaris, it's here, in the industry's most comprehensive and timely new-product listing.


Spinning the internal Web by Barry D. Bowen and Carolyn W.C. Wong
As corporations discover the savings in internal Web sites, they are also discovering the need for careful planning. (3,000 words)

Next Generation Computing: Distributed Objects for Business by Peter Fingar, Dennis Read, and Jim Stikeleather
Object-oriented technology explained for business and IT professionals responsible for planning, designing, constructing, and maintaining enterprise information systems. (13,700 words) Includes an amazing, 6,300-word glossary of object-oriented terminology.

JavaSoft wrestles with success by Erica Liederman
Sun's newest company scrambles to hire staff, switch locations, release products, cut deals, and create a business plan. (2,500 words)


Security: Web server wiles, Part 1 by Peter Galvin and Hal Pomeranz
Secure your Solaris Web server from the perils of the Void (3,900 words)

SysAdmin: Time bombs by Hal Stern.
Setting, adjusting, and maintaining synchronized clocks on a network (3,300 words)

Performance Q&A: How does swap space work? by Adrian Cockcroft.
Too much swap space and you waste disk space. Too little swap and your system will grind to a halt. (2,800 words)

Connectivity: Will we still buy PCs in 1998? by Rawn Shah.
The `Internet Toaster' may render personal computers obsolete. (2,700 words)

Client/Server: Commercial Web tools: the stampede begins by Bill Rosenblatt.
Bluestone and Spider Technologies create commercial client/server tools for the Web (2,100 words)

Unix Enterprise: Harris & Randy's First Annual Survey by Harris Kern and Randy Johnson.
We've been preaching the New IT gospel for two years. Now it's our turn to listen. (1,400 words)

Career Advisor: Start-Up Fever by Edgar Saadi.
There's an up side, and a down side. Know both. (1,300 words)

Webmaster: What browser are you designing for? by Chuck Musciano.
Tuning your server's content for a particular browser need not be a guessing game (1,900 words)

Java Developer: Has moved! by Rinaldo DiGiorgio.
Visit our sister publication JavaWorld to learn everything you wanted to know about Java but were afraid to ask.


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