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SunWorld Online New Products - January

New products for the week of January 22

By John J. McLaughlin, FlashBack, Inc. flash@flashback.com.

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Product: AHA-F940, AHA-F950 - Fibre channel host adapters
Company: Adaptec Inc. (Milpitas, CA)
Telephone: (408) 957-6645
URL: http://www.adaptec.com
Platforms: Windows NT, MacOS, I2O, NetWare, UnixWare, Sun Solaris
Description: Enterprise-level storage solutions for high-end Windows NT and UNIX servers. Best suited for external storage subsystems and mission-critical storage applications, including storage area networks, clustering, external RAID, and digital editing. They also reduce storage downtime, helping maintain data availability and reduce maintenance costs. The adapters are scalable, allowing resellers and integrators to add storage capacity and bandwidth to existing storage subsystems as required. The AHA-F940 is a 32-bit PCI-to-Fibre Channel host adapter; the AHA-F950 is a 64-bit PCI-to-Fibre Channel host adapter. Fibre Channel is emerging as a popular storage I/O because of its speed (up to 200 Mb/s in full duplex mode), scalability (with the option to connect up to 125 devices to a single port), distance connection capability (from 30 meters over copper to 10 km over optical cables), and ease of configuration.

Product: CR8f and CR18f Enclosures - data storage enclosures
Company: nStor Corporation, Inc. (Lake Mary, FL)
Telephone: 800-724-3511
Fax: (407) 829-3555
E-mail: sales@nstor.com
URL: http://www.nstor.com
Description: Data storage enclosures based on the Fibre Channel-A Loop (FC-AL) interconnect standard. The CR8f and the CR18f fibre channel-based enclosures offer hot-swapping, data transfer rates up to 200 Mb/second and support for 252 devices in a dual loop. Both Fibre Channel enclosures provide a level of I/O performance commensurate with the processing power found in networked and clustered server environments, suitable for multimedia, video, Web, and online transaction processing applications. The CR8f, an eight-bay enclosure available in a tower or rack-mount configuration, supports 4 Gb, 9 Gb, or 18 Gb Fibre Channel drives, offering up to 144 Gb of storage in a single enclosure. Up to ten enclosures can be housed in a 72" 40-U cabinet that houses up to 80 drives, offering up to 1.4 Tb of fast, secure and reliable data storage. Designed to maximize the number of gigabytes of storage per cubic inch, the CR18f is an OEM-grade, add-on, rack-based storage enclosure designed to house eighteen disk drives in a single 4-U rack. The CR18f supports 1.6-inch 4 Gb and 18 Gb drives, offering up to 324 Gb of storage in one rack. Engineered to incrementally boost performance and availability through a modular design, up to ten CR18f's can be accommodated in a single 72" enclosure, representing 3.2 Tb of data storage.

Product: SilkWorm - Fibre Channel gigabit switch
Company: Brocade Communications Systems (San Jose, CA)
Telephone: (408) 487-8123
E-mail: info@brocadecomm.com
URL: http://www.brocadecomm.com
Platforms: DEC, Sun
Description: Fibre Channel gigabit switch with Arbitrated Loop capabilities. The SilkWorm's FL_Port provides connectivity to Fibre Channel Arbitrated Loop devices. Provides the high-performance switching technology necessary to deploy distributed storage networks.

Product: WD Enterprise - 9.1 Gbyte Ultra SCSI hard drive
Company: Western Digital
Telephone: (800) 275-4932, (714) 932-5000
Fax: (714) 932-6294
E-mail: info@wdc.com
URL: http://www.wdc.com
Platforms: Novell Netware, Windows 95/98/NT, PC 97, and Sun Solaris
Description: Designed for enterprise computing platforms, Western Digital's latest low- profile 9.1 Gbyte Ultra SCSI hard drive is only 1 inch wide. Known as the WD Enterprise drive, this unit features magnetoresistive head technology and fifth generation PRML read channels which incorporate thermal asperity detection/correction in the hardware. A feature called Serpentine seek effectively reduces the overhead associated with actuator movement, and uses fewer heads and platters than existing 1.6 inch drives. With an electrical design that decreases power requirements to 9.2 watts at idle, this drive has internal data rates of up to 160 Mbyte/s, a rotational speed of 7200 rpm, and a sub-8 ms average seek time. It supports ultra fast and ultra fast wide host data transfers up to 40 Mbyte/s, and complies with SCSI-3 SPI. An SCA-2 interface is also available. Each drive comes with a 512 Kbyte programmable multi-segmented data buffer and has a 1 Mbyte option.


Product: Central Dispatch 2.0 - multi-server site management ($10,000 for a two-node server license)
Company: Resonate Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (650) 967-6500
E-mail: info@resonateinc.com
URL: http://www.ResonateInc.com
Platforms: Windows NT 4.0, Solaris 2.5 or 2.5.1
Description: NT. Version 2.0 provides support for the heterogeneous server environments common in corporate intranets. Improves both Internet and intranet site performance and availability, meeting the Distributed Server Management needs of Web publishers, hosts, Internet Service Providers, high traffic Web sites, electronic commerce sites, and corporate intranet applications. Provides distributed and intelligent scheduling capabilities and support for Windows NT, for building a reliable, scalable intranet infrastructure. Enables a collection of servers to act as a single, scalable, reliable, easily managed server system. Provides immunity to server failures, ensuring that mission-critical applications are always available. Allows geographically-distributed servers to appear as a single Internet Host accessible via a single, virtual IP address, giving administrators greater control over site traffic. Its scalability permits servers to be added as system requirements change, expanding the network without large hardware expenditures.

Product: Icefields 3.0 - High-Definition screening software ($450 to $1200)
Company: Isis Imaging (Vancouver, BC)
Telephone: (604) 323-0033
Fax: (604) 325-8406
E-mail: isiscorp@axionet.com
Description: Handles prepress screening with accurate color reproduction, including a color separator for High-Definition screening. Yields a color gamut larger than any halftone screen, with more colors using the same inks than a halftone can produce. Three screens, one for every type of printer from ink-jet to offset to photography, produce more detail and continuous photographic-quality reproduction. A Standard screen, for offset, web, and platinum-print reproduction; a Fine-Res screen, for high resolution sheet-fed offset; and a Low-Res screen, for silkscreen, flexo presses and ink-jet printing. Soft-proofing plug-in proofs the actual dot screen. The screened image is displayed on the monitor with ink-gain compensation applied. A ColorSync, ICC compliant transform provides more secondary and saturated colors than halftones. The compensation interface contains a selection of three different curves: a Free-form curve for offset, web and flexo presses is calculated with 15 aim points; a Power-Function curve for ink-jet and laser printers is calculated from three aim points; and a Gamma curve for photographers. Each curve is displayed in three ways: by output percentages; by the actual percentages required for the compensation; and by the amount of compensation. Icefields plug-in capability allows the user to expand Icefields to perform special effects using third-party plug-ins.

Product: LP Plus version 3 - Print Management System
Company: Digital Controls Corp. (Springboro, OH)
Telephone: (800) 274-1627
Fax: (513) 743-8575
E-mail: lpplus@digital-controls.com
URL: www.Digital-Controls.com
Platforms: AIX, Digital UNIX, DG/UX, HP-UX, Intel SVR4, NCR, SCO UNIX,
Description: LP Plus is a Print Management System for UNIX. Manages a print operation from within a real-time menu system. Designed for users with different printing needs. Controls print operations ranging from four serial printers to 1,000 network printers.

Product: OptimizeIt v1.05 - performance tool for Java developers ($389)
Company: Intuitive Systems, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Telephone: (408) 245-8540
Fax: (408) 245-8541
E-mail: optimizeit@intuisys.com
URL: http://www.optimizeit.com
Platforms: Windows NT/95, Sun Solaris
Description: Helps developers test and improve the performance of their Java applications, applets or JavaBeans. Goes behind the scene of the Java Virtual Machine and shows how a Java application uses computer resources. Helps Java developers spot the code responsible for excessive memory allocations or inefficient processor usage. Designed specifically for the Java language, it not only analyzes how CPU time is spent in a Java application, but it also provides data about memory usage. Java is a garbage-collected environment where developers are not in control of freeing memory. OptimizeIt displays all memory allocations in real time and helps developers detect potential performance issues, such as too many objects allocated for an operation or objects never returned to the system. With OptimizeIt developers rapidly identify allocated objects, and understand which parts of their programs are responsible for unexpected memory usage.

Product: SysMatrix - multi-domain verification technology ($8,000)
Company: Precedence Incorporated (Campbell, CA)
Telephone: (408) 345-4880
Fax: (408) 345-4884
E-mail: info@precedence.com
URL: http://www.precedence.com
Platforms: Sun Solaris & HP-UX
Description: Multi-domain verification technology that bridges non-electrical and electrical system design. Provides support for non-electrical design verification by adding three new domain-specific simulation matrices to integrate electromechanical, RF (radio frequency) and hardware/software domains with an electrical simulator backplane. By using SysMatrix and the domain-specific matrices, systems composed of digital logic, RF transponders, reconfigurable firmware, and electromechanical controllers can be verified in a single simulation session. Integrates domain-specific simulation matrices that provide system-level verification. Multi-domain designs can be captured in either schematic or HDL form. Multi-source partitioning software parses the native design sources from each domain and partitions sub-representations for each of the appropriate simulators. The partitioning process inserts domain-specific communications technology using the Domain Transfer Function Model. Unlike event-based technology used in electrical-only co-simulation, SysMatrix uses an asynchronous transaction model to communicate among the domain-specific matrices. SysMatrix handles all communication between the domain-specific simulator backplanes. This is a companion product to Precedence's SimMatrix and SimPrism co-simulation offerings.

Product: System Commander Deluxe - installs any combination of operating systems on a PC ($69.95)
Company: V Communications
Telephone: (408) 965-4000
Fax: (408) 965-4014
E-mail: info@v-com.com
URL: http://www.v-com.com
Platforms: Windows 95, Windows 3.x, Windows NT, DOS, OS/2, SCO UNIX,
Description: Enables the installation of any combination of operating systems on a single PC, protecting a system's current operating system while preparing the hard disk for the new operating system installation. Analyzes the user's system to determine the best hard drive configuration for both the new and existing operating system. Guides the user through a simple step by step installation process. Modifies hard disk partitions "on the fly" when needed. Users can upgrade from Windows 3.1 to Windows 95/98, Windows NT, OS/2 or any other PC operating system without concern. The old operating system is retained without change for immediate use if needed. Users can keep their existing (and reliable) OS while they work the kinks out of the new operating system. It will determine whether additional partitions are required and, if so, creates the new partition without losing existing information. It also checks the system to ensure that there is enough disk space and that the system is capable of running the new operating system. It protects the original operating system from "predatory" operating system installers that try to destroy existing operating system files. No drivers or resident memory are used, eliminating conflicts with any operating system. And, should the user ever need to remove it, the product comes with its own uninstaller. It also provides many other useful features including a boot-time editor, an automatic selection timer, and multi-user password security.

Product: TMN Qx Development Environment (TMN QxDE) - develops Q-adapters and mediation devices for network elements
Company: Vertel Corp. (Woodland Hills, CA)
Telephone: (818) 227-1456
E-mail: info@vertel.com
URL: http://www.vertel.com
Platforms: Sun Solaris 2.5, HP-UX 10.20 and Windows NT 4.0
Description: A telecom software product that automates the process of developing Q-adapters and mediation devices for TL1 managed network elements (NE). Companies can preserve their existing NE infrastructures by providing automated access from CMIP environments to TL1-managed NEs. TMN CMIP -- the ITU standard for network element management -- requires translation through adapters and mediation devices to communicate with TL1-speaking SONET devices. TL1 is the most common protocol for both deployed and new SONET equipment. Vertel's TMN QxDE provides NE vendors, telecom services producers and systems integrators the means to deploy Q-adapters and mediation devices that talk to TL1 devices. A complete environment for building dynamically configurable TL1-to-Q3 Q-adapters and mediation devices. Run-time adapters and devices built by TMN QxDE can simultaneously monitor and control hundreds of TL1-based NEs from a CMIP environment.

Product: TotalNET Advanced Server - networking software solution
Company: Syntax, Inc. (Federal Way, WA)
Telephone: (253) 838-2626
Fax: (253) 838-9836
E-mail: info@syntax.com
URL: http://www.syntax.com
Platforms: Macintosh, NetWare, Windows 3.x, 95, NT, OS/2, UNIX
Description: Network operating system software that allows a UNIX server to act as a file, print and application server to a variety of client PCs in a heterogeneous, networked environment. Gives Macintosh, MS-DOS, Windows for Workgroups, Windows 95, Windows NT, and OS/2 Warp clients access to the same UNIX file, print and server resources through each client's familiar desktop interface. TAS is delivered as an Intranet server, enabling a network administrator to install and configure TAS using a standard HTML-based graphical user interface known as TotalAdmin. Using this Web-based technology, different UNIX systems look exactly alike to the network administrator. TAS v5.2 offers new features for transparent PC to UNIX connectivity. Among these are improvements to the GUI administration tool TotalAdmin. Previously, TotalAdmin worked sequentially, forcing users to access menus in a specific order. Utilizes frames and Java technology to provide access to any point within TotalAdmin, allowing users to access menus in any order via hypertext links. Version 5.2 offers distributed administration along with human engineering features to improve network and system administrator productivity.

Product: Ultima-PE - 3D net parasitic extraction tool ($65,000)
Company: Ultima Interconnect Technology (Sunnyvale, CA)
Telephone: (408) 733-3380
Fax: (408) 730-1934
E-mail: info@ultimatech.com
URL: http://www.ultimatech.com
Platforms: UNIX: Sun and HP workstations
Description: A 3D resistance and capacitance (RC) extraction tool for chip- and block-level interconnects. Targeted at high-speed, complex deep submicron (DSM) designs. As designs migrate into deep submicron processes, below 0.5 microns, interconnect has a major impact on design functionality and performance. The parasitic delays caused by the resistance and capacitance of interconnects can dominate gate delays. Furthermore, noise caused by coupling capacitors can cause functional failures. These factors make accurate 3D extraction necessary for successful design verification. Ultima-PE accepts LEF/DEF, Mentor Graphics' FDB (Filtered DataBase) or GDSII as input and outputs RC parasitics in DSPF, SPEF or SPICE format. It can also be integrated with other layout extractors (both commercial and in-house) via an API developed under the SEMATECH CHDS project.

Product: Unicenter TNG - enterprise management
Company: Computer Associates (Islandia, NY)
Telephone: (516) 342-5224
E-mail: info@cai.com
URL: http://www.cai.com
Platforms: HP-UX, Sun Solaris, IBM AIX, Digital UNIX, NCR MP-RAS, ICL
Description: Version 2.1 of Unicenter TNG and the Unicenter TNG Framework. Version 2.1 of Unicenter TNG provides NetWare IPX and TCP/IP network management "out-of-the-box," with SNA and DECnet management options already available, giving managers easy access to information about heterogeneous networks. In addition, new DMTF standards support --which includes a management information file (MIF) browser-- allows managers to "drill down" to the desktop level and to collect PC configuration data across the enterprise. Unicenter TNG 2.1 has also added new performance management agents to its extensive agent portfolio, providing detailed monitoring, trend and analysis capabilities. Other new agents support CA's OpenIngres on multiple platforms, NetWare servers and Windows NT. The Unicenter TNG Framework is an open, cross platform enterprise infrastructure for integrating management applications. The Unicenter TNG Framework is the only framework to provide "out-of-the-box" support for such a broad range of platforms, on a single CD. By supporting DMTF/DMI 2.0, it also is the only framework that supports both IETF/SNMP and the new DMTF standard In addition, version 2.1 extends network discovery to include NetWare IPX, giving network managers easy access to information about TCP/IP and IPX networks. Also provided is enhanced event correlation, which simplifies the management of multiple systems running the Unicenter TNG Framework.

Product: Wind/U 4.1 - cross-platform development software ($12,000)
Company: Bristol Technology Inc. (Ridgefield, CT)
Telephone: (203) 438-6969
E-mail: info@bristol.com
URL: http://www.bristol.com
Platforms: SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, Digital UNIX & OpenVMS, IBM AIX, IRIX
Description: Includes new support for ActiveX Template Library (ATL) and OpenGL, and contains performance gains in dialog support. Also included in this release is support for Stingray Software's Objective Grid and Objective Toolkit MFC components on UNIX. Developers can create applications on Windows 95 or Windows NT, and deploy them on a range of platforms, including Windows, UNIX, OpenVMS, and OS/390. Cross-platform developers can produce applications for all platforms from a single Win32 source code base. Includes support for the Component Object Model (COM). ATL support allows developers to create light weight, cross-platform ActiveX controls. Supports Microsoft's Win32, ActiveX and COM standards on UNIX and OpenVMS platforms. Provides support for OpenGL, the standard for programming graphics applications, and the WGL functions required by OpenGL for Windows. Gives OpenGL applications developed on Windows platforms direct access to Silicon Graphics', and Sun's optimized OpenGL implementations.

Product: wanXL - WAN Adapter product family ($389 to $1,575)
Company: SBE, Inc. (San Ramon, CA)
Telephone: (510) 355-2000
E-mail: info@sbei.com
URL: http://www.sbei.com
Platforms: Windows NT 4.0, Solaris, SCO, UnixWare, BSDI, FreeBSD
Description: The wanXL family consists of three PCI-based cards that provide high performance routerless server connectivity between offices and between offices and the Internet on a broad range of platforms. The entire product line is targeted at providing connectivity for wide area networks, virtual private networks, Internet access, and application sharing. The products are intelligent WAN adapters that deliver connectivity between servers, offices, or the Internet with minimal impact on server functionality or performance. Each of the products has an on-board CPU that handles many of the demands of a network connection, thus effectively off-loading the server from most of the burden of a remote connection. This makes it easy and cost-effective to simply add wanXL capabilities to a server and by-pass the need for a more complex router solution. The family includes the wanXL 400, a four-port WAN adapter; the wanXL 200, a two-port version; and the wanXL 100 which has one WAN port and an optional Ethernet port.

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