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SunWorld Online New Products - January

New products for the week of January 15

By John J. McLaughlin, FlashBack, Inc. flash@flashback.com.

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Product: SHA220, SHA400, SHA450 - High-speed SCSI and Ethernet I/O adapters ($395 - $695)
Company: Integrix, Inc. (Newbury Park, CA)
Telephone: (805) 376-1000
Fax: (805) 376-1001
E-mail: sales@integrix.com
URL: http://www.integrix.com
Platforms: SPARC, Solaris
Description: SHA family of high-speed, single-slot, SBus, SCSI adapters are used to provide I/O for desktop systems, tape backup, RAID, network and peripheral devices. Existing Solaris device drivers are used. The SHA200 provides a high-speed 20 Mb/sec Fast Wide SCSI-2 interface. The SHA220 provides 20 Mb/sec Fast Wide SCSI-2 and 10/100 Mb/sec Fast Ethernet interfaces. The SHA400 is an Ultra Wide SCSI-2, single-ended adapter with throughput up to 40 Mb/sec. The SHA450 offers transfer rates of up to 40 Mb/sec with an Ultra Wide SCSI-2 interface.

Product: SLA-DLT - automated data library
Company: MediaLogic, Inc. (Plainville, MA)
Telephone: (508) 695-2006
Fax: (508) 695-8593
E-mail: Mladl@aol.com
URL: http://www.adlinc.com
Description: Rack-mounted DLT system accepts up to five drives. Three independent Fast/Wide SCSI buses deliver a data transfer rate of up to 3 Gb/min. Accommodates up to 32 data cartridges for up to 2.2 Tb of storage. Hot-swapping allows for uninterrupted system operation while drives are added or removed.

Product: SuperFlex 3000 DGR Ultra - an external, server-independent UltraSCSI RAID storage system ($16,460 - $24,535)
Company: Storage Dimensions (Milpitas, CA)
Telephone: (408) 954-0710
Fax: (408) 944-1200
E-mail: info@xtor.com
URL: http://www.storagedimensions.com
Platforms: Windows NT, Netware
Description: Extends UltraSCSI to an external enclosure, using longer cables and scalable cache. SCSI repeater technology enhances the signal-to-noise ratio, supporting longer distances. I/O caching can scale from 16 to 128 Mb. Peak data transfer rate is 40 Mb/sec. Configuration on Disk (COD) minimizes the impact of server failures.

Product: Ultima 2 - 64-Bit, UltraSPARC II-based, dual processor systems (starts at $13,660)
Company: Axil Computer, Inc. (Santa Clara, CA)
Telephone: (408) 486-5700, (800) 284-AXIL
Fax: (408) 654-5715
E-mail: info@axil.com
URL: http://www.axil.com
Platforms: Solaris
Description: New models for Ultima 2 workstation and server family. UltraSPARC processors: 167 MHz to 300 MHz. ECC Memory: up to 2 Gb. External cache: up to 4 Mb. Internal storage: up to 18 Gb. Visual Instruction Set for digital multimedia. Solaris 2.5.1 pre-installed. UPA bus Creator 2-D or 3-D graphics cards. MGX graphics accelerator or Turbo GX graphics card. 20-inch color monitor.

Product: UltraBook - SPARC-based portable workstation ($11,995)
Company: RDI Computer Corp. (Carlsbad, CA)
Telephone: (760) 929-0992, (800) 734-5483
Fax: (760) 929-9702
E-mail: info@rdi.com
URL: http://www.rdi.com
Platforms: SPARC
Description: Portable workstation uses a 200 MHz UltraSPARC 1 processor, 14.1-inch display, up to 9 Gb of storage, 512 Mb memory and optional Creator Graphics. 1024 x 768 color active matrix liquid crystal display.


Product: ACUCOBOL-GT Version 3.2 - COBOL GUI development system
Company: Acucobol, Inc. (San Diego, CA)
Telephone: (619) 689-7220, (800) COBOL-85
Fax: (619) 566-3071
E-mail: info@acucobol.com
URL: http://www.acucobol.com
Platforms: Windows NT, UNIX (over 600 platforms)
Description: A portable Year 2000-compliant development system. Features multithreading, modeless windows, a dual file system, a full set of graphical controls, and the ability to execute GUI programs in a non-GUI environment. Supports over 600 platforms.

Product: AXXiON for SAP R/3 - Systems management solution ($175,000)
Company: OpenVision Technologies, Inc. (Pleasanton, CA)
Telephone: (510) 426-6451
E-mail: info@ov.com
URL: http://www.veritas.com
Platforms: UNIX, Windows 95, NT, OpenVMS, Netware
Description: An integrated systems management solution for the SAP R/3 application environment. Automates routine tasks and centrally administers all application and database servers, in both local and remote locations, from a single console. Supports storage, event and performance management, high availability and security.

Product: Aziza Enterprise Web Manager - Multi-server intranet Web site management ($30,000)
Company: Objectivity, Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (415) 254-7100, (800) 767-6259
Fax: (415) 943-1875
E-mail: info@objectivity.com
URL: http://www.aziza.com
Platforms: Windows NT, UNIX
Description: Helps corporate information services organizations manage large intranets: users, pages and servers. Decentralizes authorship, allowing each user to be a content provider. Centralizes management, so a single administrator can manage multi-server sites. Checks for bad links. Content can be distributed or replicated across multiple Web servers for load-balancing. Includes Web Object Manager, Web Management Clients, and Web Content Servers.

Product: Esker Plus - Web-to-Host application and data access
Company: Esker (San Francisco, CA)
Telephone: (415) 675-7777
Fax: (415) 675-7775
E-mail: info@esker.com
URL: http://www.esker.com
Platforms: UNIX, Windows NT
Description: New product line provides all-in-one Web-to-Host access and integration. Gives authorized end users immediate access to legacy applications and data from client workstations. Includes network services such as printing, file sharing and file transfer. End user configurations may be customized and deployed to other users.

Product: GO-Between - Connects multiuser Windows NT to UNIX
Company: GraphOn Corporation (Campbell, CA)
Telephone: (800) GRAPHON, (408) 370-4080
Fax: (408) 370-5047
E-mail: info@graphon.com
URL: http://www.graphon.com
Platforms: Windows NT, UNIX
Description: Allows enterprises to run UNIX and multi-user Windows NT applications in a homogeneous environment.

Product: LP Plus 3.0 - Provides mainframe-like features for UNIX printing
Company: Digital Controls Corp. (Springboro, OH)
Telephone: (800) 274-1627
E-mail: lpplus@digital-controls.com
URL: http://www.digital-controls.com/lpplus.htm
Platforms: AIX, Digital UNIX, DG/UX, HP-UX, NCR, SCO UNIX, Sun Solaris
Description: Handles down printers automatically, offers enhanced report viewing, multiple print jobs, adds new hosts or networks, security, printer configurations, host management, automatic event processing.

Product: OrbixBuilder - Graphical CORBA Development for Java anc C++
Company: Black & White Software, Inc. (Campbell, CA)
Telephone: (408) 369-7400
Fax: (408) 369-7406
E-mail: info@blackwhite.com
URL: http://www.blackwhite.com
Platforms: Solaris, HP, Windows 95/NT
Description: OrbixBuilder is a family of CORBA development products for Java and C++ that plug into popular graphical development environments, such as Symantec Visual Cafe on Windows NT/95 and UIM/X on UNIX. OrbixBuilder includes the Orbix or OrbixWeb ORB, integrates graphical CORBA utilities, automatic code generation, and visual CORBA tutorials.

Product: PageFormatter - Toolkit for C/C++ developers: formatting, pagination, printing ($1,995)
Company: KL Group, Inc. (Toronto, Ontario, CANADA)
Telephone: (416) 594-1026, (800) 663-4723
Fax: (416) 594-1919
E-mail: info@klg.com
URL: http://www.klg.com
Platforms: UNIX
Description: Adds text and image printing, formatting and pagination to UNIX applications. Useful for catalogs, reports, billing and invoicing. Supports PostScript compatible printers. Documents can contain multiple columns, running headers and footers, multiple fonts, text sizes and colors, embedded bitmap and EPS images.

Product: Raptor GFX - video accelerator
Company: Tech-Source, Inc. (Orlando, FL)
Telephone: (407) 262-7100
Fax: (407) 339-2554
URL: http://www.techsource.com/gfx.htm
Platforms: UltraSPARC
Description: Designed to drive ultra high resolution displays in true color modes using graphics and video intensive applications such as intranet and Internet publishing, pre-press, desktop publishing, multimedia authoring and complex imaging. Supports 128-bit 2D/3D and 256-bit graphics with 8 Mb of high-speed VRAM. Supports Sun's UltraSPARC Visual Instruction Set and MPEG video clips at resolutions of up to 1600 x 1200 at 16.8 million colors.

Product: S-PLUS Software Development Kit for UNIX - statistical data mining and graphical SDK ($6,600)
Company: MathSoft, Inc. (Seattle, WA)
Telephone: (800) 569-0123
Fax: (206) 283-8691
E-mail: info@mathsoft.com
URL: http://www.mathsoft.com
Platforms: Sun Sparc, IBM RS/6000, HP 9000, SGI Iris, DEC
Description: SDK used to imbed a statistical data mining and graphical engine within UNIX applications. Customized front-ends can be designed. More than 2,000 analysis functions and graphics models.

Product: Stingray 3270 Software Development Kit - Builds Java applets and applications for mainframe communications ($795)
Company: Blue Lobster Software, Inc. (Rochester, NY)
Telephone: (888) 880-2583, (716) 546-3550
Fax: (716) 546-5488
E-mail: info@bluelobster.com
URL: http://www.bluelobster.com
Description: Helps create Java applications that provide 3270 emulation connectivity to mainframe systems. Records host sessions, converts them to Java code, and creates Java applications that access legacy data.

Product: Tivoli Maestro 6.0 - enterprise n-tiered job scheduling system (agents - $1,000; master console - $8,000)
Company: Tivoli Systems (Santa Clara, CA)
Telephone: (408) 988-2800
Fax: (408) 988-2236
E-mail: info@unison.com
URL: http://www.unison.com
Platforms: UNIX, Windows NT, MVS, MPE
Description: A job scheduling system for the distributed computing enterprise. Coordinates and automates production scheduling of mission-critical applications, systems and networks and ensures consistent operation of the distributed processes that effect service delivery. Multiple platform support. Advanced integration with third party applications like SAP R/3 and Oracle Financials. Domain Managers allow system administrators to create autonomous or interdependent Maestro networks and launch and monitor workloads across specific groups of applications, files and servers. Tasks include dependency resolution and starting and stopping servers.

Product: portio API - Java API for serial and parallel ports (No-fee license)
Company: Central Data (Champaign, IL)
Telephone: (800) 482-0315, (217) 359-8010
Fax: (217) 359-6904
E-mail: info@cd.com
URL: http://www.cd.com/portio
Platforms: Java, UNIX, Windows NT
Description: Applications Programming Interface (API) for Java which provides access to serial and parallel ports. Allows Java programs to access these ports consistently, regardless of hardware. Supports the EtherLite family of Port and Modem servers.

Product: teemworld - Provides TCP/IP and Telnet access
Company: Pericom Software, Inc. (Hamilton Square, NJ)
Telephone: (609) 588-5300
Fax: (609) 588-8906
E-mail: sales@pericom-usa.com
URL: http://www.pericom-usa.com
Platforms: Java, Windows 3.1/95/NT, Net PCs, NCs, Macs, PowerPCs, OS/2, UNIX
Description: Open connectivity tool provides TCP/IP and Telnet access to mainframe and UNIX systems via intranets and the Internet. Written in Java. Can be run as a stand-alone Java application or as a Java applet within a Web browser. Terminal emulation for DEC VT52-420, IBM 3270, IBM 5250, Tandem 6526/6530, HP 700/92, DG D200/410 and Wyse terminals.

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