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SunWorld Online New Products - January

New products for the week of January 1

By John J. McLaughlin, FlashBack, Inc. flash@flashback.com.

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Product: DataBlaster 2 - moves data between a mainframe and a server ($12,000 to $35,000)
Company: Bus-Tech, Inc. (Burlington, MA)
Telephone: (800) 284-3172 or (781) 272-8200
E-mail: info@bustech.com
URL: http://www.bustech.com
Platforms: Windows NT, HP-UX, IBM AIX, Digital Alpha UNIX and Sun Solaris
Description: Moves data between a mainframe and a server, giving system and database administrators the ability to move, load, back-up and restore gigabytes of data in minutes, rather than hours. These new "ruggedized," rack-mounted systems allow customers to create a separate data highway for mission-critical data movement needs. This is a family of high-performance control units, differentiated only by port configuration, that reach their high throughput levels by emulating industry-standard tape drives at each side of the connection. On the mainframe side, they connect up to two ESCON (Enterprise Systems Connection) or Bus and Tag channels, providing throughput speeds of up to 32 megabytes per second (MB/s). On the server side, up to four Ultra Wide SCSI (Small Computer Systems Interface) connections attached to enterprise servers provide data movement at speeds up to 40 MB/s. With no additional software or high bandwidth adapters required on either side, DataBlaster 2 results in simple, reliable parallel data transfers at rates up to 25 times faster than traditional networking methods without impacting the network. By utilizing DataBlaster 2 between a System/390 mainframe and a UNIX or NT server, customers can take advantage of the mature, time-tested and robust security of the centralized system, while also making efficient use of voluminous server databases and data warehouses.

Product: Sidewinder 200 - Advanced Intelligent Tape (AIT) Drive
Company: Seagate Technology, Inc. (Costa Mesa, CA)
Telephone: (800) 626-6637
E-mail: info@seagate.com
URL: http://www.seagate.com
Platforms: NT, Netware, and UNIX
Description: A new AIT drive, the Sidewinder 200, is an autoloader that holds up to 200 Gbytes of data on four cartridges. Each tape in the Sidewinder 200's four-cartridge magazine holds up to 50 Gbytes of compressed data for a total capacity of up to 200 Gbytes. Operating on a Fast/Wide SCSI-2 interface, the Sidewinder 200 transfers data at a rate of up to 6 Mbytes per second. With a reliable Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF) rating of 185,000 hours, the Sidewinder 200 features a cartridge transport system that gently inserts tapes into the drive to avoid mis-grip and positioning issues. Through the Memory-In- Cassette (MIC) reader located in the Sidewinder 200's elevator, the drive is able to quickly locate data, allowing ultra-fast file search, easy data management, and rapid media load. Compatible with leading software applications including Seagate Backup Exec and Cheyenne ARCserve, the Sidewinder 200 can be integrated into a broad range of systems.


Product: Arbor/BP, Arbor/OM and EC/Arbor - Suite of billing, customer care and order management systems
Company: Kenan Systems Corporation (Cambridge, MA)
Telephone: (617) 225-2200
E-mail: info@kenan.com
URL: http://www.kenan.com
Platforms: DEC, H-P, IBM, NCR, Sun; UNIX, Windows NT, 95
Description: A suite of billing, customer care and order management systems for Oracle8. Arbor/BP, Arbor/OM and EC/Arbor support Oracle8 to meet the needs of wireline telephony, wireless telephony, Internet and electronic commerce, and cable television providers. Arbor/BP is a UNIX-based billing and customer care solution that meets the demands of single- and multi-service providers in the communications industry. Benchmark tests have documented that Arbor/BP processes 45 million calls per eight hour day (residential or business), supports upwards of 15 million residential subscribers, and supports call centers with 5,000 or more customer service representatives. Arbor/OM is an order entry and order management system that enables service providers to increase the quality of customer service. EC/Arbor meets the billing and customer care needs of Internet and electronic commerce providers. It allows providers to introduce a wide range of value-added services to both residential and business customers, as well as employ targeted marketing programs such as innovative pricing and discount plans designed to increase customer acquisition and loyalty. Strategist is a comprehensive decision support application designed to meet the critical needs of business and marketing decision makers within communications companies.

Product: Atlas Server - Intranet knowledge management solution (five users - $1,250)
Company: Tympani Development Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Telephone: (408) 735-9555
E-mail: sales@tympani.com
URL: http://www.tympani.com
Platforms: SUN Solaris, HP-UX and Windows NT
Description: A comprehensive and cost-effective intranet knowledge management solution. Using a multi-user, server-centered agent technology, it enables organizations to retrieve, search, filter, index, publish, broadcast and manage Web/intranet information. Interacting through server-launched thin-client Java applets, users access their own private spaces, called My Atlas on the server. In their individual spaces, users can set up retrieval agents using searching and filtering technology to automatically locate and store relevant, meaningful information. Users require only a Java-capable Web browser to interact with Atlas, regardless of the platform on which they are running. By using Atlas as a proxy server and by setting up Atlas agents, users pull meaningful data into Atlas' advanced object database repository. This repository is accessed by users viewing results of agent retrievals, by agents requesting data which already exists in the repository, by users searching the Atlas repository directly, and by users accessing, through the Atlas proxy, a page which already exists in the repository. This proxy capability helps save network resources and bandwidth, providing a powerful, efficient gateway to both the Web and the intranet. Through user and agent interaction, the Atlas repository fills with information that users throughout the company find useful, creating a valuable, searchable corporate Web/intranet repository. Atlas' optional Global Atlas feature, allows companies to create a corporate electronic bulletin board. Agents can post data available to all network users, or only to those with authorized access.

Product: BEA Jolt 1.1 - Accesses applications from the Internet or intranet ($3,000)
Company: BEA Systems, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Telephone: (408) 542-4081
E-mail: info@beasys.com
URL: http://www.beasys.com
Description: Java-enabled software product extends the capabilities of the BEA TUXEDO middleware infrastructure to the Internet, making it possible for businesses to access mission-critical applications from the Internet or an enterprise intranet, while concealing the transactional complexity from users. New BEA Jolt 1.1 functions include support for encryption, the addition of an Internet Relay for deployment flexibility, the addition of the publish-and-subscribe communication paradigm, enhancements to the repository to rapidly bring additional application components to the Internet, and an optional Builder component, BEA Jolt Expert, for ease of development and plug-and-play integration with Java development tools.

Product: BEST/1 for Distributed Systems - Performance Assurance
Company: BGS Systems, Inc. (Waltham, MA)
Telephone: (781) 891-0000
E-mail: info@bgs.com
URL: http://www.bgs.com
Platforms: Windows NT, UNIX
Description: A Performance Assurance implementation for Windows NT and UNIX systems. It gives IT organizations the ability to understand how business applications perform today and predict how they will perform in the future. It combines industry-leading data collection techniques with analysis, modeling, and display capabilities. For organizations deploying business applications across any combination of UNIX and/or NT platforms, this product addresses key IT performance issues: Capacity requirements of new applications can be sized before they are deployed; Service levels and user expectations can be managed through accurate tracking and analysis; Potential problems can be spotted before they occur; and Critical real-time problems can be pinpointed and responses can be automated.

Product: DFS Connect - gives users access to the DFS enterprise file system (25 license package: $1,975)
Company: Transarc Corporation (Pittsburgh, PA)
E-mail: info@transarc.com
URL: http://www.transarc.com
Platforms: Sun Solaris, IBM AIX
Description: DFS Connect is based on Syntax's TotalNET Advanced Server (TAS), which allows Macintosh, NetWare and Windows users access to the secure and powerful DFS(1) enterprise file system without the need for additional software on the desktop. With DFS Connect, which integrates Transarc's DFS with Syntax's TotalNET Advanced Server, administrators decrease the costs typically associated with enabling PC applications for full-featured file system access. In addition, users can access and share application resources. By integrating DFS and TotalNET Advanced Server, DFS Connect expands the desktop user base by increasing secure distributed file system access for Windows, Macintosh and NetWare clients. Network administrators can offer PC applications access to the secure and powerful Transarc DFS, without requiring DFS client software to be installed on the desktop. The integrated TAS/DFS product eliminates most historic obstacles that have prevented network administrators from extending the full functionality of DFS to Microsoft, NetWare, and Macintosh PC users.

Product: EASTMAN SOFTWARE COLD 3.0 - computer output to laser disk (n/a)
Company: Eastman Software, Inc. (Billerica, MA)
Telephone: (978) 967-8000
E-mail: es.correspondence@eastmansoftware.com
URL: http://www.eastmansoftware.com
Platforms: Windows 95, NT, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Sun Solaris
Description: EASTMAN SOFTWARE COLD Version 3.0 is a set of client/server software products that provide a solution for storing, indexing and retrieving high volumes of computer data on laser disk. This latest version, featuring a redesigned 32-bit client interface and augmented data retrieval capabilities, helps organizations streamline their paper and microfiche-based information and can easily work with existing hardware systems and mainframe applications by utilizing an OLE Automation Server. EASTMAN SOFTWARE COLD Version 3.0 also provides Windows-based clients and supports line printer and All Points Addressable (APA) data streams including IBM AFP, Xerox Metacode, and HP-PCL.

Product: InfoVista System 1.1 - SLA reporting system (Windows: $19,995, UNIX: $29,500)
Company: InfoVista Corporation (Redwood City, CA)
Telephone: (650) 366-1810
E-mail: info@infovista.com
URL: http://www.infovista.com
Platforms: Windows NT, Sun Solaris
Description: The first SLA reporting system that generates alarms when actual service level measures fall below their committed levels. This feature, combined with real-time monitoring capabilities, enables network and systems managers to provide proactive Service Level Management. Alarms can be set on any metric coming from the network as well as from an application or system. In addition, the alarm can be directed to proprietary applications such as HP's Open View, Sun's Solstice and IBM's Net View. The InfoVista System enables tracking and documenting of service level achievements across all components of the distributed enterprise (LANs, WANs, systems, applications) and converts the resulting data into a wide-range of decision-support reports. InfoVista uses a datamart model for storing and retrieving data that incorporates object-oriented technology and makes it possible to easily generate reports that can be viewed through a Web browser.

Product: Java Studio - A dynamic Java authoring tool
Company: Sun Microsystems, Inc. (Mountain View, CA)
Telephone: (800) SUN-SOFT
E-mail: info@sun.com
URL: http://www.sun.com/shop/
Platforms: Sun Solaris, Windows 95, NT
Description: A dynamic Java authoring tool, Java Studio allows non-programmers to create Java applets and applications intuitively, enabling access to "real-time" information and helping businesses keep pace in the Web-enhanced world without writing a single line of code. Bridging the gap between code-writing programmers and content creators, Java Studio features a "live" environment for simultaneous development and testing of applications and allows users without programming experience to create applications which access, manipulate and publish information on the Internet by visually wiring together or connecting JavaBeans components. Java Studio is a fast and easy way to boost productivity, especially for overworked IT professionals and programmers who need to maximize their time. The compelling ingredient in Java Studio is JavaBeans components - reusable pieces of precoded software that can range from simple animation and multimedia to complex logic Beans with more sophisticated functions. Java Studio exploits the ease-of-use characteristic of Beans by enabling users to build dynamic, network-aware Web pages and applications by simply using a click of a mouse to link together Beans. Java Studio comes with a palette of more than 50 Beans from component vendors including KL Group, Ludens, Object Design, Inc., and THOUGHT Inc.

Product: Medici 4.0 - Semiconductor device simulator ($23,000)
Company: Technology Modeling Associates, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Telephone: (408) 328-0930
E-mail: tma_news@tmai.com
URL: http://www.tmai.com
Platforms: UNIX workstations from DEC, HP, IBM & Sun
Description: A semiconductor device simulator used to predict electrical characteristics of 2D structures. Provides advanced meshing of simulation structures, modeling of power devices, simulation of compound semiconductor materials and AC small signal analysis. The automatic boundary conforming (ABC) meshing capability helps users generate simulation mesh for various types of device structures. This capability is suitable for creating meshes for highly non-planar structures generated by process simulators, since it creates meshes where grid lines conform to boundaries and interfaces. Grid lines also conform to junctions, for accurate simulation of breakdown phenomena and bipolar current gain. The ABC mesh capabilities also include additional grid spacing control features and automatic grid optimization for generating better meshes for device simulation. The modeling of power devices has also been improved. The program now includes models for lattice temperature-dependent electron and hole lifetime. This feature is particularly useful for modeling the effects of carrier lifetime due to changes in lattice temperature in devices such as IGBTs, GTOs and LDMOS structures.

Product: PGPsdk Toolkit - Builds security into applications
Company: Pretty Good Privacy, Inc. (San Mateo, CA)
E-mail: info@pgp.com
URL: http://www.pgp.com
Platforms: Windows 95, NT, Macintosh, Solaris Sparc 2.5 and Linux
Description: Toolkit for building security into any application, without the need for expertise in applied cryptography. Allows developers to integrate the strongest cryptography commercially available (no less than 128 bits), to safeguard all forms of electronic information. Security features protect the confidentiality and integrity of data, permit verification of the sender and ensure a message is non-repudiable (i.e., undeniably sent by the sender). Corporations, third-party developers and integrators can add security functions quickly, assuring that applications are based on the worldwide de facto standard for protecting information in transit and in storage. Solutions are scalable from hundreds to thousands of users enterprise-wide. The toolkit is compatible with the most popular development platforms, and allows integration of all of the functions necessary in security applications: encryption, decryption, digital signature and verification, key management and certificate server integration capabilities. The toolkit makes it possible to conduct secure mission-critical functions, whether general business activities or actions specific to industries that rely heavily on electronic communication and data transmission, such as finance, healthcare, law, aerospace, technology and sales. Possible applications include encrypted and authenticated email, audio or video; secure electronic commerce; secure remote access; file and record protection; and store-and-forward activity.

Product: Post.Office - E-mail server software ($495)
Company: Software.Com Inc
Telephone: (805) 882-2470
Fax: (805) 882-2473
E-mail: sales@software.com
URL: http://www.software.com
Platforms: Windows NT, UNIX
Description: Robust, secure and easy-to-administer Internet messaging server software. Comes with a built-in mailing list manager that supports 10 to over 150,000 users. For example, postmasters can use the product to administer their organization's e-mail systems, while the users with e-mail accounts can use it to specify how their mail should be handled, join mailing lists, and manage mailing lists. Computer users who do not have Post.Office e-mail accounts can still join any publicly-available Post.Office mailing lists. The product scales to comfortably support over 150,000 mail boxes on a single server with configured hardware. It uses secured Web browsers as well as Web-based remote management capabilities. It is also designed to meet the messaging needs of small to mid-sized Internet service providers (ISPs) as well as corporate intranets. It has been licensed for use within server products offered by other companies including Netscape, Qualcomm, NetManage, Banyan Systems, AST Research and Frontier Technologies. Major ISPs using Software. Com's Internet server technology include AT&T WorldNet Service, GE Information Services, InterBusiness Service, and Bell Atlantic's Internet access service, Bell Atlantic.net.

Product: Synplify - Altera- or Actel-specific logic synthesis tools ($5,000)
Company: Synplicity, Inc. (Sunnyvale, CA)
Telephone: (408) 617-6000
Fax: (408) 617-6001
E-mail: info@synplicity.com
URL: http://www.synplicity.com
Platforms: Windows 95/NT, HP-UX, Sun OS and Sun Solaris
Description: Altera- and Actel-specific synthesis solutions based upon the Synplify logic synthesis engine. Synplicity, Inc. and Wyle Electronics, a distributor of semiconductors and computer systems, announced a distribution agreement to deliver Synplify to FPGA and CPLD designers throughout North America. Synplicity and Wyle are offering a complete package to programmable logic designers, including industry-leading programmable logic technology from Altera and Actel; VHDL and Verilog Direct Synthesis Technology from Synplicity; and sales and technical support.

Product: Sysload for Oracle - real-time monitoring and trend analysis for client-server databases ($3,995 per engine)
Company: Software Diversified Services (Minneapolis, MN)
Telephone: (612) 571-9000
Fax: (612) 572-1721
E-mail: softdiv@sdsusa.com
URL: http://www.sdsusa.com
Platforms: Oracle 7.1.6 or later, HP UX, Sun Solaris Sparc, Solaris X86, AIX
Description: A system performance software solution that provides real-time monitoring and trend analysis for client-server database systems. Allows system administrators to centralize performance management of both network systems and databases. Supports performance management for application servers as well as network servers. Provides system administrators with a new way to view their database environments, enabling them to monitor and control all the parameters that affect the performance of both network and database servers from a single management console. Its client/server architecture includes two elements: a collector agent and a non-dedicated viewing console. Using one collector agent per Oracle machine engine, it continuously monitors Oracle database activity, transmitting performance information using TCP/IP to a network viewing console that can be installed on any workstation using Motif, Open Look, Windows NT, or Windows 95. System administrators can use a central viewing console to view performance data from any of the collector agents running on any platform to monitor and tune performance in a multi-platform environment. It provides real-time monitoring and auditing of the load on any Oracle server, detailing activity in real-time and as a historical record recorded at any interval the administrator chooses - minutes, hours, days, months, years. The collecting agents automatically store data to the history- analysis file, and the administrator can set real-time alarms to trigger if a preset threshold is exceeded. Alarms can be transmitted to the Sysload console to notify the administrator, or any SNMP console to activate a corrective action.

Product: VM:Webserver Gateway release 1.1 - Web-enables mainframe legacy applications
Company: Sterling Software Inc. (Reston, VA)
Telephone: (800) 533-5128, (703) 264-8000
E-mail: vm@sterling.com
URL: http://www.vm.sterling.com
Platforms: IBM VM
Description: Software product is an extension of the mainframe Web server, VM:Webserver, and is designed as a way to Web-enable all legacy applications running on VM, MVS, and VSE. The software also enables access to information via corporate intranet, extranet, and Internet sites. VM:Webserver Gateway allows common gateway interface (CGI) scripts to run applications through the end-users mainframe account, not via a separate server on another platform. The company sees VM:Webserver Gateway as an alternative to middleware solutions, which, in addition to the mainframe on which the applications are resident, also require Unix or Windows NT servers. VM:Webserver Gateway runs directly on the mainframe and does not require a different server for each application.

Product: WinTED 2.1 - Unix-to-Windows interoperability solution (starting at $99/seat)
Company: TriTeal Corp. (Carlsbad, CA)
Telephone: (760) 827-5000
E-mail: info@triteal.com
URL: http://www.triteal.com/WinTED
Platforms: IBM AIX, SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, SGI IRIX
Description: As a native Win32 application, WinTED provides desktop and system-level integration between Windows and Unix applications, so a Windows 95/NT client can access, execute and display Unix applications just as if they were native Windows applications. WinTED 2.1 provides support for Unix platforms independent of TriTeal's common enterprise desktop product, TED. As such, Windows 95/NT users can more easily access Unix applications and resources running on IBM AIX, SunOS, Solaris, HP-UX, or SGI IRIX. In addition, a system administrator can define and populate the client's Windows desktop, so that point-and-click access to remote applications is automatically enabled upon user login. Provides a number of important features for enterprise users, including an advanced front panel control for easy deployment and administration, drag- and-drop functionality, and an on-demand PC X server. Additional features include the TriTeal Graphical Workspace Manager (GWM) which allows users to visually monitor and navigate multiple workspaces simultaneously, automatic application gathering, and an ICA client for access to remote NT applications and services. For companies that are already using PC X servers, WinTED provides desktop-level integration of Unix applications and files and advanced desktop features, such as the GWM and the front panel.

Product: i3 Daily Briefing and i3 Live Alert - monitor and deliver company intranet information (GBP20,000 for i3 Daily Briefing; GBP15,000 for i3 Live Alert)
Company: Autonomy Systems Ltd
E-mail: info@agentware.com
URL: http://www.agentware.com
Platforms: Sun Solaris 2.5, DEC Unix 4.0, Windows NT
Description: Two server products for corporate intranets. The i3 Daily Briefing and i3 Live Alert intelligently monitor and deliver relevant information on a company's intranet. This includes the Web, news feeds, email, corporate memoranda, archives and document stores. The i3 Daily Briefing uses Concept gents to monitor specified internal or external information sources and report back to individual users with links to relevant information. The Agentware i3 Live Alert constantly monitors live news feeds, or information streams, such as Reuters and Bloomberg and alerts specific users via e-mail or a mobile phone as soon as a breaking news story of specific interest appears.

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