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SunWorld Online New Products - January

New products for the week of January 8

By John J. McLaughlin, FlashBack, Inc. flash@flashback.com.

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Product: The Maestro System - enabling technology for Internet telephony development
Company: Linkon Corporation (Fairfield, CT)
Telephone: (203) 319-3100
Fax: (203) 319-3150
E-mail: sales@linkon.com
URL: http://www.linkon.com
Platforms: Sun Sbus and PCI-based Servers and the Solaris Operating System
Description: The Maestro System, Linkon Corporation's DSP-based communications board and companion API software toolkit products, is considered to be the next generation of enabling technology for Internet telephony development. The technology can be used for building gateway platforms for Internet telephone networks. Internet telephony takes calls that would normally be transmitted across the Public Switched Telephone Networks (PSTN) and uses the Internet to transmit the calls. Consequently, "toll" calls, or calls for which customers are charged a fee, move from the current circuit switched PSTN network to the more efficient packet switched Internet, eliminating the tolls and tariffs associated with conventional telephone calls. The typical savings over PSTN long distance rates ranges from 30% to 75% depending on the origin and destination of the calls. The Maestro System has true "universal port" capability, providing a wide range of communications algorithms "on-board" -- all in a single computer slot -- including voice compression, fax, modem, speech recognition, text-to-speech, speaker verification, Internet Phone and IP Fax. Both Sbus and Sun PCI versions of the Maestro System are available, with support for both analog and digital communications protocols.

Product: Rushmore Ultra SSDs - solid state diska (starts at $6,750 MSRP for the 134 Mb drive)
Company: Quantum Corporation (Milpitas, CA)
Telephone: (408) 324-7431
E-mail: info@quantum.com
URL: http://www.quantum.com
Description: SSDs offer users one of the fastest access times to time-critical information stored in mid-range to high-end server applications such as database transactions, real- time video streaming, RAID configurations, and the World Wide Web. Throughput of up to 8,000 I/O requests per second and access times of less than 60 microseconds, providing near-instantaneous access to time-sensitive data. The SCSI-3 interface sustains data transfer rates of more than 30 megabytes per second (MB/s), 100 to 200 times faster than conventional storage solutions. The drives offer storage capacities up to 1.6 Gb. As demand for high-speed access to data continues to grow, users can easily add additional SSDs through their plug-and-play feature. Industries such as finance, travel, telecommunications, manufacturing, transportation, insurance and others that depend upon fast response times now have more affordable options for accessing time-critical data. SSDs are available in standard 3.5-inch and 5.25-inch form factors and capacities from 134 Mb to 1.6 Gb for non-volatile drives, meaning they have an integrated data retention system, and in capacities from 536 Mb to 804 Mb in the volatile configuration.

Product: SPARCengine Ultra AX memory products - 64 MB, 128 MB and 256 MB memory kits ($495.00 (64 MB), $930.00 (128 MB), $1,950.00 (256 MB))
Company: Kingston Technology Company (Fountain Valley, CA)
Telephone: (800) 835-2545, (714) 435-2615
Fax: (714) 438-2720
E-mail: info@kingston.com
URL: http://www.kingston.com
Platforms: Sun Ultra AX
Description: Sun Microelectronics has tested and approved Kingston Technology's 64 MB, 128 MB and 256 MB memory kits for the SPARCengine Ultra AX motherboard. The SPARCengine Ultra AX motherboard supports up to 512 MB of main memory in 8 DIMM sockets (two banks of four), although base configurations may vary. The 64 MB kit is part number KTS-AX/64; the 128 MB kit is KTS-AX/128, and the 256 MB kit is KTS-AX/256.


Product: Bazaar Analyzer Pro 2.0 - Java-based, real-time, interactive Website analysis and monitoring tool ($320 for single-user, $999 for an unlimited license)
Company: Aquas, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Telephone: (408) 737-7122
E-mail: info@aquas.com
URL: http://www.aquas.com
Platforms: Windows NT, Solaris, Linux, BSD, BSDI, AIX, HP-UX, and IRIX
Description: Remote analysis and monitoring capabilities for both corporations and Web hosting companies. Corporations can control access to sensitive Web usage information while enabling corporate users throughout the enterprise to analyze their information through a simple user interface. Analyzes the activities of visitors on a company's website. Enables the creation of report-sets to solve specific business issues through its personalized profiling feature. Flexibility is provided to enable users to define and run analyses based on their needs. PathView analysis shows the actual path of individuals through the site. Real-time alerts warn the Webmaster of visitor Website errors, ensuring on-going maintenance of site quality. All reports can be run interactively or scheduled for generation and delivery at regular intervals. Provides true scalability, analyzing 25 Mb of data per second.

Product: Black Hole 3.01E2 - SPARC-based UNIX firewall
Company: Milkyway Networks Corporation (Ottawa, Ontario, Canada)
Telephone: (613) 596-5549
E-mail: info@milkyway.com
URL: http://www.milkyway.com
Description: The EAL-3 evaluation, received from the Canadian Communications Security Establishment (CSE) for the Black Hole 3.01 firewall, has now been recognized by the U.S. National Security Agency (NSA). It is the only firewall in the world to hold such a distinction. The CSE, which has the same mandate in Canada that the NSA has in the U.S., recently certified that Milkyway's Black Hole 3.01E2, a SPARC-based UNIX firewall, met or exceeded all aspects of the EAL-3 Assurance Level rating of the Common Criteria (CC). The CC is an international criteria developed by the U.S., Canada, U.K., Germany, France and the Netherlands to set a new standard for enterprise network security. This evaluated software represents the same core technology used in later releases of the SecurIT Firewall product, available on a variety of platforms, as well as Milkyway's SecurIT ACCESS server software.

Product: Cold Fusion Application Development System - Rapid application development (Application Server: $495 - $995, Studio: $295)
Company: Allaire Corporation (Cambridge, MA)
Telephone: (888) 939-2545, (617) 761-2000
E-mail: info@allaire.com
URL: http://www.allaire.com
Platforms: Windows NT and Solaris
Description: New development system includes Cold Fusion Application Server 3.1 for the Windows NT and Solaris operating systems, and Studio, a new integrated development environment that provides visual tools to complement Application Server. Cold Fusion is the leading rapid application development system for the Web. The product is used by more than 30,000 developers worldwide to build scalable solutions for electronic commerce, collaborative computing and business systems.

Product: Dynasty Development Environment 3.5 - Internet and Java Application Development
Company: Dynasty Technologies Inc. (Redwood Shores, CA)
Telephone: (650) 631-5430
E-mail: info@dynasty.com
URL: http://www.dynasty.com
Platforms: Sun Solaris, Windows 95, Win NT, Win 3.1, Digital UNIX,
Description: New release features additional database and hardware platform support, support for CORBA, integration with Rational Rose through use of the Unified Modeling Language (UML), and support for JDK 1.1 for Java connectivity. Also offers a complete solution for developing high-performance Internet applications with the integration of the ViewSoft Internet RAD tool. DYNASTY 3.5 offers a complete solution for developing business-critical applications for the Internet. With the integration of ViewSoft Internet, this solution generates the Java applets necessary for execution on a variety of clients, as well as the high-performance, scalable servers needed in transaction processing applications. Enables the generation of Java and native compiled 3GL code with no runtime overhead. This combination of Java and transaction processing provides for the development and maintenance of Internet-based applications such as electronic commerce and stock trading. In addition to Internet application development, DYNASTY 3.5 features extensive new functionality. It provides support for CORBA by targeting Visigenic's VisiBroker 3.0, enabling developers to build, deploy and manage distributed object applications. Also included in the new release is integration with Rational Rose through use of the Unified Modeling Language (UML).

Product: Enterprise Server 2.0, Developer Studio 2.0, Extension Toolkit 2.0 - For developing and deploying distributed Internet apps (Studio: $1,295, Server: $25,000 - $35,000 per CPU, Toolkit: $3,995)
Company: KIVA Software Corporation (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (415) 429-4119
E-mail: info@kivasoft.com
URL: http://www.kivasoft.com
Platforms: Windows NT, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, and SGI IRIX
Description: Three new products: KIVA Enterprise Server 2.0, KIVA Developer Studio 2.0, and KIVA Extension Toolkit 2.0. Enterprise Server 2.0 features and enhancements include: optimized database connection pooling, HTTP streaming, results caching, dynamic load balancing, and multi-threading; pre-built, KIVA Extensions for integrating with leading transaction monitors, including Tuxedo, IMS, and CICS; distributed state manager with advanced fail-over, failure detection, and failure recovery capabilities; administrative facilities to manage and monitor distributed servers and applications throughout the enterprise; and new security features. Developer Studio 2.0 provides a flexible development environment for designing, developing, and deploying distributed applications written in HTML, Java, and C/C++. New features and enhancements include: integration with industry-leading tools for application design, HTML authoring, 3GL/4GL development, debugging, team development, and application life-cycle management; expanded Java and C/C++ class libraries; and wizards for automatically generating forms, templates, queries, and application objects for rapid prototyping and development. Extension Toolkit 2.0 is a visual development environment for building customized KIVA server extensions written in Java and C++.

Product: MarkVision for UNIX Intranet Servers - printer management for Lexmark Optra S and Optra SC laser printers ($239)
Company: Lexmark International, Inc. (Lexington, KY)
Telephone: (800) LEXMARK (800-539-6275)
E-mail: info@lexmark.com
URL: http://www.lexmark.com
Platforms: Digital UNIX, Sun Solaris x86 and UnixWare
Description: MarkVision for UNIX Intranet Servers provides network printer management capabilities for Lexmark Optra S and Optra SC laser printers from any Java-based Web browser. It now supports Digital UNIX, Sun Solaris x86 and UnixWare. Support is also being added for Digital UNIX and Sun Solaris x86 to MarkVision for UNIX. New features are designed to make operation and support for the Optra S laser printer family easier, and include: Special video help files to assist users in clearing a paper jam, loading paper or changing the toner cartridge for the Optra S and Optra SC printers, reducing the need to call the help desk; and the ability to send a message via e-mail or a pager to support staff when the toner is low or a printer problem needs attention to help ensure that the printer is always ready when needed. MarkVision also provides the ability to show any vendor's dot matrix, inkjet or laser printers with an IEEE 1284 compliant parallel port in the MarkVision window when attached to the network with a MarkNet Pro print server.

Product: NEONet 4.0 - solution for enterprise-wide application integration ($18,000 - $85,000 for Messaging and Queuing, $25,000 - $150,000 for)
Company: New Era of Networks, Inc. (Englewood, CO)
Telephone: (303) 486-9398
Fax: (303) 694-3885
E-mail: info@neonsoft.com
URL: http://www.neonsoft.com
Platforms: IBM AIX and MVS, Sun Solaris, HP-UX, Digital UNIX, Windows NT,
Description: Solution for automating enterprise-wide application integration; includes a number of enhanced and new EAI PowerTools. Infrastructure incorporates proven and flexible messaging transport layers as underlying architecture components: IBM MQSeries and Extended Messaging and Queuing (EMQ) for application connectivity and data transport delivery. NEONet provides application-to-application messaging with guaranteed once-only delivery. This high-speed messaging and queuing transport system guarantees the delivery, uniqueness and sequence of transactions between all applications in the network. The Rules Engine provides enterprise users with a content-based, publish/subscribe transaction routing system. This enables real-time routing of transactions based on easily modifiable business rules and the content of each message. The Formatter dynamically transforms messages to multiple required formats, allowing heterogeneous applications to communicate seamlessly. Each transaction reaches each subscriber in the subscriber's native format, regardless of the underlying database.

Product: NightShift UNIX - Tape storage utility
Company: Transitional Technology (Anaheim, CA)
Telephone: (714) 693-1133
Fax: (714) 693-0225
E-mail: info@ttech.com
URL: http://www.ttech.com
Platforms: SunOS 4.1.3, Solaris 2.4 and HPUX 9.05 or higher
Description: A tape storage software package for UNIX systems which cuts backup times by up to 50%. Uses algorithms to optimize disk reads and tape writes and achieves speeds twice as fast as DUMP. The software has been designed to seamlessly replace the DUMP routine while retaining read/write access to existing tapes. Supports all major tape subsystems and autoloaders.

Product: OmniGuard/UNIX Privilege Manager - controls access to root privileges (UPM Mgr: $1,995, Server Agent: $995, Client Agent: $395)
Company: AXENT Technologies, Inc. (Rockville, MD)
Telephone: (800) 298-2620
Fax: (301) 670-3586
E-mail: info@axent.com
URL: http://www.axent.com
Platforms: UNIX
Description: Provides an out-of-the-box solution for controlling access to root privileges. Gives UNIX managers a way to protect data on every UNIX computer throughout the enterprise. Users can delegate root access to multiple administrators without giving away the password. A tailored configuration file lets users implement the product right out of the box. Also protects Oracle and Sybase root passwords.

Product: Perl Resource Kit - UNIX Edition - Perl documentation and custom-designed Perl tools ($149.95)
Author: Larry Wall, Clay Irving, Nate Patwardhan, Ellen Siever & Brian Jepson
ISBN: 1-56592-370-7
Company: O'Reilly & Associates (Sebastopol, CA)
Telephone: (707) 829-0515
Fax: (707)829-0104
E-mail: info@oreilly.com
URL: http://software.oreilly.com/
Platforms: UNIX
Description: Designed for Webmasters, programmers and system administrators, in settings ranging from large corporate IS departments to small and medium-sized businesses. With the explosive growth of the World Wide Web, the widespread use of Perl has grown especially rapidly among Webmasters and Web designers. This Kit will be followed in 1998 by the Win32 Perl Resource Kit (formerly Perl Resource Kit-NT Edition), which will include a different set of documentation and software tools appropriate for the Windows audience. The Resource Kit CD features a Java/Perl interface, written for the Kit by Larry Wall, creator of Perl and Senior Developer at O'Reilly. For the first time, using this new Java/Perl tool, programmers can write Java classes with Perl implementations, so they can use the strengths of Java in the Perl programming environment. The Kit's 1800 pages of documentation include "Programming With Perl Modules," designed for Perl beginners by Nate Patwardhan with Clay Irving. Modules, which are reusable units of Perl code, are the cornerstone of much of the new growth in Perl. Written by diverse members of the Perl/freeware community, many existing modules will see significant boosts in performance when Perl 5.005 is released in Q4, '97. Software tools on the Kit's CD also include a snapshot of the freeware Perl archives on Comprehensive Perl Archive Network (CPAN), with an Install program, a Search tool, and a Web-aware interface for identifying more recent online CPAN tools. Most of the contents of the CD can be used on any UNIX platform. The Install program installs Perl modules from the CD on the Solaris and Linux platforms.

Product: Scopus Finance Central - call center solution for financial services organizations
Company: Scopus Technology, Inc. (Emeryville, CA)
Telephone: (510) 597-5800
E-mail: info@scopus.com
URL: http://www.scopus.com/
Platforms: Windows 95, Solaris, Java-enabled network computers, Java
Description: A call center solution specifically tailored to address the customer acquisition and retention challenges faced by financial services organizations. This is a pre-packaged suite of customer care applications, modules, best practices and integrations designed to reduce the cost of ownership and time to market for mission-critical call center applications deployed within banks, insurance companies, brokerage houses and credit institutions. The initial release of Finance Central will focus on retail sales and marketing call center operations. Later releases will add wholesale sales and marketing functionality, as well as tailored mission-critical customer service features. Finance Central is an integrated call center solution that allows financial services organizations to deploy end-to-end customer care. Companies can easily move beyond traditional transaction-oriented customer service and use the call center as a strategic tool to attract new customers and up-sell and cross-sell financial products to existing customers. It strengthens an organization's ability to capitalize on significant opportunities for brand differentiation and for winning and keeping customers.

Product: SmartDB Workbench - Data Conversion Templates for Oracle Applications (starts at $3,000)
Company: SmartDB Corporation (Palo Alto, CA)
Telephone: (888) 2GET-SMART (243-8762), (650) 988-8996
E-mail: info@smartdb.com
URL: http://www.smartdb.com
Platforms: Digital Alpha UNIX, HP-UX, IBM AIX, SUN Solaris, Sequent Dynix,
Description: The SmartDB Workbench product is a suite of graphical data movement tools designed to rapidly perform data conversion, interfacing and warehousing. The tool converts data from legacy to client/server applications, integrates data between applications, and moves operational data to a data warehouse. Its power transformation engine facilitaties the mapping and application of business rules to the most complex enterprise data movement requirement. The tool suite empowers a variety of people within an organization -- from system analysts to department managers -- to quickly perform data conversion and interfacing tasks that were once the domain of highly specialized personnel. SMART DB Workbench Data Conversion Templates for Oracle Applications extend the popular SMART DB Workbench product by providing a faster and more complete implementation of Oracle Financial and Manufacturing Applications. The Templates define all data transformations, validations and mappings into the appropriate tables, as defined by Oracle. SMART Templates for Oracle Applications allows users to view and modify the transformation and mapping relationships between source and target data without resorting to interpreting C or SQL programming.

Product: Solstice Enterprise Manager 2.1 - multi-protocol network management solution (starting at $20,500)
Company: Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)
Telephone: (800) 786-7638
E-mail: info@sun.com
URL: http://www.sun.com/solstice
Description: A new version of Sun's multi-protocol network management solution, Solstice Enterprise Manager 2.1. The new version is Year 2000 compliant and adds an object-level security administration. Delivers telco quality and scalability through modular, distributed common management services. The new version also includes an enhanced persistent storage subsystem and online backup services. It can manage networks with millions of objects and ever-changing technologies. It builds on the power of the product's scalable and distributed architecture, by breaking out common management services into distributed components. For the first time, customers can distribute the logging, Simple Network Management Protocol, Common Management Information Protocol and Remote Procedure Call services as separate processes in the network. Network administrators can provide customers with highly-secured access to management information through new object-level access control. Secure management functionality is built in. This can also be used by ISPs spanning commerce efforts across multiple companies. It provides an enhanced persistent storage subsystem for improved transactional integrity, real-time performance, backup and recovery.

Product: Sunrise MemBIST - Built-in self test (BIST) tool for embedded memories
Company: Viewlogic Systems, Inc. (Marlboro, MA)
Telephone: (508) 480-0881
Fax: (800) 448-8533
E-mail: info@viewlogic.com
URL: http://www.viewlogic.com
Platforms: UNIX and Windows
Description: A production-proven, built-in self test (BIST) tool for embedded memories, integrated into the Sunrise TestGen suite of tools. Based on memory BIST technology that includes fault diagnosis, built-in self repair, and algorithm programmability. Includes testing capabilities for embedded SRAM, ROM and DRAM type memories. Test logic is embedded near the memories and facilitates an automated test of each embedded memory. Memory BIST eliminates the burden of memory test vector development while providing an automatic, high quality test. Automatically generates register transfer level (RTL) code for the logic blocks in the memory BIST framework structure. The RTL code is automatically verified with a test bench, then synthesized using a commercial design synthesis tool. The tool comes complete with the software necessary to generate built-in self test design elements and test bench for SRAM and ROM type memories. Product options for DRAM BIST and diagnosis are also available.

Product: TMN Designer, TMN Manager, TMN Agent and TMN Proxy Developer - telecom-management, software-development products
Company: Hewlett-Packard Company & Vertel (Vertel: Woodland Hills, CA)
Telephone: (818) 227-1456
E-mail: info@vertel.com
URL: http://www.hp.com, http://www.vertel.com
Platforms: HP, Sun Solaris
Description: A suite of jointly developed TMN products from H-P and Vertel. This product family provides telecom-management software-development environments and integrated deployment platforms for telecom application providers. The TMN Designer product includes graphical tools and browsers that allow designers to prototype and validate TMN-conformant management-information models and their behaviors, with almost no C++ code development. Developers can use these validated information models as the basis for TMN-conformant management and agent-development efforts. The TMN Manager and TMN Agent products provide interfaces, tools and functions that automate most tasks associated with building TMN-conformant manager and agent applications. They provide full common management information protocol (CMIP) services, event correlation and filtering, and automated code generation in a distributed environment. They include interfaces consistent with the NMF TMN/C++ API to hide the complexities of underlying implementations and ensure the interoperability of networks now and in the future. TMN Proxy Developer is an integrated, distributed platform that enables adaption between TL1 messages and CMIP operations. Its graphical tools and run-time components simplify and automate the building configuration and testing of a TL1-to-Q3 adaption proxy. The proxy provides simultaneous adaption for multiple TL1, NEs, types and versions.

Product: VeriPower 1.0 - power calculation tool for hardware designers ($12,000)
Company: Veritools, Inc. (Palo Alto, CA)
Telephone: (650) 462-5590
Fax: (650) 462-5593
E-mail: inquiry@veritools.com
URL: http://www.veritools-web.com
Platforms: Sun Sparc 4.X and Solaris, HP 700/800, SGI, Sony, IBM RS 6000
Description: A PLI-based power calculation tool, targeted at hardware designers who want a fast and accurate look at the power consumed by their design while running a Verilog simulation. Designers using VeriPower will be able to adjust their designs to correct power consumption issues early in the design process, instead of having to wait to the end of the design process and then having to redo the design at great expense. Includes the following features: Total power and node power: uses PLI routines to calculate power for the entire design and also the individual nodes throughout a Verilog design; is 50 times faster than other tools on the market that cost $150K+; is very accurate, typically within 5% of spice type calculators; is less than 1/10 the cost of other popular power calculation programs; data from power calculations can be viewed as tabular data in HTML format or displayed using the waveform viewer Undertow VI/VII; works with PLI access routines and HSpice technology files that are compatible with industry standards.

Product: grapeVINE for Netscape Compass Server - Knowledge Management System
Company: grapeVINE Technologies (Troy, MI)
Telephone: (248) 680-6653
Fax: (248) 680-6671
E-mail: info@grapevine.com
URL: http://www.grapevine.com
Platforms: Windows NT, Unix
Description: New version includes a Categories Wizard, which gives Fortune 1000 customers the tools necessary to build and manage a customized list of categories important to their business. This extends grapeVINE's approach to knowledge management, which combines advanced searching and classification technologies with human intelligence and collaboration through the filtering, sharing and management of documents. This is an "add-on" product to the Netscape Compass Server advanced content management software for automating information search and delivery on intranets and extranets. Some of its features are integrated throughout Netscape Compass Server, through the My Compass user interface, adding valuable capabilities such as personalized newsletter delivery, auto classification of documents, and a user-friendly interface for easy setup and maintenance of the Netscape Compass Server category hierarchy and classification capabilities. In addition to the new Categories Wizard, it offers enhanced GUI and collaboration features and support for Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP)-compatible directory servers. Over time, management can monitor the flow of knowledge, by subject matter, within the corporation.

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